I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 604 - Chapter 604 Overlord Saint Pellet

Chapter 604 - Chapter 604 Overlord Saint Pellet


“Where are we going now?”

Qiu Hu asked, looking forward to what was going to happen next.

If Zhou Xuanji could kill a Saint, it would become more likely that Zhou Xuanji could become a Saint.

If one day even destiny was defeated, Zhou Xuanji would become the most powerful being under the Heavenly Law.

And at that time, he would rise in status too.

Just the thought of it made him excited.

Ren Niming smiled mysteriously and said, “The Void.”

After that, he took the lead while the rest followed closely behind.

Along the way, Si Mengyan asked about the relationship between Ren Niming and Barbarian God Huangluo curiously.

And Ren Niming spoke truthfully.

A long time ago, when there were yet Heavenly Saints, he saved Barbarian God Huangluo and taught him how to become powerful.

Without exaggeration, he could be considered Barbarian God Huangluo’s revered teacher. The teacher of a Heavenly Saint.

But this would tarnish Barbarian God Huangluo’s reputation, so he did not openly proclaim this and neither did Barbarian God Huangluo.

“Tsk tsk. The Heavenly Saints are petty,” Qiu Hu sighed, shaking his head. He did not have much respect for the Heavenly Saints.

After all, he was from the same generation as the Heavenly Saints. He could even be considered the senior of some of them.

“Who is the most powerful among all the Heavenly Saints?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Until now, he only knew five Heavenly Saints.

They were Sage Daojing, Old Ancestor Hongshi, Heavenly Lord Xuantie, Buddha Yang Ling, and Barbarian God Huangluo.

He had yet to encounter the other four.

“It should be Sheng Tiandao. You can sense the arrogance in his name.”

TL: Sheng Tiandao literally means victorious over the Heavenly Law.

Ren Niming said without hesitation.

Si Mengyan’s eyelids twitched. “Doesn’t this name bring him a lot of misfortune and hostility?”

Ren niming replied intently, “There was initially but he overcame them all.”

This statement had profound implications.

Could Sheng Tiandao be powerful enough that he broke free from the Heavenly Law’s control?

“Hope that he will not take us as his enemies, or else… Haha,””

Qiu Hu smiled as he glanced toward Zhou Xuanji. His expression was telling Zhou Xuanji that it was all his.

Zhou Xuanji pretended not to see, and the group quickly flew past the 33rd Heaven.

“Seems like I must find an opportunity to release the souls of the powerhouses.”

Zhou Xuanji thought. He had promised them, and if he met with an accident, he would have dragged those souls along with him too.

Taking out the Ancient God Sword, he began communicating with the souls.

The current situation made the Wanshen Great Thousand not a suitable place to be reincarnated. Going to the void gave them a good opportunity.

Other than Sovereign Xuan and Dao Lord Xuantian, the other souls were willing to be reincarnated.

They understood Zhou Xuanji’s circumstances, and it was not time to act impulsively.

Sovereign Xuan did not have the face to be revived.

Dao Lord Xuantian felt that the greatest serendipity was to follow Zhou Xuanji.

Three days later.

They came to a floating island amidst the starry sky.

This island seemed ordinary, and it had abundant spiritual Qi.

Qiu Hu asked curiously, “What serendipity is here to make him more powerful?”

Ren Niming smiled and did not speak a word. He took the lead and walked onto the island.

The island was quite small, only a few miles wide. Stones were piled up on the island messily, and the whole place had no vegetation.

Ren Niming walked to the center of the island. As he moved a giant boulder, a cave entrance appeared.

“Inside this cave is an independent world. The Overlord Saint Pellet is hidden inside,” Ren Niming said before he walked in first.

Overlord Saint Pellet?

Zhou Xuanji and the other three were curious, and they jumped down as well.

Passing through the darkness, they came to a beautiful and scenic world.

Ren Niming flew up to a waterfall. And from it, he took out a black pellet. The pellet was even bigger than him.

Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan were shocked to see this.

“Are you sure you want him to eat that?”

Si Mengyan swallowed his saliva as he asked carefully.

He could sense the Overlord Saint Pellet contained within itself extremely domineering energy. Even at some distance away, it could make them shudder.

Ren Niming brought the Saint Pellet to Zhou Xuanji and the other three.

“So, only he can accept you. The others have no such fortunes of taking it.”

Zhou Xuanji had a calm expression but cursed in his heart.

What the…

You want my stomach to burst?

Although his body had already been transformed, he still felt that this would not end up well.

Ren Niming smiled in reply, “Don’t worry. This pellet is not meant to be eaten. Stretch out your hand and touch it, then activate your World Buddha Art.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced toward him and said, “You really know a lot.”

He had not mentioned the World Buddha Art to Ren Niming.

“When Gu Tianxia created this energy technique, I gave him some suggestions. Whenever you use this technique, I can sense it.”

Ren Niming chuckled without giving too much detail about his contribution.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. He felt that Ren Niming, the old beggar, and the old immortal had the same persona.

As though all history was created by the three of them.

After Ren Niming put down the Saint Pellet, Zhou Xuanji stretched forward his hand and used the World Internalization. He began absorbing the Saint Pellet’s violent energy.

“Wasn’t the Overlord Saint banished by destiny? How did you find this pellet?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he absorbed the energy.

Ren Niming shrugged his shoulders and said, “I used to be destiny, so I can find the source of destiny.”

Qiu Hu came up to him and asked further, “If so, why won’t you bring us there and destroy it straight away!”

Ren Niming glanced toward him and shook his head condescendingly, as though he was looking at a fool.

Qiu Hu was frustrated but was speechless.

“When you are there, it would be much easier for destiny to kill all of you. Don’t forget, destiny already has a consciousness,” Ren Niming looked toward Zhou Xuanji and said intently.

Zhou Xuanji understood what he meant.

As long as he was powerful enough, Ren Niming could lead them to destroy destiny.

But before that, they could only try their best to grow more powerful.

“Alright. You guys wait here. I will go out and collect some intel.”

Ren Niming left quickly, and Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan found a place to cultivate.

Occasionally, they would chat with Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji kept on challenging his limits and wanted to absorb all of the energy inside the pellet as soon as possible.

But the energy inside the pellet was too massive. It felt limitless.

He began enjoying this feeling of becoming more powerful.

A year later.

He broke through to Connecting Heaven Level Seven. It was a huge boost.

Ren Niming was finally back too.

With a mocking smile on his face, he said, “We have another enemy. Grandmaster Yuxuan wants your Heavenly Law Violet Qi. He really wants to die.”

Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan walked over immediately and asked about what happened.

What happened was that the Yuxuan Sect had gathered the Lords of ten independent realms and were prepared to subdue Zhou Xuanji.

“Seems like you have a lot of disdain toward Grandmaster Yuxuan.”

Zhou Xuanji said with narrowed eyes. How powerful was Ren Niming?

This guy was destiny, too, so he might already be extremely powerful.

“Grandmaster Yuxuan was always disadvantaged among the Heavenly Saints. He has a big ego and envies easily. We can probably make use of him,” Ren Niming replied with laughter. He had apparently devised a plan to deal with Grandmaster Yuxuan.

Their target was still Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Si Mengyan asked, “Would Grandmaster Yuxuan work together with Heavenly Lord Xuantie?”

If another Heavenly Saint became their enemy, they would be even more pressurized.

Ren Niming shook his head and replied, “He has already been bewitched by destiny. He will become another faction.”