I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6


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After they stored the wooden hut, Zhou Xuanji went to the kitchen and stored the woks, bowls, pots, and food.

Little Jiang Xue appeared quite excited throughout the entire process.

She felt exceedingly amused and excited because her brother knew spells.

Legends of cultivators were passed on in Green River Village as well.

So, her brother was also a cultivator!

No wonder he looked so adorable and was different from other kids in the village. He was like a lotus flower in a swamp.

After they stored everything, they detoured around the dead bodies and traveled toward the back mountain.

Green River Village was situated at the mountain shoulder and was surrounded by greenery and rivers. It was the only village within a radius of fifteen miles.

However, the direction that Zhou Xuanji was heading was away from the villages and towns.

He could have stayed by relying on his Crimson Dragon Sword and live unafraid of the Fang clan, but he was worried that the trouble will just get bigger.

He knew how horrifying the warriors in the Great Zhou Empire were. They could easily turn over mountains and move the seas.

It would be terrifying if he were to be found by the subordinates of the Empress of the Zhou Empire.

He was alive after all the dangers he went through, so he did not want to ruin everything because of his recklessness.

Wait until he becomes an adult…


Give him ten years, he might be able to rise to the top, or at least be able to protect himself.

After they entered the forest, he took out his Crimson Dragon Sword, just in case.

He held his sword with his right hand while holding Little Jiang Xue’s hand with his left. Two tiny silhouettes walked deep into the mountains.

Little Jiang Xue had never left the vicinity of Green River Village since she was born. She appeared to be very nervous. Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji was there and kept comforting her.

They continued to travel for the next three days.

At night, they took turns to sleep. During the day as they traveled, he asked the Sword Spirit to watch out for them, in case of any accidents.

They ran into some predators, like tiger and wolves, but they were not dangerous enough to threaten them.

Setting aside the Crimson Dragon Sword that was in his hand, Zhou Xuanji was a Swordmaster that has realized a sword will, even though he was only two years old.

They managed to leave the scope of Green River Village entirely with just three days of traveling.

One day, they came to the edge of a cliff. There was a river that was flowing downward following the cliff, and it sounded quite threatening.

Standing at the edge of the cliff, they looked into the distance. From their faces alone, you could tell the pair appeared quite lost.

The cliff was surrounded by a forest. A vast mountain range cut across the land, a thousand meters ahead of them.

Two shadows crisscrossed through the area above the forest.

One of them was an old man dressed in a blue coat, while the other was a young man dressed in black.

They flew in the air, as though not affected by gravity, and were locked in intense combat.

The old man in blue had silver hair but a youthful face. He held a long sword in his hand and looked as though he was a sage-like immortal who had attained the Way.

The long hair of the young man in black was unkempt. His face looked ferocious, and a ball of black smoke surrounded his body. He held two curved blades in his hands, like an evil demon.

From afar, it looked like a battle between good and evil. All sorts of spells were cast consecutively and bombarded the forest, sweeping up dirt and clouds of dust all over the area.


His heart stopped for a moment, Little Jiang Xue was also frightened.

Cultivators who can fly across the air were at least at the stage of Inner Pellet.

Zhou Xuanji had not even entered Qi Nurturing yet. Even with his Crimson Dragon Sword around, he might not be able to stand up to a cultivator at the Enlightening stage, let alone Inner Pellet stage.

Without much hesitation, he pulled Little Jiang Xue along, turned, and ran away from them.

The two children did not say anything as they ran, quickly disappearing into the forest.

They only stopped to rest after they had run for two hours.

For small children like them, their legs felt as though they were going to snap.

“Sister, are you okay?”

He asked, gasping.

While they were traveling, Little Jiang Xue did not cry nor complain no matter how tired she was. There were a lot of times that, if he had not stopped, the little girl could have fainted.

“If you are okay, I’m okay, of course.”

Little Jiang Xue wiped her sweat away, answering as she breathed rapidly.

Zhou Xuanji looked over and felt sorry for her. He took out a bottle of water from the Supreme Storage and gave it to her.

Although he called her elder sister, in his heart, Little Jiang Xue was like a younger sister to him.

Both stayed and rested, but spoke very softly because they did not want the two cultivators to find out about them.

They rested for ten minutes or so, and then both of them got up.

He put his Crimson Dragon Sword into his Supreme Storage, and after which they walked ahead with a stagger, holding each other steady.

After a short while.


A body fell from the sky and hit the ground ahead of them, hard. Countless leaves were swept up and danced in the air. The surrounding trees shook from the shock.

Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue were both frightened. They looked ahead, and they were terrified.

It was the old man in blue they saw before!

He laid on the grass patch, covered with blood, pain written all over his face.

They were both frozen with fear at the sight of him.

The worst situation still happened!

“Damn, such bad luck!”

Zhou Xuanji could not help but curse in his heart. He took hold of Little Jiang Xue and turned around immediately.

Just when he turned around, he saw the demonic man walk over, with two curved blades covered in blood.

“Qiu Baili, it seems that you did not become much stronger over those ten years. ”

The man in black let out a burst of cold laughter and walked toward the old man in blue.

He shuddered and pulled Little Jiang Xue behind him, stepping backward carefully.

The man in black walked past, going directly in front of him. The distance between them was less than two meters.

“What is happening… why aren’t my legs moving… I cannot run…” He thought, worrying.

He had never met with such an effect before.

“This is his killing aura. The opponent intends to kill you, and so he locked you down using this.” The Sword Spirit said in his mind.

Zhou Xuanji clenched his left hand as he heard this.

He wanted to kill them!

They were only children!

“Qiu Baili, have you any last wishes?”

The man in black said with a sinister laugh, his eyes filled with mockery.

He ignored Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue. He would deal with the two kids after he killed Qiu Baili.

Qiu Baili wanted to stand up, but to no avail, because his tendons and bones were all snapped and broken.

“They are innocent, let them go…” said Qiu Baili, gritting his teeth.

He had already given up, but he could not bear to involve the two children in such a terrible fate.

“Hahaha! You should first take care of yourself…”

The man in black mocked, but just as he started to speak, the Crimson Dragon Sword struck his head all of a sudden. Blood spilled all over the ground.

Inner Pellet Cultivator, dead!

Qiu Baili’s eyes opened wide, filled with horror.

Little Jiang Xue was also frightened by the horrifying scene.

The Crimson Dragon Sword flew into his hands.

“Sword Spirit, is he dead?” Zhou Xuanji asked in his mind. A cultivator at Inner Pellet may not have died so easily.

“His life is ended entirely. He could not be more dead.”

After he heard the Sword Spirit’s answer, he ran toward the man in black and searched his body.

He found a storage bag and a storage ring.

He pulled Little Jiang Xue along and left immediately.

“Hold on!”

Qiu Baili shouted promptly, but Zhou Xuanji did not turn back and disappeared quickly into the deep vicinity of the forest.

After a long while, Qiu Baili looked confused and muttered to himself, “A genius on the ranking board of the Great Zhou died just like this…”

“Died in the hands of a little child, that could not be more than two or three years old…”

Even though Qiu Baili was knowledgeable and had seen many things, he was confused, his worldview shattered.

His decisiveness in attacking left him shuddering.

But he was more curious than anything.

Zhou Xuanji did not attack him, which means that he was not a bad person.

What a pity.

Why couldn’t this wild kid give me a hand before leaving?

Qiu Baili fell into despair. If any demons appeared in this area, it would be the end for him.