I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 609 - Chapter 609 A Thousand Swords Destroyed All Worlds

Chapter 609 - Chapter 609 A Thousand Swords Destroyed All Worlds


The Abyss Pearl Mainland’s own choice?

Huang Yuxiu was a little dazzled. She could not help but remember how Zhou Xuanji thrashed those powerful cultivators in the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

Back then, it was the Abyss Pearl Mainland that had helped him.

“What is your plan?” Zhou Xuanji diverted the topic and asked.

Huang Yuxiu was related to Old Ancestor Hongshi. He had already gotten the information from Si Mengyan that she had no one to rely on.

Having heard him, Huang Yuxiu shook his head and said, “I will let fate decide for me. Since you have taken away the Abyss Pearl Mainland, I can only wander around and see if there’s any place suitable to set up a cave abode.”

The old beggar looked curiously at the both of them.

Gu Tianxia looked toward another direction, as though it was embarrassing to see.

Zhou Xuanji frowned.

“You can continue to cultivate in the Abyss Pearl Mainland. I will not disturb you,” he said.

Huang Yuxiu hesitated.

“You can join Emperor Sword Court. My disciples are all inside my enchanted artifact. It is an independent realm that is abundant in spiritual Qi.”

Zhou Xuanji gave her a hand. Huang Yuxiu was a tip-top Universe Heaven cultivator with great talents. She would become more powerful in the future, so it was definitely not a loss to bring her in.

Along with Qiu Hu, Xiji Six Immortals, Chiyu Boy, and Sword Sovereign Gu, Emperor Sword Court was already considered an overlord faction.

Huang Yuxiu contemplated a while before nodding in agreement.

Zhou Xuanji gave some instructions before transporting her into the lotus world and handed her to Daoya Old Man to manage. He spoke telepathically to all the Emperor Sword Court elders about Huang Yuxiu’s background and cultivation, in case anyone offends her.

After all these, Zhou Xuanji and the other three continued their search for Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie should be located near Wanshen Great Thousand, while the Zhenggan Great Thousand that they were in was just nearby.

Zhenggan Great Thousand was different from Wanshen Great Thousand because it had already been broken into ten lands. The specific reason was related to the death of Old Ancestor Hongshi.

“We are searching for Heavenly Lord Xuantie, and he should be able to sense it. Yet, he did not appear. Either he’s busy, or he’s planning something.”

The old beggar muttered with a grave tone.

“Whatever he’s planning, it would be meaningless, ” Zhou Xuanji said with unmoving determination.

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia took a glance at him intently.

Such absolute confidence was usually due to extreme prowess.

They believed that Zhou Xuanji had encountered a Heavenly Saint before and was not blindly conceited.

Amongst countless stars, Heavenly Lord Xuantie sat on an asteroid. Numerous people were levitating around him and were cultivating.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie opened his eyes and said faintly, “Zhou Xuanji is about to come. The serendipity is before your eyes. Get it by your own abilities.”

These words made everyone open their eyes. A dominating aura burst out from them.

Among them, the weakest cultivator was Universe Heaven Level Seven. All of them gathered here to listen to the Heavenly Saint’s preaching. Still, the most important goal was the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie expected Zhou Xuanji to come to him, so he gathered these cultivators here.

No one worried that Zhou Xuanji had already become a Heavenly Saint.

Everyone who becomes a Saint, there will be Heavenly portents just like when Old Ancestor Hongshi died.

“Zhou Xuanji is finally here.”

“He dares to hold two Heavenly Law Violet Qi’s. He’s really insane.”

“Could it be that he does not know how to become a Saint?”

“No matter what, an ordinary person would not dare to offend any Heavenly Saint.”

“Aren’t we the benefactors of this?”

The powerful cultivators discussed among themselves. They looked forward to Zhou Xuanji’s arrival.

A black figure appeared behind Heavenly Lord Xuantie. At one glance, it looked like his shadow, and it did not move an inch.

“Barbarian God Huangluo is also heading toward here. Seems like Ren Niming had convinced him,” he black figure whispered, which made Heavenly Lord Xuantie narrow his eyes.

“Tell this to Grandmaster Yuxuan,” he instructed.

The black figure disappeared immediately.

At the same time.

Deep within the void, numerous legendary swords flew across the starry sky, merging into a river of swords. Zhou Xuanji rode on the sword river, while the old beggar, Gu Tianxia, and Xu Qing followed behind him quite a distance away.

“Aren’t we going to reinforce him?” Gu Tianxia asked with a frown. He could already sense many powerful aurae, as well as the boundless Saint Might of the Heavenly Saint.

“If we go up abruptly, we might cause more trouble for him,” the old beggar said with gritted teeth.

He locked his gaze on Zhou Xuanji.

Unknowingly, Zhou Xuanji had grown to be so powerful that the old beggar became his burden.

“If the brothers were okay, then I could focus on nurturing you. I wonder if that happened, you would become even more powerful than now…”

The old beggar thought to himself, looking sorrowful.

He could sense a barrier in the relationship between himself and Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead and had already seen Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

With the Thunderclap Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword in hand, his black shirt danced in the wind.

The two Nine Extreme legendary swords gave him no reason to fear.

“Heavenly Lord Xuantie, you destroyed my Wanshen Great Thousand and murdered countless living beings. Aren’t you looking for me? Let’s settle the deal today. One of us shall die.”

He cried out coldly. His voice shook the heavens and shocked everyone.


The living beings around Heavenly Lord Xuantie turned to look at Zhou Xuanji. Upon seeing him, they quickly took out their weapons and charged toward him.

There were only two Heavenly Law Violet Qi!

First come, first serve!

Seeing that they were coming at him with such a great impetus, Zhou Xuanji showed no fear.

He smiled—a mocking smile.

81 Sword Souls materialized behind him!

As he grew more powerful, his insight toward the Sword’s Way was also leaping by the bounds. Especially after realizing the Sword Dao Rules, his Sword’s Way had already surpassed all sword cultivators in all realms.

“All of you shall die!” Zhou Xuanji said with an icy voice, and the 81 Sword Souls attacked their opponents simultaneously.

The swords flashed, and those cultivators tried to block the attack with their divine abilities instinctively.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Numerous cultivators were struck by the Sword Soul and died in both body and soul.

The sword river under Zhou Xuanji’s feet sped up suddenly. Endless magic energy entered his body through World Internalization.

“Since you are seeking your own deaths, then I shall give you a hand!”

After he spoke, the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was materialized behind Zhou Xuanji. It glowed in golden radiance and grew to a height of a thousand miles. Its 1,000 swords slashed at the same time.

Buddha said that each flower was a world on its own.

The Buddha of Swords destroys one world with each slash. With a thousand slashes, it shall destroy all worlds.

A world-shaking explosion!

It seemed like the first explosion of the universe’s beginning. Countless stars were crushed, and the shrieks of those cultivators were covered by the loud explosion.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Sword Fusion Technique amidst the explosion. Leaving the Thunderclap Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword in his hands, he charged toward Heavenly Lord Xuantie in the brilliant radiance of explosion, stepping over dead bodies one after another.

At this moment, he was the Overlord Saint!

Unstoppable even by another Saint.

Heavenly Lord Xuantiey, sitting on the asteroid, was expressionless, but his heart was filled with shock.

Why was this brat so powerful?

It’s not possible!

How long has it been?

He immediately pushed with his palm. A black rim with a diameter of dozens of miles appeared before the asteroid. With a loud boom, balls of black rays looked like black holes shot out from the black rim. All these balls crashed toward Zhou Xuanji.