I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 606 - Chapter 606 War God of the Dragon Race

Chapter 606 - Chapter 606 War God of the Dragon Race


“Who is he?” Zhou Xiaoxuan asked anxiously, quickly drawing her sword.

The Overlord Saint’s aura was overwhelming, and it was her first time experiencing such a powerful aura. Facing such a powerful opponent, she suddenly felt that she had overestimated herself.

Her father was facing enemies this powerful, and yet she wanted to go along with him.

“Overlord Saint. The previous person who was banished by destiny,” Zhou Xuanji answered calmly. The Thunderclap Sword was in his hand while Demon Gods Tianwu and Nanming fused into his body.

He took a step forward and guarded his daughter.

“You still want to watch us fight?”

He asked with a chuckle. He no longer thought the Overlord Saint was too great a threat. However, if his opponent was a Heavenly Saint, he would immediately put Zhou Xiaoxuan into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Zhou Xiaoxuan bit her lips lightly and said, “Father, shall we flee?”

She looked toward the Overlord Saint at the horizon and realized that he was not coming over but waiting for something.

“No need. Your father is totally a different person now.”

Zhou Xuanji replied.

Were there other enemies?

He remembered Ren Niming said that destiny had devoured many powerful cultivators. All of them might have become destiny’s puppet to fight against him.

Zhou Xuanji tossed out the Thunderclap Sword with Ranged Sword Propelling.


The Overlord Saint was penetrated by the Thunderclap Sword. Heavenly lightning struck his body and shredded him to pieces.

Connecting Heaven Level Ten was a totally different magnitude of power.

Moreover, he had with himself the power of the Overlord Saint. His prowess had grown to a totally different level. One sword move was enough to destroy the Overlord Saint.

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes wide. Shortly after, she began crying out in excitement.

“Father! You are awesome!”

She jumped excitedly on the spot, and her sword almost hit Zhou Xuanji accidentally.

At this moment, another figure walked out from the spatial tear.

This person was wearing silver armor on his muscular body. He wore a dragon-head golden helmet, and he was emanating a dominating aura.

Eighteen silver spears levitated behind him in a fan-shaped formation.

He turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji with extremely icy eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Who is he?”

Zhou XIaoxuan asked carefully. This person was apparently not easy to deal with, more dangerous than the Overlord Saint just now.

“I’m not sure,” Zhou Xuanji said softly, “You go back first.”

After that, he sent Zhou Xiaoxuan back into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

He took out hundreds of legendary swords and flew up. He then activated the Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep as he walked toward the silver-armored man across the air.

Although he knew not who his opponent was, the opponent’s murderous intent was obvious enough.

If so, then he would not ask about the identity of his opponent.

Just kill him straight away!

“I am the War God of the dragon race, Ao Liegang. Zhou Xuanji, handover the two Heavenly Law Violet Qi, and I shall spare your life!”

The silver-armored man spoke. The 18 silver spears behind him grew to a height of a few hundred meters. The spear Qi soared into the sky and silver dragons coiled around the spears. The aura shook this small realm so violently that it began to collapse.

Zhou Xuanji stood there calmly. Such useless words again.

He asked as he continued walking ahead, “Are you serving the dragon race or destiny?”

Ao Liegang heard him. With a cold snort, he replied arrogantly, “I am the ancestor of the dragon race and have control of destiny’s force. Even the Heavenly Saints can do nothing to me. I’m fighting for my own sake.”

Control over destiny’s force?

What a joke!

Zhou Xuanji used the Sword Fusion Technique and fused all his legendary swords into his body. Only the Thunderclap Sword was still in his hand.

But he did not dare to bring out the Saint Slayer Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword. If he were to fuse these two Nine Extreme legendary swords into his body, it would be a great ordeal for his body.

Instantly, he sensed a surging and violent energy inside his body, as though his power will burst out with any random swing of his fists or sword. This was an indescribable feeling.

Ao Liegang could sense Zhou Xuanji’s change of aura, and his pupils contracted suddenly.

“Such an intimidating aura!…”

“It should not be…”

He frowned deeply. Previously when he had used destiny’s power to search for Zhou Xuanji’s position, he had checked Zhou Xuanji’s power. Although Zhou Xuanji was not bad, he could not be compared to him.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly dashed across the sky with Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps. He was like a white beam shot across the sky.

Ao Liegang immediately stepped backward. The 18 spears thrust ahead and generated powerful lightning and wind.


The swords flashed, and the 18 massive silver spears were sent flying away by the bombardment.


The Thunderclap Sword pierced into Ao Liegang’s chest. He opened his eyes wide in aghast. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Such speed… Why…”

Ao Liegang dared not believe his own eyes.

He was almost powerful enough to become a saint.

And now he was pierced by the sword of someone at merely Connecting Heaven Level Ten.

Zhou Xuanji smiled as he jerked his sword. Lightning of billion volts came from the Thunderclap Sword and immediately fried Ao Liegang’s body till it exploded.

A dragon soul appeared on the blade of Zhou Xuanji’s sword, shrieking and roaring.


The dragon’s roar was so loud that it traversed through different realms.

Even the world inside the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus could hear it.

The dragon ancestor died. All the worlds were shocked.

Zhou Xuanji used World Internalization and absorbed Ao Liegang’s magic energy.

The dragon ancestor did not want to suffer the humiliation and chose to self-destruct his soul straightaway.


The powerful radiance from the explosion engulfed Zhou Xuanji, and this small realm broke into pieces in an instant.

The floating islands outside were crushed too. The horrifying shockwave swept toward all directions, destroying comets and stardusts.

In the demonic world.

In a palace, Xian Xianghua was hosting the lords of different realms. The dragon’s roar boomed and shocked everyone.

“What’s happening?”

“This roar… sounds like…”

“Ao Liegang? Impossible! He’s almost powerful enough to become a Heavenly Saint!”

“Who killed the dragon ancestor?”

The realm lords discussed among themselves in great fear. They were very familiar with Ao Liegang, who was a war god that was impossible to kill.

Xian Xianghua frowned. As a new realm lord, she did not know Ao Liegang’s existence.

She asked, “Is it true that only the Heavenly Saints could kill Ao Liegang?”

The realm lords were silent for a short moment before nodding back.

Thinking of the Heavenly Saints, all the realm lords were troubled.

This gathering happened because they wanted to work together.

The Heavenly Saints had already been fighting among themselves. They did not want to be killed by the collateral damage.

This was an unprecedented great tribulation.

Because one of the Heavenly Saints had already died, while another ventured into the void.

“Fellow realm lords, the situation is becoming more and more dangerous. We must think of a strategy to unite. Or else, everyone one under the Heavenly Saints will not survive,” Xian Xianghua knocked on the armrest of her chair and said heedlessly.

The realm lords turned their attention back to her.

Now that Ao Liegang had died, who would be the next?

One realm lord reminded them, “Grandmaster Yuxuan wanted us to deal with Zhou Xuanji, but there’s no way for us to reject him.”

They dared to gather here because Grandmaster Yuxuan was busy fighting against Heavenly Lord Xuantie. Zhou Xuanji had not appeared for a very long time, so Grandmaster Yuxuan ignored them.

“We definitely need to deal with Zhou Xunaji, but we can come up with another plan,” Xian Xianghua said with a smile while mocking them in her heart.

You want to kill my little husband? I shall toy all of you to death.