I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 596 - Chapter 596 – True Body of Destiny

Chapter 596 - Chapter 596 – True Body of Destiny


Xuan Daoya and Si Mengyan also looked at Ren Niming with curiosity.

Si Mengyan did not know much about Ren Niming and only felt that he was quite profound. From those words just then, it seemed that he was not just profound.

Ren Niming deeply breathed in and said, “Destiny can control everything and all creatures, and the same can be said for heavenly law. One is on the surface and one is in the dark; don’t you feel that the two are quite similar?”

Everyone frowned; those words were quite terrifying.

Destiny was the heavenly law?

The high up and merciless heavenly law had always wanted to control all creatures.

It created all creatures, and also dictated the end for each person?

“The heavenly law will get rid of all existences that can threaten it, but it cannot get rid of destiny, and it instead allows destiny to grow. This is why tribulations will happen at certain times; it is not the heavenly law protecting itself, but destiny weakening heavenly law.

“The heavenly law acknowledges you and wishes for you to become a Heavenly Saint. However, you made destiny feel threatened, so destiny wants to control all creatures to get rid of you. Destiny is not as open as the heavenly law, and will continuously affect the minds of all living creatures until you are killed.”

Speaking to there, Ren Niming sighed.

Zhou Xuanji and the others fell silent.

Xuan Daoya and Qiu Hu were completely stupefied.

All this time, they had thought that the heavenly law and destiny had co-existed.

The heavenly law was like the main concept, while destiny was just the byproduct.

“I used to be destiny, but I wanted to surpass the heavenly law and was suppressed by the heavenly law. My consciousness was fortunate to reincarnate, and I wanted to regain control of destiny. However, I never expected destiny to reject me. As such, I am no longer destiny, just an ordinary person who walks the heavens.”

Ren Niming tossed out some even more shocking words, causing Zhou Xuanji and the others’ eyes to once again widen.

This kind of principle, that reigned above all creatures, could develop consciousness?

They could not help but feel dumbfounded.

Did that mean the heavenly law might also have consciousness?

At the same time, they understood why Ren Niming hated destiny so much.

It was like a cultivator’s soul being forced out of their body, but when trying to get back into their body, they discovered that their body had created another consciousness that rejected them. What would they think?

It was similar to being possessed, but even worse.

If it was possession, at least it was an enemy who had taken over their body. In this kind of situation, it was like being betrayed by themselves.

As everyone thought to themselves, they entered the Netherworld.

Ren Niming smiled and said, “It’s best not to tell anyone else about what I just told you, or else all of us will suffer.”

Xuan Daoya and Qiu Hu deeply nodded.

Their gazes towards Ren Niming became filled with respect.

This person in front of them was an existence who had once contended with the heavenly law.

Ren Niming led the way and the group disappeared over the dark horizon.

A black-clothed Lady Zhaoxuan sat on the bank next to the Yellow Springs. She looked at the Yellow Springs, spacing out.

She looked like Chang’E in the moon palace, gazing at the mortal realm.

After a while, five figures landed behind her.

It was Zhou Xuanji, Qiu Hu, Ren Niming, Xuan Daoya, and Si Mengyan.

Looking at Lady Zhaoxuan’s back, Zhou Xuanji’s gaze became complicated.

He could not forget Lady Zhaoxuan’s expression when she had thrown him into the river back then; it was filled with reluctance and pain, as well as deep love.

Hundreds of years later, they were reunited in the Netherworld, but they were separated due to destiny.

Zhou Xuanji had many things he wanted to ask, but all of them were stuck in his throat.

He did not know what to ask.

Lady Zhaoxuan sensed something and looked back. Seeing Zhou Xuanji and the others, she was given a big fright and hurriedly got up.

She had her right hand in front of her chest and asked warily, “Who are you all?”

The aura of living people in front of her made them seem as bright as suns.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; she did not recognize him?

Qiu Hu said grumpily, “You don’t even recognise your own son?”

They all knew that Lady Zhaoxuan had talked to Zhou Xuanji’s daughter, which meant that she had always been observing Zhou Xuanji.

Lady Zhaoxuan looked at Zhou Xuanji and asked in surprise and delight, “You’re Xuanji?”

Her eyes widened and she hurriedly walked over to Zhou Xuanji and grabbed his hands and said, “Aiya, why did you die so quickly? And so young too? Could it be that the time between the realm of the living and dead are different?”

Her words caused everyone to feel confused.

Ren Niming frowned and looked around.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Mother, do you really not remember? You even went to find my daughter.”

Lady Zhaoxuan cried out in delight, “You already have a daughter? Is she pretty? Is your wife pretty? How many women do you have? Do they truly love you? Is there conflict between your first and second wives? Is your smallest wife always being coquettish with you?”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless and felt cold sweat gathering on his forehead.

Lady Zhaoxuan was exactly the same as in his memories.

Apart from right before she had died, she had been carefree and casual like this normally. She was quite thick-skinned, and that was partially why Emperor Yan of Zhou liked her so much.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji understood that Lady Zhaoxuan had been here this whole time, but her memories were only of a few years, if not less.

She did not think that Zhou Xuanji had grown up already.

But in that case, who was the person who had sought out Zhou Xiaoxuan?

Zhou Xuanji answered Lady Zhaoxuan’s questions while thinking to himself.

After hearing about Jiang Xue, Lady Zhaoxuan became so touched that her eyes became red. Hearing that there was a girl like that taking care of Zhou Xuanji, she felt much better.

When she heard about Xian Xianghua, she initially felt quite worried, but hearing that Xian Xianghua would disregard everything for him, she smiled widely.

“It’s not enough, find a few more women. Find some ordinary ones who just look pretty and can satisfy you but won’t threaten you,” Lady Zhaoxuan said, ignoring the strange gazes from everyone else.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and said, “Mother, we can talk about all of this later. I’m in some trouble; someone disguised themselves as you to plot against me.”

Hearing this, Lady Zhaoxuan’s eyes widened and asked in shock, “Who?”

At that moment, Ren Niming walked over and said, “This is a trap, prepare to fight.”

His expression was somewhat cold. It had always been him plotting against others, and he hated being plotted against by others.

A trap?

Everyone was startled, and Lady Zhaoxuan was also shocked.

“Ren Niming, you’re as sharp as you’ve always been,” a voice suddenly sounded out, causing them to look around in bewilderment, but they could not find the owner of the voice.

The Yellow Springs roiled as a grand figure slowly rose up.

It was a buddha that seemed to be made of black iron. It sat on a black lotus and was 300 meters tall.

He floated in the air and opened his eyes, looking quite shocking.

“Ninth Nether Buddha!” Qiu Hu gritted his teeth as he said with a wary look.

Ninth Nether Buddha!

As the ruler of the Netherworld, he was on the same level as Heavenly Saints.

As long as the Netherworld was not destroyed, he would not die.

Of course, his strength could not compare to the Heavenly Saints.

“All of this was planned by you?” Ren Niming asked, his gaze cold.

Ninth Nether Buddha first looked at Zhou Xuanji before looking at Ren Niming as he said, “That is not important. This boy has threatened the order of the heavenly law and must be exterminated. If you are going to help him, I will have you reincarnate again.”

Hearing this, Lady Zhaoxuan became terrified and hurriedly kneeled as she cried out, “Buddha, please don’t kill my son. What has he done wrong? I will bear his sins for him!”