I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 591 - Chapter 591 Scheme

Chapter 591 - Chapter 591 Scheme


Emperor Sword Court and the Divine Cliff moved quickly into the lotus world, especially after hearing that the Heavenly Saints would destroy Wanshen Great Thousand. All of them were afraid that they might not make it in time.

Zhou Xuanji persevered through the pain of body tempering in the black cauldron’s world. At the same time, he communicated with the world within the lotus through his mind.

He could see everything inside the lotus world. Ten million people had already scattered across the land and cultivated.

He planted many natural resources inside the lotus. The abundance of its spiritual Qi was not inferior to Wanshen Great Thousand.

After they had settled down, Zhou Xuanji focused on body tempering again.

While he endured the pain, the great catastrophe came upon Wanshen Great Thousand.

He could no longer care so much, and so he no longer thought about it.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie was levitating above the sea of clouds. Countless meteors flew past him, smashing into Wanshen Great Thousand.

He was expressionless. His eyes looked indifferent.

A black shadow stood behind him. Its facial features were exactly the same as his.


The black shadow spoke faintly, ” You regret doing this?”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie did not reply, but the expression in his eyes betrayed him.

He had a grudge against Sage Daojing. Should Wanshen Great Thousand really be the one who paid the price?

Somehow, after Old Ancestor Hongshi died, he became more softhearted and was no longer filled with ruthlessness as before.

“Sage Daojing and Old Ancestor Hongshi’s Heavenly Law Violet Qi is also on Zhou Xuanji. Disseminate this news and get Wanshen Great Thousand to fight amongst themselves. You can even spread this news to other Great Thousand Worlds, to lure the other Heavenly Saints and Saint Contenders to come and fight for it.”

The black shadow continued to speak. Having heard its words, Heavenly Lord Xuantie nodded slightly.

He had no enmity against Zhou Xuanji, but this could stop Wanshen Great Thousand from being obliterated entirely.

“Hear my words, all of you. Zhou Xuanji has with him two Heavenly Law Violet Qi. If you can obtain one of them, you can become a Saint!”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s voice reverberated across Wanshen Great Thousand. At the same time, the falling meteors disappeared.

“As long as you become a Saint, you can rule over all living beings and no longer under the control of tribulations and catastrophes.”

His peaceful voice shocked and moved the hearts of everyone who was going through the ordeal.

Become a Saint!

This caused a great stir among the living beings in Wanshen Great Thousand.

This Great Thousand World had suffered so many hardships. Everyone had anger and indignance built up within them.

They wanted to rise!

They were no longer willing to wait for death in despair.

And now, everyone wanted to search for Zhou Xuanji.

Emperor Sword Court and the Divine Cliff was on their top list.

Soon, they realized that the two factions had disappeared from their world.

“Where did Emperor Sword Court go?”

“Zhou Xuanji must have already run!”

“Damn! Saving the world with the sword? What bullshit!”

“They must have left the Wanshen Great Thousand already…”

“How? No hope in becoming a Saint anymore…”

Soon, the Center God Province became everyone’s target.

Zhou Xuanji had no idea what happened. Even if he knew, he cared not.

In front of the temple.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie appeared out of nowhere, and Qiu Hu jolted up in a shock.

The old immortal was still sitting on the door sill casually. He was not surprised by Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s arrival at all.

“You want to protect him?”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie asked expressionlessly. It was apparent that he knew the old immortal.

The old immortal replied calmly, “No. I’m just fulfilling my promise to him. He will come out soon.”

Narrowing his eyes, Heavenly Lord Xuantie asked, “What are you scheming?”

The old immortal and the old beggar were still considered seniors to the Heavenly Saints.

Even though the old immortal was not a Saint, Heavenly Lord Xuantie would still not dare to act rashly.

“I’m not scheming anything, but that you are schemed by someone.”

The old immortal laughed lightly. These words were like a dagger, piercing into Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s heart.


Heavenly Lord Xuantie was shocked.

When Old Ancestor Hongshi died previously, he felt that something was wrong.

Everything felt too odd.

But things happened for a reason. It was Sage Daojing who offended him first, which enraged him.

But why was he so bent on revenge?

And he even took revenge on Wanshen Great Thousand’s lives.

This was not the demeanor of a Heavenly Saint.

Taking a deep breath, he cupped his fist respectfully and asked, “Please provide me some guidance.”

Qiu Hu swallowed his saliva at the sight of this.

A Heavenly Saint paid respect to the old immortal!


Too Domineering!

The old immortal shook his head and said, “Actually, you know it. Who else could control the Heavenly Saints?”


A powerful bolt of lightning struck down but was blocked by a shapeless force near the temple and disappeared mid-air.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie took a deep breath and immediately understood what he meant.

“Thank you!”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie said before he turned and left.

In the blink of an eye, he departed from Wanshen Great Thousand.

He already sensed fear.

In the black cauldron’s world.

Zhou Xuanji was enduring the tempering of his body.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 356 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Connecting Heaven] Heaven Breaker Sword, [Celestial-shaking] God Imprisoning Sword!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in his mind.

He did not open his eyes but continued with his cultivation.

In these five years, he had already obtained 12 legendary swords. The highest was Connecting Heaven, and the lowest was God.

Although they were not a great help to becoming more powerful, it was still a good thing to have them.


He broke through to Connecting Heaven Level Three.

Body tempering had not much help with his cultivation, but he was already close to a breakthrough previously.

“Five years later, I will let you out. And it is these five years that’s the real ordeal.”

The old immortal’s voice came to his years. He was not surprised, and his eyes did not even open.

The pain was no longer a big deal to him.

As long as he can become more powerful!


At this moment, the ground began to shake violently. A horrifying pressure pressed down on them from the heavens, which shocked him to look upwards.

A fire broke out in the sky, and fiery flames blasted out. At one glance, the sea of flames had no boundaries. It was an awesome scene to behold.

“This is…”

Zhou Xuanji opened up his eyes. Thinking of all the possibilities, his scalp turned numb immediately.


The boundless sea of fire descended on him as though the sky had collapsed. The heavens and the earth merged together, crushing Zhou Xuanji and the demon gods in between.

Everything inside the cauldron turned into flames, and everything was burning.

Outside the cauldron.

Qiu Hu looked into it. His forehead was covered in a cold sweat. Biting his teeth, he asked, “Is he really going to be okay?”

The black cauldron turned scorching hot visibly. The space around it was bent by the extreme heat.

The old immortal replied calmly, “This is nirvana. If it’s you, you might die. But he will not.”

Qiu Hu did not feel humiliated but worried for Zhou Xuanji.

Gradually, billowing thunderclouds gathered above the temple.

It looked as though the end of the world had come.

The old immortal looked up and smiled, “Seems like someone could no longer wait.”

Qiu Hu looked up as well. He could sense a powerful aura levitating above the 33rd Heaven of Wanshen Great Thousand. It was looking down the world and inspecting everything in it.

He could not help but ask with a frown, “What’s that person’s cultivation?”

The old immortal replied, “Saint Contender. More powerful than you.”