I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 594 - Chapter 594 A Serendipity for You

Chapter 594 - Chapter 594 A Serendipity for You


Divine Lord Blazing Sun?

Zhou Xuanji laughed in disdain. It was not his first time hearing something like this.

But those who spoke to him with such arrogance were all dead.

Qiu Hu remarked in amazement, “Divine Lord Blazing Sun, you are seeking your own death. Do you understand?”

As the first tiger since the birth of the Heavenly Law, he naturally knew the powerful cultivators under the Heavenly Law.

And Divine Lord Blazing Sun was one of the first batches of living things in the world.

The Divine Lord Blazing Sun stood amidst the sea of flames and did not reply.

The scorching sea of flames swept across the heavens and the earth and had surrounded Zhou Xuanji. This made it look like Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu were on fire.

With a sharpened look, Zhou Xuanji summoned countless ethereal swords pointing outwards and surrounded the mountain he was on.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

Ten billion ethereal swords appeared out of nowhere, and each was less than half a meter apart.

Before the Divine Lord Blazing Sun could do anything, the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows moved first.

Ten billion ethereal swords moved together in resonance, crushing space around them.

The flaming sea was absorbed by the void created by the resonance. Darkness spread from all directions.

Raising the Thunderclap Sword, he used the Ranged Sword Propelling.


Divine Lord Blazing Sun, hiding inside the sea of flames, dodged instinctively. However, he was still penetrated by the Thunderclap Sword.

“This speed…”

The fiery flames died down, and Divine Lord Blazing Sun was in total shock.

He did not lose his composure but quickly activated his divine ability. His body turned into flames and exploded.

He then materialized his body again and appeared behind Zhou Xuanji. Dozens of red feathers appeared behind him and were shot toward Zhou Xuanji like sharp daggers.

The four demon gods around Zhou Xuanji punched back.

The punches generated such a powerful gust that destroyed the red feathers.


Zhou Xuanji broke through again and reached Connecting Heaven Level Five.

The Beast Race’s massive magic energy was all condensed into his body. Even though much of them were depleted during the process, it was still enough for his breakthrough.

Zhou Xuanji looked toward Divine Lord Blazing Sun. His purple eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Divine Lord Blazing Sun? Although I don’t know who you are, it’s no longer important!”

After that, he activated the Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep. Hundreds of legendary swords were glowing with a bright white radiance as they revolved at high speed.

He walked domineeringly toward Divine Lord Blazing Sun with one sword on each hand.

With just one sentence, he turned from defensive to offensive.

Divine Lord Blazing Sun was offended by his tone. With a loud roar, he turned into a phoenix and charged toward Zhou Xuanji with unstoppable force.


Zhou Xuanji said with a condescending laughter. He used the Sword Dao Rules immediately.

The swords flashed, and the phoenix was shredded into pieces.

It was like the sun had exploded. Shockwaves were visible to the eyes, and they sent ripples across the void.

The impact sent Divine Lord Blazing Sun flying backward as he vomited blood.

Zhou Xuanji came up to him with one step. They were less than a meter apart.

Their eyes met.

Divine Lord Blazing Sun saw a pair of fierce eyes.

“This guy is not conceited… He’s furious…”

Divine Lord Blazing Sun was shocked in his heart and could not believe what he had experienced.

Only then did he understand what Zhou Xuanji’s intention was.

This brat wanted revenge on the world!

Before he could even talk, the Sword Dao Rules struck again and destroyed both his body and soul.

An ancient powerhouse died here and now.

In the Great Thousand World, Divine Lord Blazing Sun was like a sun god.

He was transformed from a gigantic sun. His cultivation was so high that he was rarely defeated since he was born.

But this time against Zhou Xuanji, he could not even retaliate.

Zhou Xuanji did not notice the Divine Lord Blazing Sun’s thoughts before his death.

He turned and flew toward another direction, followed by Qiu Hu and the demon gods.

This area had already turned into the void, which would be insulated from Wanshen Great Thousand’s world energy.

He did not plan to hide but to accept challenges openly.

Qiu Hu flew to his side and praised in amazement, “You are too powerful. I feel that you are the Heavenly Law’s great tribulation that cleanses the world of living things.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him with seeming laughter.

Qiu Hu thought that he did not understand, so he explained, “Each time when a great tribulation comes, countless living beings would die. It seems like retribution for some kind of iniquity, but it’s not. It’s the necessary pattern of the Heavenly Law. Destiny turns people blind, generating vengeful hearts or wild ambitions.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at him and said, “Who do you think I want revenge against? I’m not the one who attacked first.”

Qiu Hu felt that what Zhou Xuanji said was reasonable.

No matter how he looked at it, the situation now looked like the arrival of the great tribulation.

And Zhou Xuanji was the main character of this great tribulation.

Next, they were met with assaults repeatedly, but Zhou Xuanji crushed every attacker with absolute power.

And although his cultivation continued to grow, there was no breakthrough.

He was stuck at Connecting Heaven Level 5.

He was still waiting for Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s arrival. But it was a pity that the Heavenly Saint seemed to have left Wanshen Great Thousand already.

This day.

They landed near a rushing river. Both sat down with the four demon gods guarding their back.

Qiu Hu laughed without stopping, still talking about the last pitiful cultivator who died by Zhou Xuanji’s swords.

“Is it really that funny?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. It was difficult to understand what he found humorous.

Qiu Hu held his tummy and burst out laughing, “Of course, haven’t you seen his posture when he died?”


He laughed even louder, as though someone had activated his laughing acupoint.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked in another direction.

From that direction, three people walked over.

It was Ren Niming, Xuan Daoya, and Si Mengyan.

Xuan Daoya was so nervous that sweat covered his back. Facing Zhou Xuanji’s peripheral sight, he quickly hid.

Qiu Hu also noticed the three people coming.

“It’s you!”

Qiu Hu’s expression changed drastically. He got up immediately and looked at Ren Niming fixedly. His eyes looked as though he was going to eat Ren Niming immediately.

Ren Niming had a vicious and sinister smile on his face.

“Qiu Hu, it’s been a long time. This time, I want to give you serendipity.”

Ren Niming said with a smile. Just when he finished speaking, a massive punch stopped right in front of him, less than 3 inches away from his nose.

The gust generated by the punch rushed against him.

Maintaining his composure, he still smiled and looked at Qiu Hu.

“I don’t care what you are scheming about. Get lost now!”

Qiu Hu said with punctuated words. His voice was thunderous, and he was greatly enraged.

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came, “Who is he?”

Qiu Hu took a deep breath, staring at Ren Mingning, and replied with gritted teeth, “He is Ren Niming. Extremely sly and scheming. He’s always thinking about stealing fate.”

Ren Niming moved away from his punch and walked past him toward Zhou Xuanji.

“Sword Emperor, I admire you. Shall we work together to deal with Heavenly Lord Xuantie together? Don’t worry. I’m not interested in the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.”

Ren Niming asked Zhou Xuanji with a smile. He understandably stopped a dozen meters away from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji sized him up. He realized that Ren Niming was unfathomable and could not see through this stranger’s cultivation.

“What’s in it for you?”

Zhou Xuanji asked indifferently. He had no need for help to fight against the Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Ren Niming replied with a smirk, “I just want to see if you can defeat destiny and change the Heavenly Law’s rules.”

There was a tinge of fervency in his eyes as he looked at Zhou Xuanji. It was as though Zhou Xuanji was a unique and rare treasure.

He continued, saying, “I know why you are undergoing destiny’s banishment. So, shall we work together?”