I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 589 - Chapter 589 Extreme Body Tempering

Chapter 589 - Chapter 589 Extreme Body Tempering


Zhou Xuanji looked toward the old beggar and shrugged his shoulders, saying, “My ears grew numb listening to this question recently. I have to face it whether I’m prepared or not. I’m always prepared for all battles.”

The old beggar was moved by the look in his eyes.

“This is it. As my disciple, you must not back down!” he laughed.

Zhou Xuanji smiled but did not reply.

“Forget it. You were just calling him to think twice,” Qiu Hu could not hold it but comment in disdain.

He didn’t show respect to the old beggar.

In his eyes, the old immortal was more like Zhou Xuanji’s teacher than him.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji took out Demon God Tianwu, Demon God Jihuang, and Demon God Nanming.

Their bodies were intimidating, their faces sinister. The four demon gods emanated a baleful aura endlessly.

The old beggar was a little shocked. He did not expect Zhou Xuanji to have gathered so many demon god clones.

Seems like you have many secrets. You can clone so many demon gods. It’s very rare,” the old immortal said intently. Meanwhile, the old beggar was also sizing Zhou Xuanji up.

Could this brat have other teachers?

It was Qiu Hu’s first time seeing him revealing all four demon gods.

With a wave of his hand, the old immortal brought out a gigantic black cauldron. Qiu Hu and the old beggar backed off in shock.

“Bring your clones inside. You will go through extreme pain, but I believe you can endure it,”

The old immortal said with a light chuckle. The grim expression on his face was no more, and he looked amiable again.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and brought the clones into the cauldron.

Qiu Hu sat down on the ground, while the old beggar looked toward the old immortal, saying, “We already agreed on the previous matter. Don’t forget.”

After that, he turned around and was about to leave.

But the old immortal stopped him, asking, “How are not going to disregard Zhou Xuanji? He’s your disciple too. He told me much about your interactions with him. I know that he greatly respects you.”

Hearing his words, the old beggar’s body shook and froze.

With a sigh, he said, “I have no clones. I’m really helpless. Moreover, you are here, and you are considered his teacher too.”

After that, he left without hesitation.

He had so many disciples. In key moments, he could only take care of one.

Looking at the old beggar’s departing silhouette, Qiu Hu snorted, “He still chose to leave my master to become your disciple.”

He could not understand why the old beggar chose to leave Zhou Xuanji.

Could there be other disciples more important than Zhou Xuanji?

The old immortal shook his head and smiled, “He’s a good teacher, better than me.”

The old beggar interacted with his disciples with his true sentiments, of which the old immortal could not.

Everyone was equal in his eyes.

Including Zhou Xuanji.

He only felt that Zhou Xuanji had the potential to head toward Kunlun Origin Court.

Qiu Hu glanced toward the old immortal and muttered, “Your think otherwise.”

The old immortal did not treat him as well as Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji and the four demon god bodies came into a volcanic mountain range.

Heavy precipitation fell loudly from the dense thunderclouds above, but it did nothing to extinguish the blazing fire. When the rain touched the boiling lava, it only turned into smoke.

Zhou Xuanji and his clones stood under the rain. “Is this the world inside the cauldron?” He mumbled to himself.

He looked at the interweaving rivers of lava. Are those for tempering his body?

At this moment, he was shocked.

The rain droplets became boiling hot. Even with his strong physique, the rain scalded him. An ordinary person would be charred into ash immediately.

He did not use any celestial energy to protect himself but endured the pain calmly.

Since it’s body tempering, he must not resist!

The demon gods did not move either but stood there silently.

“Zhou Xuanji, fighting against destiny and the Heavenly Law is a path of no return for you. You shall experience so much pain that you cannot even imagine now. You might also end up in eternal loneliness. Remember, the more pain you endure, the more powerful you shall receive.”

The old immortal’s voice reverberated across this realm. It was majestic and indifferent, just like the heavenly might.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply but remembered his words.

His black hair was drenched from the rain. He sat down and began channeling the World Buddha Art.

The old immortal began his Great Dao’s Voice.

The rain droplets grew hotter.

Within a short time, Zhou Xuanji was bleeding from the scalding. Even the four demon gods’ skin was blistered and bleeding.

Even with the Great Dao’s Voice, Zhou Xuanji was still being tortured by the excruciating pain.

He bit his teeth and endured.

Outside of the black cauldron.

The old immortal sat on the door sill and sighed faintly.

He already had a perfect nurturing plan for Zhou Xuanji.

But it was a pity that he could not divine Zhou Xuanji’s destiny.

Qiu Hu sat by the side and asked, “Senior, what are the chances that he can win against destiny?”

The old immortal remained silent for a while before answering, “If it were another person, he would have no chance at all. But if it’s him, there is the slightest chance.”

“How come?” Qiu Hu asked astonishingly.

The slightest chance sounded like despair, but it was still a sliver of hope.

“Because I believe in him,”

The old immortal smiled as he began reminiscing about the past.

Those moments he spent with Zhou Xuanji.

In the vast starry sky.

Old Ancestor Hongshi and Heavenly Lord Xuantie facing each other. Their faces looked cold and stern.

“The enemy is right outside, and you are going to fight amongst us?”

Old Ancestor Hongshi asked deeply. He was apparently in a rage.

Heavenly Saint replied indifferently, “I cannot allow Wanshen Great Thousand to continue its existence. If you want to stop me, then remove yourself from the seat of the Heavenly Saint. If there’s one less Heavenly Saint, we will become even more powerful!”

When he finished speaking, a black hole appeared behind him, from which a black shadow walked out.

That person looked exactly the same as Heavenly Lord Xuantie, just that it was fully black like a shadow.

“How can you use that power?” Old Ancestor Hongshi cried out in great dismay, ” Are you mad?”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie laughed insanely, “Hongshi! Are you still blind? The Heavenly Law will be destroyed! Nine is the limit. Destiny has already started its intervention. Everything will return to reincarnation. The battle between the Heavenly Saints is our only chance of survival!”

After that, the entire starry sky turned pitch black. Countless stars disappeared.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie generated countless duplicates. They surrounded Old Ancestor Hongshi densely.

That black shadow grew quickly to a height of 1,000 miles, looking down at Old Ancestor Hongshi.

Old Ancestor Hongshi took a deep breath. A red lion’s head materialized above his head and roared ferociously toward the dark void.

A ray of golden light swept across from the deep regions of darkness with extreme speed.

Old Ancestor Hongshi glanced over in surprise.

In the next second, he was shocked, evading the golden beam quickly.

“Yangling! What are you doing?”

Old Ancestor Hongshi cried out furiously with a slightly trembling voice.

Buddha Yang Ling came with his floating lotus seat, glowing brilliantly.

He looked at Old Ancestor Hongshi expressionlessly and replied, “Hongshi, your stubbornness is what’s going to kill you eventually. Let me keep your soul so that you can be reborn in the next reincarnation.”

Old Ancestor Hongshi almost burst out in a rage. This guy betrayed him!