I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 595 - Chapter 595 Past and Future.

Chapter 595 - Chapter 595 Past and Future.


“I can make you tell me straight away. Why then, should I work with you?”

Zhou Xuanji looked at Ren Niming with a slanted look and smiled. His tone was relaxed without any murderous intent.

Ren Niming was not anxious either. He shook his head with laughter and said, “You have your own principles. I have no ill-intention against you, so you won’t attack me. Or else, how are you different from those pitiful cultivators who died in the great tribulation?”

The principle was sometimes laughable.

Or it could even be described as pitiable.

But principles could help to maintain one’s determined heart and edify one’s Dao.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly and said, “A smart-alec dies easily.”

He disliked those who try to be mysterious and scheming.

As though he was one of their chess pieces.

It’s alright if it were the Heavenly Saints. At least they were powerful enough.

But could Ren Niming be a Heavenly Saint?

Zhou Xuanji walked toward him with an exploding aura that even stopped the river from flowing.

Xuan Daoya was trembling in fear. Si Mengyan sized up Zhou Xuanji curiously.

“No wonder the Old Ancestor said that he was powerful talented,”

Si Mengyan sighed in amazement. Zhou Xuanji gave him a feeling of extreme danger.

Which meant that this young cultivator had already surpassed him.

How long has it been?

This was really terrifying.

Every powerful cultivator that existed in the same era as Zhou Xuanji would have a tragic ending.

So many talented cultivators died by Zhou Xuanji’s hands. None of them would be remembered.

“If you kill me now, how will you face destiny? You don’t even know where destiny is. Who is the executive of destiny? I can remove your memory before you attack,” Ren Niming said with a smile. He was not infuriated by Zhou Xuanji, neither did he have any fear.

Zhou Xuanji halted with a smile and said, “Tell me, what do you want? I’m quite impatient.”

Just wanted to see if he could defeat destiny?

Was that the best lie he could give?

You think you are the Heavenly Law that came down to enjoy a show?

Ren Niming kept his smile and said sternly, “My name is your answer. If you want to work with me, then follow me to the netherworld!”

Zhou Xuanji understood the expression in his eyes. It seemed like Ren Niming had also been a toy for destiny too.

After some thought, he nodded in agreement.

Looking toward Xuan Daoya, saying, “This guy is your underling?”

Ren Niming replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. If you have anything you want to know, he can answer. Of course, you shouldn’t kill him because he’s still very useful.”

Xuan Daoya sensed Zhou Xuanji looking at him, so he gave an embarrassed and polite smile.

Qiu Hu snorted coldly and said, “Master, be careful. This guy likes to scheme against others.”

Ren Niming glanced at him and asked, smiling, “Qiu Hu, what have I schemed against you? Back then, I helped you obtain so many treasures and helped you enter Great Emperor Dao Court. How have you repaid me for my help? I only departed suddenly and hid from you. Is this considered scheming against you? Did you ever seriously search for me? Do you know if I’m hiding from you or I’m in trouble? Have you ever helped me sincerely?”

Qiu Hu was speechless.

Thinking about it carefully, Qiu Hu’s ears turned red in embarrassment.

“Come, let’s head to the netherworld. Tell me along the way about why we need to go there,” Zhou Xuanji interrupted them and said. This helped Qiu Hu out of the embarrassing situation.

Ren Niming nodded. He waved his right hand and created a spatial tear before taking the lead to step into it.

Zhou Xuanji stored the demon god bodies back into the Tianxia Map and followed along with Qiu Hu.

Xuan Daoya and Si Mengyan were at the back.

They began their journey toward the boundary to the netherworld.

“I’m sure your mother had searched for you. Your banishment has something to do with her. Let’s go find her first so that she can help with the problem,” Ren Niming said casually as he looked downward.

“Why do you know so much about me?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Ren Niming looked back at him and smiled, “Ever since you were born, I’ve been observing you. You were pursued by your enemies from a young age. If not for my help, how do you think you would make it out so easily? Think about it, how many times were you attacked by Great Zhou’s soldiers within the empire’s borders?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and immediately understood. “You are the one who changed the Northern Wilderness’ human bloodline?”

He asked, ” Why did you do so?”

Ever since the Northern Wilderness’ human bloodline was changed, the number of Great Emperors in the realm reduced continuously. Even the number of ascenders reduced too.

“It’s to deal with the Demonic Emperor. If not for what I have done, you and your family would be under the direct control of the Demonic Emperor. If so, then the Demonic Emperor would not even need to do anything himself. Just by his thoughts, he could make you go to him and become his puppet.”

Ren Niming replied as he shrugged his shoulders, “I really don’t like that guy. He used to be a pitiful person, weak and lowly. If he had not given up his original heart and surrendered to destiny, he would not have the same ending today.”

His tone was filled with disdain as he mentioned the Demonic Emperor.

“I left the message to inform people that the one who had changed the bloodline was someone surnamed Ren. This is a warning for the Demonic Emperor, which was why he did not dare to enter the Northern Wilderness.”

Speaking till here, Ren Niming laughed loudly and felt good about what he did.

Zhou Xuanji was even more curious about him. This person could play a fool of the Demonic Emperor. Could he be a saint?

Or someone like the old immortal and the old beggar, someone who came from a higher existence?

Ren Niming looked toward Xuan Daoya and smiled, “This guy is trying to imitate me, which was why Daoya Old Man existed. But it was a pity that he was not capable enough to control the situation. The greatest difference between him and me is that I will not interfere with you. I gave you the space to grow while he tried to make use of you too prematurely.”

Zhou Xuanji laughed coldly and asked, “Too prematurely? Means you want to make use of me too?”

Ren Niming shook his head again and looked at Zhou Xuanji with a burning passion. “You come from outside the Heavenly Law,” he said, “Back then, that ray of light, I saw it clearly. I’m the one who guided you to be born in the Northern Wilderness Region, hoping that you can live a better life and be away from the pains of this realm. But it was a pity that the human heart is hard to predict. The women in that mortal realm were so ruthless. Later, you were thrown into the river, after which it was I who moved you to your wife. Your wife’s background was extraordinary, which is a serendipity that I gave you. One day, this serendipity will save your life.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He had some fear toward Ren Niming.

This guy did so many things for him.

Would that mean he was just a chess piece?

And that light, it should be the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Qiu Hu, Si Mengyan, and Xuan Daoya were all silent. They were not shocked because Ren Niming could do it.

Qiu Hu and Xuan Daoya were raised by him.

The Demonic Emperor wanted it too, but Ren Niming did not think him capable.

“Don’t overthink it. I’m not asking you to repay me. I know that as long as you don’t die, you will head over to a grander world. The Heavenly Law is not your goal. I helped you back then so that you can help me overcome fate. It’s just that I did not expect destiny to find you first. This is rather interesting,” Ren Niming burst out in laughter. It was shady and cold laughter, and his eyes were filled with extremely murderous intent.

“What has destiny done to you?” Qiu Hu could not hold it but ask.