I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 588 - Chapter 588 The Fight Against Destiny

Chapter 588 - Chapter 588 The Fight Against Destiny


“Build a portal here and put the other portal in the lotus realm,” Zhou Xuanji ordered, and Xiji Six Immortals got into action immediately.

Although they did not understand the situation, they know that Zhou Xuanji was in danger and might need to leave at a moment’s notice. Establishing the portal could help them to keep in contact.

Soon, only Zhou Xuanji, Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, and Daoya Old Man were left on the peak.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the stunned Daoya Old Man and sighed faintly before telling him about Xuan Daoya.

After Zhou Xuanji finished speaking, Daoya Old Man sat down paralyzed on the ground   No one would feel pleasant to hear such news.with a loud thump.

His face was pale, and he seemed to have lost his soul. Laughing bitterly, “I’m just a clone… I have been fighting against destiny all my life… And I did not expect that to be one of the chess pieces as well…”

A great sense of sorrow overwhelmed his heart.

It sent him into the abyss instantly.

Zhou Xiaoxuan comforted him, saying, “Grand-teacher, don’t overthink it. At least you are still alive. Isn’t that good? You shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Now that Xuan Daoya was intimidated by my father, wait until my father kills him, and you will become the original!”

Daoya Old Man’s eyes sparkled.

This sounded reasonable.

And he had to be strong against the circumstances presented against him.

Now that Zhou Xuanji was in a desperate situation, he could not be a burden to him.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up slowly.

“Seems like,” he said, “your destiny should be related to Xuan Daoya. As long as you capture him, you will have a way to resolve this.

As for getting out of the Heavenly Law’s range of control, it was extremely dangerous. It would be seeking death.

Even the Heavenly Saint dared not leave just like that.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “When the portals are built, I will find a senior. He might have a way to resolve this.

He asked Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan to stay back and take care of Daoya Old Man.

After that, he found Qiu Hu to ask about Xuan Daoya’s whereabouts.

Qiu Hu did not know it either but was willing to bring Zhou Xuanji to the Great Emperor Dao Court.

He knew where the leader of the Great Emperor Dao Court was.

Previously, Zhou Xuanji did not have the power to confront them. But now that he had the Nine Extreme Sword, there was no need to fear.

Seven days later.

Xiji Six Immortals had constructed the portals, both inside and outside the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. The two portals were connected.

The Divine Cliff, Emperor Sword Court, and Skyfall were all connected with the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu went in search of the Great Emperor Dao Court.

According to Qiu Hu, the Great Emperor Dao Court was closer to them than the old immortal.

They sped on ahead and reached their destination within half a day.

“They have already left,” Qiu Hu said with a frown.

Zhou Xuanji used his divine sense to scan through the ocean underneath them. He found that this ocean had unfathomable depth, and there were no living things in it.

Although the entire ocean generated mighty waves, it was lifeless.

“What a sly bunch of people. I don’t even know where they went,” Qiu Hu sighed. He understood the Great Emperor Dao Court well.

They must have some kind of agenda for them to move so far away together.

The cultivators inside the Great Emperor Dao Court were all arrogant.

They were not afraid of exposing their tracks if it was not a special occasion. No matter how many enemies came, they had ways of defeating them all.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Then let’s return.”

The departure of Great Emperor Dao Court should not be a scheme against him.

It was very likely because of Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Qiu Hu nodded, and they both left.

Sometime after they left, the ocean began to visibly subside as strands of hot mist rose.

Looking down from the sky, a massive black face appeared on the boundless ocean.

It was such a sinister and terrifying visage.

Two days later.

Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu came up to the taoist temple.

Cupping his fists, Qiu Hu said, “Senior, we have something to ask you.”

Zhou Xuanji followed by showing his manners, and he waited for the old immortal’s reply.

The gate of the taoist temple swung open. The old immortal and the old beggar walked out side by side.

Seeing the old beggar, Zhou Xuanji said with narrowed eyes, “Why are you here?”

There was a tinge of blame in his tone.

He almost thought that the old beggar had forgotten him.

The old beggar was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and laughed, “To get some help from this guy.”

“Is it for Xu Qing?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

The old beggar nodded but did not speak.

The old immortal looked at Zhou Xuanji with a grim look.

“I did not expect you to be someone facing the banishment of destiny. This is not good. Even a Overlord Saint cannot defeat heavenly might and destiny. This situation is a sure-death for you.”

“Wasn’t it said that he can avoid this once he leaves the Heavenly Law’s purview?” Qiu Hu asked with a frown.

The old immortal shook his head and replied, “He even offended someone that surpasses the Heavenly Saints. He’s waiting for him to come out the boundary of the Heavenly Law.”

Qiu Hu fell silent. He looked at Zhou Xuanji with peculiar eyes.

He wanted to ask how Zhou Xuanji offended so many people.

Zhou Xuanji was silent too.

But he did not panic totally.

It was not his first time going through a sure-death situation.

It’s just that this one had a grander scale.

“Hey, hey, hey. Think about it carefully, ever since your birth, who had schemed against you other than Xuan Daoya. That guy is not worth mentioning because he’s not powerful enough to involve destiny,” the old beggar said.

Although he was loud and rowdy, the expression in his eyes showed genuine care.

Zhou Xuanji uttered, “Other than having my destiny changed since I was young, I had encountered countless enemies.”

He suddenly thought about something.

It might have to do with him being transported into this world.

Ever since he was born, he had the memories of his past life.

Most importantly, he has yet to hear anything about Earth in the Great Thousand World.

Could Earth not be under the purview of the Heavenly Law?

The most he thought about it, the more shocked he felt.

“There are only two options before you. Either you stop cultivating, or you become more powerful to fight against destiny,” the old immortal said as he stroked his long beard, looking fixedly at Zhou Xuanji.

His expression showed a sense of seriousness that Zhou Xuanji had never seen before.

“Fight against destiny?”

The old beggar threw him a stare and reprimanded him, “What kind of idea is that? He will be consigned to eternal destruction! ”

“When what’s your strategy?” the old immortal asked back.

And the old beggar was speechless.

He really had no idea. And even he was here to ask about how to save Xu Qing.

At this moment, a sense of sorrow welled up in his heart.

From the beginning, he did not seem to be able to protect all his disciples.

Mo Jiuqing was so, and so was Xu Qing. And now, it was Zhou Xuanji.

“Didn’t you ask me to find you after I’m Universe Heaven Level Eighteen? I’m at Connecting Heaven Level Two,” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had no hesitation in choosing between waiting and fighting.

The old immortal nodded and said, “Summon all your demon god bodies. I will help you to temper your body and assist you to proceed on the path toward becoming an Overlord Saint.”

Overlord Saint!

The old beggar opened his eyes wide. He suddenly thought of the previous Overlord Saint and how miserable his ending was.

But the words were stuck in his throat.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji’s calm and determined eyes, he was a little dazzled.

“Are you really ready for it?” he asked with a complicated tone.