I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 599 - Chapter 599 – Toyed By Destiny

Chapter 599 - Chapter 599 – Toyed By Destiny


The Yellow Springs Pillar was very tall, and Zhou Xuanji and the others quickly flew upwards along it.

However, they soon found that the Yellow Springs Pillar did not seem to have an end.

“Don’t let your minds be swayed; if you stop, it might be over for you.”

Ren Niming’s voice sounded out in everyone’s ears, causing Xuan Daoya to tremble.

Everyone else was very resolute.

Now that things had come to this, there was no way to retreat.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to revive Lady Zhaoxuan.

Qiu Hu vowed to follow Zhou Xuanji to the death.

Si Mengyan wanted to take revenge for Old Ancestor Hongshi.

Ren Niming wanted to become destiny again.

Only Xuan Daoya did not feel much.

“Right after I left Emperor Sword Court, I fell into another hole…”

Xuan Daoya felt an ache in his liver, and his heart was filled with regret.

After flying for who knows how long, Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that he had broken through a formless membrane. Following this, his surroundings changed and they came to a starry sky. There was a stone stage ahead, wrapped with a rainbow light.

Lady Zhaoxuan was anxious to the extreme and nervously looked around, worried that the Ninth Nether Buddha would attack again.

Soon, they all landed on the stone stage.

“Be careful,” Ren Niming reminded them. Everyone scattered at the edge of the stone stage, looking around warily.

This stone stage was not very big, and it was only about ten meters wide. There was nothing at the center; it was completely empty.

The rainbow light around the stage continued to freely flow about.

“Where is the Reincarnation Power?” Qiu Hu asked. He could not see anything, nor could he sense anything with his divine sense.

Ren Niming walked about at the edge of the stone stage and did not reply.


The sound of a mechanism activating could be heard as a stone pillar half a meter wide rose up at the centre of the stone stage. The outside of the stone pillar began to crumble, revealing a stone statue.

The stone statue was quite strange, and it looked like a monkey.

Zhou Xuanji immediately frowned; why did he feel that this stone monkey resembled that Primordial Ancestor Statue?

He immediately thought of many possibilities.

He instinctively stretched out his hand and touched his eyes.

“Don’t tell me that time…”

Zhou Xuanji felt a chill on his back and gave off an extremely dangerous aura.

Ren Niming noticed his expression and said, “Don’t think too much; often, some things are inexplicably tied together. This is destiny.”

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and slightly nodded.

The stone monkey suddenly opened its eyes and said, “Will you receive Reincarnation’s test?”

Hearing this, everyone was given a big fright.

“Who are you?” Xuan Daoya asked nervously, and everyone else prepared to fight at any moment.

The stone monkey did not reply and continued to stare ahead with hollow eyes.

Ren Niming looked at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Do you dare to go up?”

Zhou Xuanji walked over to the stone monkey and looked at it as he asked, “If I receive Reincarnation Power, can I allow someone to resurrect?”

Everyone else inwardly became nervous.

“You can, but you need to pay a price,” the stone monkey replied with a cold, emotionless tone.

Hearing this, Lady Zhaoxuan hurriedly went up and asked, “What price?”

She tightened her fists, and she felt as if her heart was sweating.

The stone monkey replied, “To resurrect you, the many worlds must sacrifice countless creatures.”

Lady Zhaoxuan’s beautiful eyes widened and she said angrily, “Are you joking? Are you really a god?”

Everyone else’s expressions became strange.

Qiu Hu spat at the stone monkey and cursed at it, “You crappy thing, so you were waiting for us here!”

If Zhou Xuanji agreed, many creatures would die because of him, and all factions would try to take revenge on him.”

“So it’s like that…” Xuan Daoya’s expression was complicated as he gloomily sighed.

Lady Zhaoxuan hurriedly grasped Zhou Xuanji’s hand and said with a trembling voice, “Zhou Xuanji, you can’t agree!”

On the way, she already heard about Zhou Xuanji’s current predicament.

This was definitely a trap by destiny.

Ren Niming sighed and said, “You’re even more savage than I expected.”

He suddenly felt quite apprehensive towards destiny.

The current destiny was incredibly bold and did not seem to fear the heavenly law, and it did as it wished.

Si Mengyan looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “If you agree, the Heavenly Saints will all be justified in getting rid of you. No matter how strong you are, you will not be able to resist multiple Heavenly Saints joining together.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and fell silent.

Qiu Hu asked Ren Niming, “Is there no other way?”

Ren Niming sighed and said, “We can enter the origin of the Yellow Springs. I now understand that her soul has been bound by destiny’s power. Even if we give up on this opportunity, we will still encounter similar situations.”

This was how terrifying destiny was; it could silently and stealthily change everything.

When destiny toyed with someone, it was always in ways they could not expect.

“Could it be destiny?” Xuan Daoya asked. If the stone monkey was destiny itself, wouldn’t this be an opportunity to act.

The stone monkey replied, “I am the will of reincarnation. Destiny is vague and ethereal; have you still not realized that even cultivating to your current levels?”

Qiu Hu and Xuan Daoya rolled their eyes.


It would be devoured by destiny sooner or later.

Ren Niming looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “The choice is right before you, and you will have to face it sooner or later. I need to tell you that even if you don’t choose now, all creatures will act against you in the future. They will hate you for various reasons and attack you. In front of destiny, no reason or morality will apply.”

Zhou Xuanji understood this, but he did not know how many creatures would die.

He was fighting for his life, but what about those innocent creatures?

What he was afraid of was that if he really made this decision, next time destiny would make him choose between Lady Zhaoxuan, Jiang Xue, and Zhou Xiaoxuan.

If that time came, who would he abandon?

If he gave up on Lady Zhaoxuan, what would his decision now mean?

If he gave up on Jiang Xue, why should he fight? They could just die together in the name of love.

“Zhou Xuanji, are you really going to harm the world for a deceased person?”

Ninth Nether Buddha’s voice suddenly sounded out as he appeared in the starry sky east of the stone stage.

Zhou Xuanji swung out with the Thunderclap Sword in his right hand, blasting Ninth Nether Buddha.

His expression was cold, and his black hair was somewhat in a mess.

His heart had never felt so chaotic before.

“Son, thank you for your good intentions.” Lady Zhaoxuan sighed before slowly retreating.

Zhou Xuanji said in a cold voice, “I won’t allow you to let your soul dissipate. You’ve already abandoned me once; are you going to do it again? Don’t use life and death as an excuse. If it’s me, even if I do, I’ll find a way to get back to the realm of the living to protect my daughter.”

Lady Zhaoxuan felt as if she had been struck by lightning, and she stood there dumbly, her eyes becoming red.

She did not feel bad for herself, and she was instead filled with regret

She hated herself for just staring at the Yellow Springs and spacing out.

She hated herself for being so useless.

If she worked hard to cultivate with Daoya Old Man back then, she would not have let Zhou Xuanji grow up by himself.

Zhou Xuanji walked in front of the stone monkey and took out the Great Brilliant Day sword and History Asunder Sword.

He used the Great Brilliant Day to gather all of the Fate in the lotus world and at the same time, he filled the History Asunder Sword with immortal energy.

“Sword that can slash apart the river of history, I wonder if you can slash apart destiny,” Zhou Xuanji muttered. After speaking, he raised the History Asunder Sword.