I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 593 - Chapter 593 Eliminated A Race With One Slash

Chapter 593 - Chapter 593 Eliminated A Race With One Slash


Looking at Zhou Xuanji’s back, Qiu Hu knew that he could not convince him.

“Forget it! I shall go wild with him today!”

Biting his teeth, Qiu Hu sat down on the ground and began cultivating.

He wanted to see how Zhou Xuanji would wreak havoc in this world.

Zhou Xuanji began repressing the magic energy in his body.

At this moment, he had yet to activate the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, but his body had already been transformed. It was enough to suppress the surging magic energy that had just entered his body.

Since he wanted to fight against destiny, he had to do everything he could to become more powerful!

His enemies provide him with just the opportunity!

Demon Gods Tianwu, Nanming, Jihuang, and the Demon Ancestor were like four towers, surrounding him in each of the four directions domineeringly.

A while later.

The dust surrounding him subsided, and countless silhouettes were revealed.

They were all beasts. Each of them had sinister faces, and they covered each corner of this world, surrounding Zhou Xuanji and his companion.

“Zhou Xuanji, hand over the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, and We shall let you go.”

An icy voice came. The Beast Emperor, gowned in an emperor’s robe, descended from the sky, followed by the 36 Beast Lords. One of them was Snake Lord Qingshi, and all of them were at least Connecting Heaven Level 2.

Looking up further, there were countless beast soldiers and generals, which would make any ordinary cultivator shudder.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, and his people pupils locked on to the Beast Emperor deadly. He asked softly, “Do you want to die?”

The Beast Emperor heard him, and his face turned grave instantly.

He did not attack Zhou Xuanji because they had worked together before. But he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to show complete disregard.

“Don’t waste your breath on him. Just take it by force!”

“Humph! Holding on to two Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Aren’t you afraid of bursting to death?”

“This brat is too greedy and almost brought about the destruction of Wanshen Great Thousand. Let’s kill him!”

“Let’s do it together. He’s very powerful!”

The 36 Beast Lords each spoke their opinions. All of them were holding on to their weapons and were prepared for battle.

The Beast Emperor pointed at Zhou Xuanji with his right hand and said coldly, “If so, Zhou Xuanji, don’t blame Us for taking it by force!”


A terrifying bolt of purple lightning tore through the clouds and stuck toward Zhou Xuanji. It was a few thousand meters wide and extremely destructive.

Zhou XuanjI quickly raised the Thunderclap Sword. The Nine Extreme legendary sword absorbed the purple lightning almost instantly.

The Beast Emperor was stupefied. The 36 Beast Lords were aghast. Their underlings were also in such a great shock that their jaws dropped.

“How can it be! ”

“That’s the Beast Emperor’s self-created God Slaying Lighting Technique!”

“What’s that sword?”

“What a Sword Emperor. No wonder he was so arrogant.”

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

The beast army was panicking.

Zhou Xuanji smiled mockingly, “I have a divine ability that comes down from the heavens too!”

He swung his sword upward and activated the Heavenly Sword Descent.

Countless heavenly lightning shot out from the Thunderclap Sword and soared into the sky. They gathered and formed into countless heavenly swords that rained down.

Then he combined the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow with the Heavenly Sword Descent. Together with the Thunderclap Sword’s terrifying might, it was definitely a nightmare for his enemies.

The Beast Emperor and the 36 Beast Lords were aghast. They quickly gathered their magic energy to create a shield in an attempt to block the heavenly swords.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

One after another, the 36 Beast Lords were destroyed body and soul by the heavenly swords’ bombardments. It was extremely pathetic. Those beast soldiers and generals were even less capable of withstanding such an attack.

The Beast Emperor’s magic shield was also penetrated. But he was agile to dodge the heavenly swords.

But after dodging one, there was still another.

“This will not do! We must flee!”

The Beast Emperor made a choice decisively. He left the beast army behind and quickly fled.


An air-piercing sound came from his back. The Thunderclap Sword pierced through him even before he could look back. Heavenly lightning coiled around his body.

Void Instant Kill!

“How can it be! ”

The Beast Emperor was greatly startled. He could not believe he ended up dying like this.

What was this divine sword ability?

It was too fast!

Next, his magic energy was sucked dry by the Thunderclap Sword, and his flesh turned into ashes. His soul was pinned down by the Thunderclap Sword and could not break free.

Turning to look at Zhou Xuanji, he cried out in anger, “Zhou Xuanji! You are really going to kill me?”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him coldly and mockingly.

You wanted to kill me, but you don’t allow me to kill you?

He lifted his left hand and pointed his middle finger at the Beast Emperor.

The Beast Emperor did not know what this sign meant, and the next moment, his soul dissipated

The 36 Beast Lords were also dead in body and soul. The soldiers and generals were either dead or had fled. Zhou Xuanji did not kill them all because there was no need to.

The Heavenly Sword Descent’s bombardment turned the world into chaos. Dust pervaded the area and dimmed the light. The entire place looked like the beginning of the world before the sun appeared.

Zhou Xuanji sat down, preparing for a breakthrough.

Hundreds of legendary swords levitated above his head and revolved freely as though they had their own consciousness.

Qiu Hu was in awe.

Too powerful!

He eliminated a race with one slash!

Even someone as powerful as the Beast Emperor was killed so easily by him.

Not only so, but the four demon gods also had yet to do anything.

“How powerful is he?”

Qiu Hu thought about it, dazzled. He suddenly felt that Zhou Xuanji was not crazy.

But he was powerful enough to disregard everything!

Far away, many cultivators observed the fight. When they saw how the Beast Race ended up like, they were all intimidated into leaving.

The Beast Emperor and the 36 Beast Lords’ death was quickly made known throughout Wanshen Great Thousand.

With the massive magic energy obtained from the Beast Race, Zhou Xuanji began breaking through.

Connecting Heaven Level Four!

And his cultivation had yet to stop growing. It was continuing at a rapid rate.

His physical body had already been transformed and could withstand the wild surgings of the magic energy.


A flaming punch a dozen miles in size came from his front, like a sun crashing toward him.

Almost at the same time, seven other similar punches came from different directions, including from above his head.

The eight enormous flaming punches frightened Qiu Hu, who quickly got up.

The Thunderclap Sword vibrated violently, and countless heavenly lightning burst out from it. These bolts of lightning quickly weaved into a gigantic lightning net that shredded the flaming punches.

The lightning net swept across the sky. Even faraway cities were shocked by it.

“What is this?”

“Lightning that covers the sky… Is the Sword Emperor battling someone?”

“Sword Emperor… He’s totally a Lightning Emperor!”

“It’s all heavenly lightning, and it is 10,000 times more terrifying than the heavenly lightning I encountered during tribulations.”

“The Sword Emperor is really enraged….”

Everyone was in horror. Looking at the lightning net wreaking havoc in the sky, their scalps turned numb.

At this moment, someone burning in fiery flames broke through the lightning net and charged toward Zhou Xuanji with unstoppable impetus.

“Humph! No wonder you are so arrogant. You have physically turned into a Saint, and you have a Heavenly Saint’s enchanted artifact!”

A voice filled with murderous intent reverberated across the heavens and the earth, revealing Zhou Xuanji’s power to the world.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and looked toward his opponent. Under the dim sky, waves of dust rolled like 10,000 dragons moving around. A gigantic fireball appeared at the horizon and was drawing near toward him like a sun. It was massive and overwhelming.

He got up immediately. Although the magic energy was surging inside his body and it was not a good time to fight, he had no fear.

In the blazing flames, a god-like figure was faintly discernible.

“I am Divine Lord Blazing Sun. To die in my hands is your greatest honor!”

Zhou Xuanji’s opponent spoke again. Next, the massive fireball burst out into countless flaming threads that spread toward Zhou Xuanji’s left and right with extreme speed. The threads seemed like they were going to wrap around the mountain Zhou Xuanji was on.