I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 60

Chapter 60


Chapter 60: Chapter 60 – Sword Conference Ranking

Searching for Sword God Zhou?

“This person indeed has the power to fight you. You know his evaluation result for insightfulness in the Way of the Sword?” Zhou Chengxin smiled intently as he spoke.

Zhaocong Sword asked calmly, “Low tier of Black Grade?”

That was what he chose when he was doing the evaluation.

So, this was his guess. In his eyes, he might have already overestimated Sword God Zhou.

Zhou Chengxin shook his head while smiling, and Zhaocong Sword knitted his brow.

“Black Grade, top tier,” he said.

Zhaocong Sword’s pupils contracted suddenly. He took a step forward, “Is this true?” he asked.

He could hardly make it for the low tier sword technique of the Black Grade, and the top tier…

It was already hard enough to merely memorize the complicated moves.

Zhou Chengxin nodded and said, “I’m the one who handed his white jade token to Xie Wuyou personally.”

Zhaocong Sword remained silent.

Zhou Chengxin looked at him and thought in his heart, I wonder who is stronger, him or Sword God Zhou?

All of a sudden, Zhaocong Sword turned and left.

Zhou Chengxin shook his head and smiled as he looked at the far-famed sword cultivator disappear in the crowd.

He walked to an old tree by the street side, and a man dressed in black appeared behind him suddenly.

The face of the man in black was half-covered. Only his eyes were revealed, but under the tree’s shade, one could not even see his eyes clearly.

Zhou Chengxin back faced him and said, “Go and find out where Sword God Zhou is staying. If the Yang Clan of Luoyang City dare to trouble him, get someone to warn Official Yang.”


The man in black responded with a low voice and disappeared.

As dusk drew close, Zhou Xuanji and his companions came to Zhang Tianjian’s residence in Swordsman City.

The residence was massive. There were three courts, a dozen guest rooms, and a garden at the center.

Zhang Rutan, another son of Zhang Tianjian, was residing here with over thirty slaves.

Zhang Rutan was thrilled when he heard that Sword God Zhou was coming.

Zhang Tianjian’s family loved the Way of the Sword. Within Great Zhou’s borders, there were not many sword cultivators whose fame was widespread.

Sword God Zhou’s appearance out of nowhere was rather dramatic. After Zhang Rutan heard all sorts of rumors about him, together with Zhang Ruyu’s letters, he naturally admired the Sword God.

Along the way, Zhang Rutan asked ceaselessly in excitement.

“Big Brother, is this true? Sword God Zhou slapped Yang Che’s face, and that the seventh prince hosted Sir Zhou personally?”

Zhang Rutan asked Zhang Ruyu. He did not dare to talk to Zhou Xuanji face to face.

Zhang Ruyu stared at him and said in frustration, “How many times are you going to ask these questions? Sir Sword God Zhou is behind us. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

At this, Zhang Rutan glanced back at Zhou Xuanji in embarrassment and continued leading the way.

Northern Valiant Sword stayed in a hut while Huang Lianxin stayed in another.

Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue still stayed in the same room. The girl seemed to have no embarrassment at all and could not bear to live him.

Other than Green River Village, she rarely visited places that were densely populated after all. Not staying with Zhou Xuanji would make her afraid.

The three guestrooms were connected together so they can watch over one another.

That night, Zhang Tianjian held a feast for Zhou Xuanji and his companions.

After drinking three rounds of wine, Zhang Tianjian sighed, “Sir, I doubted you initially, because you were too legendary after all, you took such a short time to become famous. Now, I really admire you! I’m totally convinced! ”

Northern Valiant Sword rolled his eyes.

How shameless! Zhang Tianjian bootlicked perfectly and took the opportunity to apologize.

How come he did not realize that his friend was such a person?

In contrast to Zhang Tianjian, Zhang Ruyu and his brother were surpassing their father in every bootlicking way. They flattered and buttered Zhou Xuanji up extravagantly.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and did not take to heart their flatter.

But, the three persons took turns to raise toasts to him.

Do they really think that I’m young?

In my previous life, I was a prince of the drink stall!

And this life, I have the cultivation of Englitening Stage, you think I will get drunk?

Zhou Xuanji thought with disdain and began drinking endlessly with them.

“This night, only one of us can walk out!”

Deep into the night.

Zhou Xuanji returned to his room with Little Jiang Xue supporting him.

“I’m not drunk… another cup… tonight… we will not stop until we are drunk…”

Zhou Xuanji dangled his head and mumbled, swinging his right hand.

Little Jiang Xue carefully put Zhou Xuanji on the bed. She then carried over a tub of hot water already prepared at the side and began cleaning his body.

As she looked at his body burning red, she felt funny but also heartache.

It was her first time seeing Zhou Xuanji in such a sorry state.

Zhou Xuanji was not the only one. Zhang Tianjian and his sons, together with Northern Valiant Sword, were all completely drunk.

Zhang Tianjian showed his sincerity with the choice of wine. All of them were powerful spiritual wines. Even Inner Pellet cultivators could not drink as much as they want, much less Enlightening cultivators.

Till noon the next day…

Zhou Xuanji woke up. His whole body felt sore and numb, he felt dizzy and an indescribable discomfort.

Little Jiang Xue was at the table feeding the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent, while the small black snake was shouting.

“Little girl, give me something nice to eat, please? The seasoned pork you guys ate last night, could you cook it for me too?”

But Little Jiang Xue ignored his plea.

The small black snake did not throw a tantrum, because he was afraid that Zhou Xuanji might wake up to stomp him again.

Zhou Xuanji sat up gradually and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He felt terrible as scenes of last night flashed in his mind.

That wine was too strong…

Seeing that he awoke, Little Jiang Xue quickly poured some water for him.

“Next time, don’t think too highly of yourself,” she reprimanded him as she filled the bowl with water.

Zhou Xuanji stared at her with his hands under his armpit and snorted, “Who said I was overestimating myself? I can still drink more!”

Little Jiang Xue carried the bowl to the bedside and nudged him. “If an enemy comes to attack us the next time you are drunk, then the next time we see each other will be in the underworld,” she said.

Zhou Xuanji heard her and was immediately covered in a cold sweat.

He was too careless.

This was the Great Zhou Empire…

He decided to never get drunk again.

After drinking some water, Zhou Xuanji felt refreshed and put on his clothes. He went out and knocked on the next door, but the Sword Valiant did not answer. He could still be sleeping.

He asked the servants and found that Zhang Tianjian and his sons were still sleeping as well.

He was pleased with himself immediately.

I did not lose at drinking men’s wine.

In the next few days, he did not leave Zhang Clan’s residence, neither did Little Jiang Xue. She trained with him instead.

She already knew his target, so she did not want to burden him.

Half a month passed quickly.

During which, Zhou Xuanji realized the sword will of Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword.

After the third day, he reached Enlightening Level Two and Zhou Chengxin visited him personally.

There were four subordinates that followed behind him. Each had a grave and stern face. Although they tried to suppress their Qi-signature, their killing aura still seeped through.

Zhang Tianjian was overwhelmed with favor at his visitation. He quickly sent someone to invite Zhou Xuanji to come.

Everyone was gathered in the main hall.

“Sir, you are qualified to participate in the Sword Conference. You ranked ninth,” Zhou Chengxin cupped his fist and said to Zhou Xuanji with a smile.

He then returned the white jade token to Zhou Xuanji.

After he took the token, Zhou XuanJi was relieved.

It would be too humiliating if he was not qualified for the Sword Conference.

“How come he only ranked ninth? He should be at least in the top three?”

Zhang Rutan said unpleasantly. Zhang Ruyu nodded along and felt that something was off.

Zhou Xuanji’s face appeared to be calm, but he felt weak in his heart.

Zhou Chengxin chuckled and said, “Everyone did their best for sword Qi evaluation. Moreover, some devilishly powerful cultivators participated too. This is a good ranking. And sir, with your ability, you have a good chance of winning the Sword Conference.”