I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 608 - Chapter 608 Unimaginable Potential

Chapter 608 - Chapter 608 Unimaginable Potential


The old beggar was thrilled to see Xu Yang. He took him aside and talked to him non-stop.

And so, Xu Yang got to know about his previous life.

He did not feel bad about it. There was no anger or reluctance, only exhilaration.

“I knew it! I have an awesome background!”

Xu Yang clenched his fist and felt the intense excitement of being the main protagonist.

Zhou Xuanji commented unpleasantly, “Look at your brother. Do you want to end up like him?”

Xu Yang looked toward Xu Qing and met his crimson eyes, which immediately sent a shiver down his spine.

The old beggar replied excitedly, “It’s okay. As long as we have two Heavenly Law Violet Qi, we can break free from the Heavenly Law’s seal!”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and immediately narrowed his eyes.

I knew it!

The old beggar turned around and looked at him, said, “Aren’t you going to become an Overlord Saint? Why don’t you give me your two Heavenly Law Violet Qi?”

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. Even Gu Tianxia shook his head.

How unreasonable!

There were only a few Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Why would anyone pass the qualification of the Saints to your disciple?

It was fine. Let the old beggar use it. But the old beggar was asking for his two other disciples. This seemed to be unreasonably demanding.

Xu Yang understood what was happening and said with a frown, “Okay! So you were waiting for me here!”

“Grand-teacher, ignore him! You risked your life to protect these two Heavenly Law Violet Qi. So what if you are his disciple? He did not care about you at all!”

The old beggar heard him and became anxious immediately.

“Stupid brat, what are you talking about! I’m getting it for you!” he said impatiently.

“How do I know if you have another agenda?”

Xu Yang glanced at him with disdain, “Moreover, I only feel safe following my Grand-teacher. Even without the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, I believe in him and shall eventually become a Saint someday. Because my Grand-teacher said that his final destination is merely Heavenly Saint.”

The old beggar was totally speechless.

He stared at Zhou Xuanji bitterly as though he was interrogating Zhou Xuanji with his eyes. What did you brainwash him with?

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “I will not give you the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. If you want it, I can help you to obtain one. After I killed Heavenly Lord Xuantie, his Heavenly Law Violet Qi will belong to you. As for Xu Yang, he will continue to follow me as my grand-disciple.”

Xu Yang nodded fervently, saying, “Haha, I’m the elder apprentice-brother of Emperor Sword Court. I will never leave.”

He looked around. It was his first time coming into the void and was curious about his surroundings.

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand and brought him back into the lotus world.

“Okay. Are you going to search for Heavenly Lord Xuantie with me?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. The old beggar nodded, biting his teeth. His eyes still looked bitter.

Gu Tianxia hesitated but nodded also. He wanted to know how powerful Zhou Xuanji had become.

The four of them flew toward Abyss Pearl Mainland.

The old beggar knew the direction toward Abyss Pearl Mainland, making things much easier for Zhou Xuanji.

Along the way, they were curious about how Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation grew so quickly.

Zhou Xuanji told them about Ren Niming and the Overlord Saint Pellet. As for Ren Niming’s identity as destiny, he did not mention it.

“Ren Niming! I knew it. This brat is still alive!” the old beggar’s eyes sparkled as he sighed.

Shortly after, he told them about his relationship with Ren Niming.

Ren Niming belonged to the first batch of living beings after the birth of the Heavenly Law. He knew the old beggar and the old immortal but refused to take them as his teacher. He acted individualistically. In those years, they each had their own plans and often encountered each other.

Until today, the old beggar could no longer understand Ren Niming.

“You better be careful with him. He must have another agenda in helping you,” the old beggar warned, and Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile.

Gu Tianxia asked, “What’s your target? Heavenly Saint? Or heading toward Kunlun Origin Court?”

Tsk tsk. He even knew about the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji shot a glance toward the old beggar, who felt a sudden wave of embarrassment.

Zhou Xuanji only knew these things from the old immortal.

“Kunlun Origin Court. Becoming a Heavenly Saint is not my final goal. I’m not treading the path of a Heavenly Saint,” Zhou Xuanji replied. He must head toward Kunlun Origin Court to take a look.

Why was he banished by destiny? And where did he come from?

He wanted to know the origin of the Primordial Serendipity represented by the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

He will spend his entire life trying to solve these puzzles.

Gu Tianxia nodded.

After some thought, he said, “If you are going to leave, can you bring me along? At that time, I will join Emperor Sword Court and serve you.”

These words made the old beggar open his eyes wide in shock. Zhou Xuanji was also astonished.

“Why do you want to go there? It’s very dangerous. Kunlun Origin Court will expel all foreign objects. They might kill you!” the old beggar said frantically. Why did all his disciples make him worry so much!

Gu Tianxia replied with a smile, “I always feel that this brat will have an unimaginable future. Life would be spectacular following after him.”

He had already witnessed Zhou Xuanji’s growth while he was still in the Tianxia Map.

Back when Zhou Xuanji had activated the Tianxia Map, he could see everything that Zhou Xuanji had gone through.

Only those who had personally witnessed Zhou Xuanji’s growth would know how horrifying his potential was.

This was also why Xu Yang was so faithful toward Zhou Xuanji.

The old beggar fell silent and was in deep thought.

Half a month later.

They arrived at the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

Zhou Xuanji looked down toward the Abyss Pearl Mainland as he took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword and channeled the divine moon’s energy to establish a mental connection with the land.

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia did not interrupt him but looked fixedly at the Nine Moon Execution Sword.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji established a mental connection with the land successfully.

He asked whether the Abyss Pearl Mainland wanted to be freed from this suffering.

He could help the Divine Moon to reincarnate.

Although the Divine Moon was considered among the stars, it had birthed consciousness after all, which made it a living being. One could reincarnate as long as one had a soul.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland replied to him and said that it did not want to reincarnate.

“Tsk tsk. I did not expect the Abyss Pearl Mainland to be formed by a Divine Moon. What a crafty move made by Hongshi,” the old beggar commented in amazement. The Divine Moon was a mysterious existence under the Heavenly Law. It contained within itself more immense energy than the sun.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him, and so did Gu Tianxia.

After some conversation, the Abyss Pearl Mainland made its choice.

It hoped that Zhou Xuanji could keep it.

And all the living beings on it would also turn into an independent realm along with it.

Suddenly, the Abyss Pearl Mainland was radiating a powerful light. At one glance, it seemed to restore its Divine Moon status.

Numerous Universe Heaven cultivators flew out of the Abyss Pearl Mainland, frightened.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland shrunk swiftly and turned into a jaded bead that flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji took hold of it, which was only the size of a fist. And the Abyss Pearl Mainland was right inside the bead. Sweeping through the bead with his divine sense, he could see all living beings inside it.

A ball of flame came rushing up to the four of them. After the flame dissipated, Feng Yuxiu appeared.

She looked toward Zhou Xuanji with a complex expression in her eyes. She asked, “Why are you taking away the Abyss Pearl Mainland?”

She was Old Ancestor Hongshi’s disciple, and she knew why her teacher died.

Zhou Xuanji waved the jaded bead in his hand and said, “This is its own choice.”