I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 601 - Chapter 601 – Heavenly Law Manifestation

Chapter 601 - Chapter 601 – Heavenly Law Manifestation


Zhou Xuanji resisted the discomfort in his eyes and flew at his fastest speed.

Every time the Overlord Saint caught up, he would use Sword Dao Rules and send him flying back.

“Why can’t I kill that fellow?” Zhou Xuanji deeply frowned. Facing the Overlord Saint, he could not think of any ways to deal with him.

Even his strongest combo, Sword Dao Rules and the Thunderclap Sword, could not kill the Overlord Saint. Even though he could pierce through the black shadow, it would quickly recover.

“He is far from his peak status. Looks like he has endured much torment, for him to become like this,” Dao Lord Xuantian said as he sighed. Back then, the Overlord Saint had been incredibly mighty and looked down at the countless worlds.

Zhou Xuanji was not in the mood to sympathize with the Overlord Saint; he was only thinking of how to get rid of him.

He did not know how Qiu Hu and the others were; had they been eaten by the Overlord Saint like Xuan Daoya had been?

At that moment, a figure of light suddenly descended from the dark sky.

The figure of light quickly sped over, passing by Zhou Xuanji’s body and shooting towards the Overlord Saint.


Two fists met each other, causing the ground below to collapse. The Yellow Springs roiled and wild gales blew in all directions.

Zhou Xuanji stopped and looked over with a frown.

Who was that?

The figure of light began to intensely fight with the Overlord Saint. One figure of light and one shadowy figure, their fists and feet were fast to the extreme. They continuously unleashed all kinds of divine abilities, creating a grand scene.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that that figure of light was somewhat familiar.

Soon, his expression changed.

It was actually him!

That figure of light was actually Yang Di!

Back then, in the Northern Wilderness, in order to pursue power, Yang Di had left following the Heavenly Law Stone. Zhou Xuanji had never thought that he would still be alive.

Zhou Xuanji quickly understood.

Yang Di represented heavenly law and the Overlord Saint represented destiny; this was a battle between the two concepts.

“Is he still the same person?” Zhou Xuanji wondered to himself. At this moment, Yang Di seemed incredibly powerful and domineering, seeming like the previous number one in the Northern Wilderness.

Even facing the Overlord Saint, Yang Di held the advantage.

A figure appeared beside Zhou Xuanji; it was Ren Niming.

He looked at the great battle ahead and said, “The manifestation of the heavenly law. Strange, why would he appear here? This is the Netherworld.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and asked, “What do you mean? This wasn’t instructed by the heavenly law?”

Ren Niming shook his head and said, “The Netherworld is controlled by reincarnation. Heavenly law has no consciousness and will not forcefully interfere with reincarnation. It seems that this fellow came of his own will.”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled.

Yang Di had come to save him?

He felt quite strange.

After thinking about it, there was not much friendship between him and Yang Di.

“Let’s leave first,” Ren Niming suggested. Zhou Xuanji did not have any objections to this. He could tell that Yang Di was stalling for time; after he left, the Overlord Saint would most likely disappear.

The two of them quickly left.

They did not directly leave the Netherworld, and they instead went to find Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan.

As for Xuan Daoya, Ren Niming laughed and said, “Don’t worry about him, he is just a soul and has many measures. It’s not that easy to kill him.”

Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded and asked, “Just what is going on? Is the Overlord Saint also controlled by destiny.”

Ren Niming answered, “Most likely. The Overlord Saint is delirious and destiny might have affected his will, making him hate you. In the future, there might be even more crazed experts hunting you down. After all, there are many creatures that have been devoured by destiny.”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite amazed; it seemed that destiny had gone crazy and was going all out to kill him.

What a crappy situation!

Within the world in the lotus, Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Lady Zhaoxuan, and Daoya Old Man were gathered in a building.

Daoya Old Man was so excited that his face was red, and he drank a pot of wine as he said excitedly, “Xuan’Er, you’ve finally come back. How were you in the Netherworld?”

Jiang Xue was very tense; after all, this was Zhou Xuanji’s mother.

On the other hand, Zhou Xiaoxuan was not nervous at all, and she was instead very curious.

Lady Zhaoxuan shook her head and smiled as she said, “Down there, I thought that only two or three years had passed; it is very mysterious.”

She looked at Jiang Xue and smiled as she said, “Don’t be nervous, I’m very grateful to you. If it wasn’t for you taking care of Xuanji since he was young, perhaps I would never have been able to meet him again.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue’s face became red, and she hurriedly shook her head as she said, “That was all a coincidence. Even without me, he would have been able to survive. In fact, it was him who protected me until now.”

“Puchi—” Zhou Xiaoxuan covered her mouth as she giggled, and hearing this, Jiang Xue glared at her.

Daoya Old Man also loudly laughed.

Lady Zhaoxuan started to ask Zhou Xiaoxuan and Jiang Xue about various things, and the three women soon became quite familiar with each other.

After a while, Zhou Xiaoxuan asked in curiosity, “Granny, how did you find me last time?”

Lady Zhaoxuan sighed and said, “that wasn’t me.”

She told them about Ninth Nether Buddha’s plot, causing the three others’ eyes to widen.

The ruler of the Netherworld had tried to plot against Zhou Xuanji like this!

“What should Xuanji do now?” Jiang Xue asked nervously. Daoya Old Man wanted to divine Zhou Xuanji but was afraid of receiving a backlash.

Lady Zhaoxuan shook her head and sighed as she said, “I don’t have any way to help him; I’m ashamed of myself as a mother.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan wanted to say something when she suddenly felt an itchiness in her eyes, causing her to rub them.

The more she rubbed them, the itchier they became.

In the Netherworld, Zhou Xuanji and Ren Niming found Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan; both of them had heavy injuries.

“That fellow was the Overlord Saint? He nearly beat me to death,” Qiu Hu grumbled, feeling very displeased.

After all, they had been ambushed and not been defeated in a direct fight.

Of course, even if it was a direct fight, he would not be a match for the Overlord Saint.

Si Mengyan looked at Ren Niming and asked, “What should we do now?”

Ren Niming had said that he was going to bring them to kill Heavenly Lord Xuantie, but they still had not done anything to Heavenly Lord Xuantie yet.

“We’ll return to the realm of the living and hunt down Heavenly Lord Xuantie,” Ren Niming’s eyes flashed as he said vigorously.

Qiu Hu was stunned. Hunt down a Heavenly Saint?

Was he crazy?


Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you think the current me can already kill Heavenly saints?”

Ren Niming gave a slight smile and said, “Don’t worry, I have my ways.”

Hearing this, the others did not ask any more and prepared to leave with him.


A figure of light descended from the sky, landing between them. The powerful aura forced Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan back.

It was Yang Di.

His appearance and figure were the same as before, but his body now gave off golden light, making him seem like a bright sun.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Zhou Xuanji, who are you being targeted by?”

Zhou Xuanji did not answer his question and instead asked, “Why did you save me?”

If he did not get an answer about this, he would not feel at ease.

“Back then, you saved the Northern Wilderness many times, while I was useless and let down everyone. I also owe you for saving my life once, so I decided to help you today to return the favor,” Yang Di replied.

His expression was cold, and he seemed even more taciturn than before.

He had the merciless aura of heavenly law.

Ren Niming looked at him and said somewhat deeply, “You won’t have a good outcome in this state. Your will will be devoured sooner or later, becoming a puppet of heavenly law. It will be the same as dying.”

Yang Di was not scared and remained calm as he said, “That is why I helped him today. If it was any later, it would be difficult to return this favour.”