I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 59

Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Chapter 59 – My Blade Is Blind, Be Careful Lest It Slit Your Throat


The entire hall was silent, everyone stood stupefied.

Why did Sword God Zhou hit Yang Che?

Yang Che was of high social status; he was the governor of Luoyang City, and his father was a Fourth Grade official in the empire.

For such a person to be slapped publically, it would surely be a humiliation!

Zhou Chengxin was in a daze and asked in astonishment, “Sir, why would you do this?”

Yang Che was part of a Great Zhou official’s family. As the seventh prince, it was not something that he could ignore.

Zhou Xuanji said, “My sword slave went to Luoyang City to buy beast management bags, but this person could not outbid my sword slave, he had hatred in his heart and commanded his underlings to kill my sword slave outside the city.”

So that’s why!

With his explanation, everyone came to a sudden realization and looked at Yang Che with despise.

They decided in their heart not to purchase anything from Luoyang City again, because it would be too dangerous!

Zhou Chengxin squinted his eyes. If it were really so, then Yang Che infringed the state law.

If there were too many such despicable persons in Great Zhou, it would tarnish the empire’s image such that it would have no power to impose on the kingdoms.

The other empires would mock Great Zhou as well!

Yang Che crawled up in anger and was covering his swelling face. “That man is your sword slave?” He said gnashing his teeth.

Zhou Chengxin looked at him as though he was looking at a fool.

What a pig!

If he was Yang Che, he would be sure to pretend to be ignorant about this.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “You better pray that I’m not your opponent during the Sword Conference. My blade is blind, be careful lest it slits your throat.”

A killing aura locked onto Yang Che, which sent a shiver down his spine.

Even the Blooddrinker Blade, who was replete with evil, died in Zhou Xuanji’s hands. Moreover, Zhou Xuanji had also killed thousands of brigands, such that he had already formed his killing aura since long ago, which made everyone at the scene apprehensive.

“Outrageous! How dare you be so insolent in the Sword Conference evaluation!”

At this moment, the one-eyed man yelled explosively. He walked over menacingly, as though he was going to tear Zhou Xuanji into pieces.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him expressionlessly and waited to see what he was going to do.

Zhou Chengxin took a step forward and smiled gently, “Deacon Zhang, let’s put what happened today to rest. Since there’s no fatality, let’s not blow it up further, lest we become laughing stocks.”

The one-eyed man halted his steps with a black face as he faced Zhou Chengxin.

Xie Wuyou had instructed him to show generous hospitality towards Zhou Chengxin, how could he dare to decline Zhou Chengxin’s suggestion?

He snorted coldly and stared at Zhou Xuanji. “If you do it again, I will drive you out of this city, straightaway.”

A mere deacon was capable of doing that?

Zhou Xuanji laughed with disdain. There were all sorts of dreamers in this world.

After the one-eyed man left, Yang Che left also, but not before he glared at Zhou Xuanji hatefully.

By that slash just now, he knew that he could not defeat Zhou Xuanji, why stay for further humiliation?

“Sir, follow me.”

Zhou Chengxin said. He smiled like there was no conflict just now.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and followed his brother of a different mother toward the next stage of the evaluation.

After he passed the sword Qi stone, the next stage was cutting threads from a distance.

Ten strands of fine threads stood about thirty yards away from them. He needed to cut as many strands of fine threads as he could with just a single slash of sword Qi.

Zhou Xuanji activated Fiery Sword Will. His enflamed sword Qi was able to cut five strands of threads even though they were very far apart from each other.

Although five was not the max score, it was considered an excellent result. After all, each strand of fine thread was about six to seven yards apart.

The third stage was the evaluation of insightfulness.

There were seven sword techniques in total, which were at each of the four tiers in Yellow Grade and the low, intermediate, and top tiers respectively.

The participant had to memorize one sword technique and learn it within the time of burning a stick of incense (usually about half an hour).

The higher the grade and tier of the sword technique learned, the better the participant’s result.

Each participant in the evaluation had an isolated room secretly equipped with mechanisms to block spiritual sensing to prevent cheating.

Zhou Xuanji saw that the slimmer-than-usual stick of incense was less than four inches thick, and estimated that the stick would burn out within five minutes. Under such circumstances, to ensure their results, most people would not take a high risk.

For this stage, the deacon of Xie Sect was in charge, to prevent the sword techniques from leaking out.

But Zhou Xuanji chose the top tier sword technique of Black Grade without hesitation.

Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword!

(TL: “Xiao” refers to a vertical bamboo flute-like instrument)

He flipped through the technique manual and remembered every move with the Sword Spirit’s help. He immediately began to practice it.

The sword in his hand was the Windcutter Sword. It was agile and sharp, which was appropriate for Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword.

After the stick of incense finished burning…

Zhou Xuanji left with the white jade in his hand. The deacon behind him was bewildered and muttered, “Monster… Monster…”

Even the sect master Xie Wuyou was not devilish like him.

Within a stick of incense’s time, this child learned the Black Grade sword technique of the highest tier, Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword, and attained a max score.

Zhou Chengxin said while smiling as he watched Zhou Xuanji walk out, “Just in case, give your white jade to me, I will submit it for you.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded his head. He was also worried that the one-eyed man would abolish his result.

Zhou Chengxin took over the white jade token and took a glance with a smile.

“With Sword God Zhou’s ability, you would at least choose the highest tier of Yellow Grade?”

He casually took a look and was stunned.

Hold on!

He opened his eyes so wide as though he saw a ghost.

His hand trembled after he saw clearly what was written on the white jade and almost dropped the token on the floor. Fortunately, he was quick to respond and caught it.

Black Grade Top Tier!

How could it be!

Zhou Chengxin loved the Way of the Sword, so he knew in his heart that this was an impossible feat.

With so little time…

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand. “I will take leave first. Please inform me when the time comes. I believe you have your ways of finding out where I will be,” he said before he turned around and walked towards the gate of the hall.

After Zhou Chengxin came to his mind, he immediately called out, “Sir, let’s have a drink sometime soon!”

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand without looking back and walked out elegantly.

“Sword God Zhou indeed!” he could not help but exclaim.

With such insightfulness in the Way of the Sword, even Zhaocong Sword might not be comparable to him.

Under the admiration of the multitude of sword cultivators, Zhou Xuanji walked out of the hall to find Little Jiang Xue and the rest.

“You avenged Valiant Sword just now?” Little Jiang Xue asked excitedly.

Northern Valiant Sword also looked at Zhou Xuanji, full of gratitude.

Yang Che walked out with his face swelling and began yelling at Northern Valiant Sword the moment he saw him. He even wanted to beat him up.

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “This is not the end. That was just a reminder for him that he offended someone that he should not trifle with.”

Zhang Ruyu, who was standing beside, almost knelt down for him.

The deputy governor of Luoyang City was slapped by him just like that. How dominating!

Zhang Tianjian gulped silently and touched his own face instinctively.

“Let’s go and find an inn.” Zhou Xuanji said. No one had any objections.

Zhang Ruyu immediately took hold of his father and said to Zhou Xuanji, “Why stay at the inn? We have a residence at Swordsman City!”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. You are so rich?

Zhang Tianjian smiled and said forthrightly, “Yes, sir, why don’t you come with us. We will surely show you generous hospitality.”


Zhang Ruyu wore a peculiar expression. Father, that’s not how you addressed him just now!

Zhou Xuanji nodded, and the rest agreed.

All sorts of people gathered at inns, which might cause problems for them.

Just when they were leaving, Zhou Chengxin ran out of the hall.

He looked left and right, but he could no longer find Zhou Xuanji.

“Who is the seventh prince looking for?”

A rather icy voice came from behind him. He looked back and immediately smiled passionately. “Brother Zhao, what brought you here?” he asked.

A cool and handsome young man stood before him. The young man wore a red robe with gold patterns and a sword hung from his waist area. His black hair was pinned under a gold-plated crown. A disdainful arrogance could be seen on his face.

He was the far-famed Zhaocong Sword!

Zhaocong Sword answered nonchalantly, “Nothing. I heard that Sword God Zhou is here, so I’m here to see if he can stand up to me in a fight.”