I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 607 - Chapter 607 Two brothers

Chapter 607 - Chapter 607 Two brothers


Zhou Xuanji appeared in the starry sky. His black clothing was not torn at all.

Ao Liegang’s self-explosion was nothing to him.

Even without magic energy, his physical body could withstand it.

He stretched his neck as he looked into the vast starry sky. He was thinking about whether to find Heavenly Lord Xuantie directly.

Back then, when he was facing destiny, his heart was grim.

But now, he was feeling the pleasure as though the dark clouds dissipated and he was basking in the sunlight.

Slay a Saint!

He wanted to slay a Saint now!

He would step over Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s dead body and continue to become more powerful. Eventually, he would challenge destiny.

Ren Niming and the other two had yet returned. He was hesitant whether to wait or not.

After some thought, he decided to move out on his own.

With Ren Niming’s capabilities, Zhou Xuanji would surely be found.

After that thought, he flew ahead.

He did not know where Heavenly Lord Xuantie was, so he could only head over to the Abyss Pearl Mainland first.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland’s original form was a Divine Moon. He planned to liberate it.

Back then, the Abyss Pearl Mainland helped him gain victory during the war between the two worlds. Now that he had the capabilities, he would return the favor by helping it. At the same time, he could take a look at the Great Thousand World under Old Ancestor Hongshi’s control to see if they were suffering from the war between the Saints.

Shortly after he left, Ren Niming rushed back.

“Ao Liegang’s aura… he’s dead…”

Ren Niming frowned as he mumbled to himself.

He understood Ao Liegang’s prowess well. If it were another person, that person might defeat Ao Liegang after absorbing the Saint Pellet, but killing him was another matter.

It was almost impossible.

“Zhou Xuanji, what other secrets do you have? Where did you get those swords…”

Ren Niming mumbled to himself. Without thinking further, he began tracking Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

After killing Ao Liegang, many other powerful cultivators came to seek Zhou Xuanji’s life.

These cultivators were at least Connecting Heaven Level Ten. Some were berserk like the Overlord Saint, while others were like Ao Liegang, claiming that they possessed the power of destiny.

Zhou Xuanji destroyed all of them. At the same time, he lost his way. He did not know where the Abyss Pearl Mainland was.

“That’s weird. These guys claim to possess the power of destiny, but why don’t they know each other?”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as he flew ahead.

He felt that these cultivators were definitely not trying to maintain a low profile.

Because they were all too arrogant.

It seemed like there was some hidden force working behind all of them.

Half a month later.

He stopped suddenly. Looking ahead, three people were rushing toward him.

They were the old beggar, Gu Tianxia, and Xu Qing.

Xu Qing was still berserk. His body was covered in talismans. He was trembling slightly, as though he was trying to suppress his emotions.

The old beggar saw Zhou Xuanji and was stunned immediately.

He did not hide but came up to ZHou Xuanji quickly.

“Why are you here?” he asked in astonishment.

He thought that Zhou Xuanji was still cultivating with the old immortal.

Gu Tianxia looked at Zhou Xuanji and was shocked in his heart. He could sense that Zhou Xuanji was totally a different person.

What had this brat gone through?

Such a horrifying aura.

Xu Qing turned grumpy out of a sudden and began bellowing.

“I’m going to find Heavenly Lord Xuantie,” Zhou Xuanji replied. He turned his eyes toward Gu Tianxia and continued, “Can you teach me the rest of the World Buddha Art, the part that’s beyond Level 3?”

Search for Heavenly Lord Xuantie?

The old beggar was stunned. He felt that this endeavor was ridiculous.

How long had it been, and Zhou Xuanji already had the power to stand against a Heavenly Saint?

“The first three levels of World Buddha Art are the essence. The fourth and fifth levels are useless, and I have already removed them. If you learn them, it might have a reverse effect,” Gu Tianxia said as he shook his head. His tone sounded genuine, and he was not a petty man. Even until now, he had not asked Zhou Xuanji to hand over the Tianxia Map.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. Just when he was about to leave, the old beggar stopped him.

“You have two Heavenly Law Violet Qi, right? How about giving one of them to me?” the old beggar said as he put his hands together, as though he was begging.

Facing Zhou Xuanji, he was too shameful to speak as a teacher.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and said, “Reviving Xu Qing and turning him into a Heavenly Saint could endanger the whole world. Are you sure?”

The old beggar said, “After he becomes a Heavenly Saint, I will take him away and never return to the Great Thousand World ever again.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not know how to reject him.


Xu Qing bellowed grumpily. His voice was getting louder like a ferocious demon.

Gu Tianxia looked at Xu Qing oddly. What was happening to this guy?

The old beggar ignored Xu Qing and continued to plead with Zhou Xuanji, “My good disciple, I’m only begging you this time. Give me one. Just one.”


Xu Qing let out a violent and thunderous roar. The talisman on his body flapped about unceasingly.

The old beggar immediately turned around to keep him down.

“Xu… Xu Yang…”

Xu Qing stared at Zhou Xuanji with crimson eyes as he roared fiercely.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

Xu Yang?

Could it be that…

Xu Yang was Xu Qing’s brother?

He was stunned. This damned thing was real?

The old beggar turned to look at Zhou Xuanji and laughed awkwardly, “He’s nuts. You should know it. He still could not let go of his brother.”

He sighed at the mention of Xu Yang.

Xu Yang died countless years ago. This was the last thing he wanted to talk about. He did not mention this to Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Xiaoxuan back then.

Zhou Xuanji said with an odd expression, “Xu Yang is in my enchanted artifact. This life, he’s my grand-disciple.”

Xu Yang was Xiao Jinghong’s only disciple. Back then, Daoya Old Man said that he was the reincarnation of a powerful cultivator. Even until today, he had yet to be awakened.

The old beggar heard him and trembled with eyes wide-opened. Swallowing his saliva, he asked Zhou Xuanji carefully, “What you said is real?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and brought Xu Yang out of the lotus world.

When Xu Yang appeared, he was shocked to see that stars were around him everywhere.

Just when he was about to scream, he saw Zhou Xuanji and heaved a sigh of relief.

He patted his chest and grumbled, “Grand-teacher, you have a task for me? It’s so sudden!”

Fortunately, he was not doing some shameful things, or else it would be embarrassing.

“It’s really you…”

The old beggar said with a trembling voice. He moved closer to Xu Yang instinctively, which frightened Xu Yang to hide behind Zhou Xuanji.

At this moment, Xu Qing went berserk and began tearing away the talisman on his body.

The old beggar quickly went over to suppress him. But no matter how much magic energy he channeled, he could not calm Xu Qing down.

Gu Tianxia immediately tried to help out but to no avail.

Xu Yang was frightened by Xu Qing. Xu Qing’s crimson eyes almost made Xu Yang pee in his pants.

Zhou Xuanji appeared in front of Xu Qing and tapped Xu Qing’s forehead with his index finger. The power of the Overlord Saint froze Xu Qing’s body immediately.

The old beggar looked back at him in shock. How powerful was this brat now?

Zhou Xuanji asked, “You are so capable, and yet you cannot divine that Xu Yang is in my hands?”

The old beggar could not help but look at Xu Yang, with a complex expression of surprise and regret in his eyes.

Xu Yang was shocked by how the old beggar looked at him.

Who was this old man?

“These two brothers are sealed by the Heavenly Law. I cannot divine them,” the old beggar sighed. He helped to birth the Heavenly Law, but the Heavenly Law took away the people that he cared the most. It was ironic indeed.