I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 590 - Chapter 590 Another Heavenly Law Violet Qi

Chapter 590 - Chapter 590 Another Heavenly Law Violet Qi


Facing Old Ancestor Hongshi’s rage, Buddha Yang Ling shook his head in disapproval. His body quickly grew taller.

In an instant, he was 1,000 miles tall, just like that black shadow.

Looking down at Old Ancestor Hongshi, he said, “Hongshi, you are the Heavenly Saint that acts the least like one. You don’t fulfill the standard of the Heavenly Law. I have persuaded you many times to not interfere with the world, but you did not listen. You nurtured saint contenders and have transgressed the Heavenly Law.”

“Today, the Heavenly Lord and I shall destroy you. If there’s a next time, don’t become a Heavenly Saint again. You are only suited to be an ordinary human.”

After he spoke, he raised his hand to catch Old Ancestor Hongshi.

The greatly enraged Old Ancestor Hongshi took a deep breath and tried his best to calm down.

If so.

Then he shall give it his all to fight this battle!

Inside the black cauldron.

Zhou Xuanji and the demon gods endured the downpour of scalding rain. At one glance, they looked like skeletons that were covered with blistering flesh. It was a sight terrifying to behold.

The old immortal’s Great Dao’s Voice continued.

Zhou Xuanji had gotten used to the pain. It could even be said that he grew numb to it.

His mental state had entered an unprecedented peace.

At this moment, a violent gust came toward him.

Visible blades of wind crashed into his body, sweeping away some of his flesh. This made him frown slightly.

Abundant spiritual Qi gathered around him along with all kinds of fragrance, which soothed his pain a little after they entered his body. His body was also visibly healing.

But he was no longer numb and felt pain again.

Such was the torment that it was even worse than death.

He was going through such a torment right now.

But he was still hanging on.

He did not fear death. It was just that he didn’t want to die for nothing.

So what if it was the Heavenly Law! So what if it was destiny!

Whoever dared to kill him, he shall tear them asunder!

He talked to the Sword Spirit in his heart.

“Sword Spirit, is this situation unresolvable?”

The Supreme Legendary Sword System was formed by something called the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning. Or it might be because of it that he had to go through destiny’s banishment.

“Sword Owner, are you afraid?”

The Sword Spirit asked. Its voice was emotionless as usual.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I’m not afraid. But everything around me tells me that I will die for sure. I need confirmation.”

Although the old immortal was calm, Zhou Xuanji could read from his words that the chances of survival were extremely small.

As for the old beggar, he might have already given up on Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji did not blame this teacher of his, and he had yet to repay his teacher’s favor.

The old beggar had people of utmost importance to him too.

If Zhou Xuanji had to choose one person to protect, he would choose Jiang Xue without hesitation.

In the entire world, no matter how high one’s cultivation was, love was still unforgettable.

“You are the Sword Emperor. Any danger or obstruction, destroy them with one thrust of the sword. If one is not enough, then 10,000 swords shall destroy them together. If 10,000 is not enough, then 1,000,000. This is what you believed initially. Have you forgotten?”

The Sword Spirit replied, and Zhou Xuanji suddenly opened his eyes in shock.

The wind blades pierced toward his eyes.

His purple pupils were glowing with a strange light. The wind blades dissipated and infused into his eyes the moment they came close to him.

“You are right! I have no need for others’ opinions!”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself in determination.

So what if it was destiny!

In the blink of an eye.

Five years passed.

Wanshen Great Thousand had endured through the crisis of armageddon. All living things continued to multiply, and each sect was also developing according to its own pace.

This day.

Golden lotus flowers rained down from the sky, along with countless red hair. They covered the entire Wanshen Great Thousand.

Even all the mortal realms connected to the Wanshen Great Thousand experienced the same phenomenon too.

The golden lotus descended into the world. Hongshi Died.

Among the eight remaining Heavenly Saint, one more was removed.

Amidst the forest, Si Mengyan and Xuan Daoya looked up.

“What’s happening? Another Heavenly Saint died?”

Xuan Daoya asked in astonishment. He had witnessed a previous Saint’s death, which was similar to what was happening now.

Si Mengyan was slightly shocked. Murderous intent glowed from his eyes.

He immediately knew who was the one that died.

Old Ancestor Hongshi!

“How can it be… He was that powerful… How can he die…”

Si Mengyan’s breathed rapidly, and his eyes turned red as though blood was surging in them.

Old Ancestor Hongshi protected and cared for the geniuses that he favored. The Heavenly Saint protected him, as well as Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing from his reaction, Xuan Daoya realized.

“Old Ancestor Hongshi died… Could it be…”

Xuan Daoya instantly thought of many possibilities, and his expression changed drastically.

The Heavenly Saints were fighting amongst themselves.

Now, only 7 Heavenly Saints were left.

At this moment, a flight of steps could be heard from their back.

Xuan Daoya turned around with eyes wide open.

“It’s you!” He cried out with wide-opened eyes shockingly.

The man who came was wearing a black robe with a hoodie. His face was handsome, and strands of white hair hid among the black ones. His eyes looked unfathomable, and a pair of interlocking crescent patterns was between his brows.

“Xuan Daoya,” He smiled, “It’s been a long time.”

Then he turned toward Si Mengyan and said, “Hey, do you want to revenge for Old Ancestor Hongshi? Do you want to become the next Heavenly Saint?”

Xuan Daoya felt anxious. He had a complicated expression on his face.

Si Mengyan turned around to look at the black-robed man and asked, “Who are you?”

He instinctively scanned the man before him with his divine sense but realized that he could not see through this person.

“My surname is Ren. I have many names, but I like others to call me Ren Niming.”

The black-robed man smiled. His eyes were sparkling in an unfathomable way.

Inside the black cauldron.

A ray of Heavenly Law Violet Qi descended from the sky and entered his body.

“This is?” He opened his eyes and asked in astonishment.

Heavenly Law Violet Qi!

How was it that another one came to him?

“This is Old Ancestor Hongshi’s seat. He gave his Heavenly Law Violet Qi to you in the hope that you might survive.”

The old immortal’s voice came. His tone was extremely calm.

“Then what about him?” Zhou Xuanji asked, frowning.

Sage Daojing gave him the violet Qi because he was leaving Wanshen Great Thousand.

Was Old Ancestor Hongshi going to attempt Sage Daojing’s path too?

“He died.””

Zhou Xuanji was stunned by the answer. His pupils contracted shockingly.


How could it be!

Even if he encountered Heavenly Lord Xuantie, they should at most be in a stalemate.

Between the Heavenly Saints, they should not be able to kill each other one-on-one.


Old Ancestor Hongshi was attacked by multiple Heavenly Saints!

“I don’t know why he died. But a catastrophe is about to come. The Heavenly Saints have obtained Dao, and the crisis coming at you will be more than you can imagine,” the old immortal continued to speak. In other words, Zhou Xuanji would face all the Heavenly Saints.

Zhou Xuanji’s frown deepened.

Although he did not have good feelings for Old Ancestor Hongshi, this Heavenly Saint gave him his Heavenly Law Violet Qi before he died. This made him grieve a little.

Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Is my body strong enough?”

Five years had already passed.

His body had been rebuilding through the boiling rain, wind blades, lava, and billion-volt lightning. All this tempering changed his body.

He no longer had a grasp of how powerful he had grown, but he felt transformed.

“Hold on a little longer. You can contact your people to prepare to flee the catastrophe,” the old immortal replied.

These words shocked Zhou Xuanji a little. He immediately closed his eyes and focused on the world inside his lotus.

He informed Jiang Xue to contact the Emperor Sword Court, Divine Cliff, and Emperor Sword Court inside the Northern Wilderness Region to enter the lotus world so that they could seek refuge from the coming catastrophe.