I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 586 - Chapter 586 – Nine Extreme’s Divine Might

Chapter 586 - Chapter 586 – Nine Extreme’s Divine Might


Facing the powerful Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal, Zhou Xuanji stabbed his sword into the ground.


Countless arcs of lightning burst out like pythons, slamming into the ‘Dao’ character and using incredibly domineering energy to rip apart the Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal.

The entire prison violently shook, and dust billowed in the air as rocks fell down.

The Five Ancestors’ expressions violently fell, looking at Zhou Xuanji with disbelief.

The Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal had been broken so easily!

Qiu Hu’s eyes widened, a look of disbelief on his face.

Zhou Xuanji said coldly, “I’ll give you all one last chance. Let him go or die!”

His killing intent caused the temperature in the surroundings to plummet.

The Five Ancestors were incredibly infuriated; how could they just give up like this?

They split up and held their own magical treasures as they rushed at Zhou Xuanji from different directions as fast as lightning.

Wild gales blew at Zhou Xuanji and intense flames spread along the ground, while golden arrows shot through the flames towards him.

Zhou Xuanji’s black hair was blown about, and his body slightly tilted as he lifted up his sword.

The Sky Dominating Divine Sword’s Sword Soul!


The prison exploded!

Lightning shined out, making the darkness seem like daytime.

Zhou Xuanji walked through the prison doors and came before Qiu Hu, lifting up and leaving.

When Qiu Hu opened his eyes again, he found that he was on a grassy plains.

Zhou Xuanji tossed a Wonder Blood Spirit Pill to him and said, “This pill was given to me by an old friend; it can help you fully recover in a few breaths of time.”

Hearing this, Qiu Hu immediately put the Wonder Blood Spirit Pill into his mouth.

Great Emperor Wuwang had given this pill to Zhou Xuanji during the war between two worlds.

At that moment, five figures giving off terrifying auras descended, causing ripples to pass over the surrounding grass, and the trees in the distance swayed.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and said, “Looks like you all really want to die.”

Those words caused the Five Ancestors to almost explode from anger.

More and more experts from the True Spirit Palace gathered. The explosion from before was incredibly loud, and almost everyone in the True Spirit City could hear it.

The Xiji Six Immortals and Chiyu Boy quickly came behind Zhou Xuanji, facing off against the True Spirit Palace with him.

Zhou Xuanji raised the Thunderclap Sword and lightning flashed out, and the light reflecting off his face made him seem incredibly cold.

He was like a god of killing!

“This is the Thunderclap Sword. Prepare to die!”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded throughout the heavens and earth incredibly loudly.

He suddenly activated the Thunderclap Sword’s terrifying power.


Thunderclouds gathered and the heavens and earth became dim!

The True Spirit Five Ancestors quickly spread out and surrounded Zhou Xuanji and the others, and they began to set up a formation.

A five-sided golden pillar of light rose up, trapping Zhou Xuanji and the others within.

Qiu Hu, who had just recovered, gnashed his teeth and said, “They’re trying to use the Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal again! Can you break it?”

For Zhou Xuanji to bring him out, he felt a trace of hope in his heart.

This boy had become stronger yet again!

Zhou Xuanji did not reply and stabbed towards the sky.

A beam of light shot up out of the Thunderclap Sword, entering the rolling thunderclouds.

In that moment, countless bolts of lightning descended like flowers scattered by immortal goddesses, blasting the ground in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Mountains were blasted to smithereens one after another, and grassy plains and forests were razed to the ground.

Countless True Spirit Palace disciples were annihilated in body and soul, and howls continuously sounded out.

The Five Ancestors’ expressions greatly fell as they quickly avoided the lightning. However, the lightning was too dense, and soon, one Ancestor was blasted apart.

In less than one breath of time, the Five Ancestors had all died!

One of the Ancestors had wanted to escape, but he could not avoid the terrifying lightning.

In the eyes of Qiu Hu, the Xiji Six Immortals, and Chiyu Boy, they only felt heavenly might suddenly descend before everything around them was reduced to nothing.

They were completely stupefied, and their scalps became numb.

What kind of power was this?

Even despite having seen the Thunderclap Sword’s power on the Heaven Fiend Star Island, Chiyu Boy could not help but feel a chill.

This was too terrifying.

Facing this kind of power, who would not be afraid?

Zhou Xuanji slashed ahead with the sword, opening up a crack and leading everyone else into the Void.

The spatial crack quickly disappeared, and the group moved quickly.

In the darkness, they followed the light from the Thunderclap Sword.

Chiyu Boy sighed out of amazement, “So domineering!”

He had been completely convinced by Zhou Xuanji.

He was even more powerful than his master.

Qiu Hu was incredibly excited and asked, “Sir, how did you suddenly become so powerful?”

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile as he said, “I’ve always been this powerful.”

In that battle, he had used World Internalization just like he always did, and the magic energy within him was about to cause him to explode.

He had to find a place to hide and prepare to break through.

Within the Heavenly Saint’s Palace, Buddha Yang Ling frowned and looked at the black shadow in front of him.

He asked, “Is that true?”

The black shadow was like a burning flame, and its figure continuously distorted. It spoke with a hoarse voice, “Indeed, it was thanks to your Heavenly Law Jade that caused his destiny to progress.”

Buddha Yang Ling sank into his thoughts.

He had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would be an existence banished by destiny.

He could not help but think of the previous person.

“No wonder he wants to become an Overlord Saint… looks like the will of heaven is omnipresent.”

Buddha Yang Ling sighed and felt quite gloomy.

So what if he had become a Heavenly Saint? He still could not resist the will of the heavens.

He looked at the black shadow and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

The black shadow said, “Warn Old Ancestor Hongshi not to help Zhou Xuanji anymore, or his position as a Saint might be at risk.”

Buddha Yang Ling frowned and asked, “Why don’t you go yourself?”

Old Ancestor Hongshi’s temper was quite fiery; he did not want to endure his cursing.

“So you can accumulate merit for yourself.”

The black shadow disappeared, and hearing this, Buddha Yang Ling’s expression became incredibly unsightly.

Within the Void, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Connecting Heaven Level 2, and his cultivation was still increasing.

Qiu Hu, the Xiji Six Immortals, Chiyu Boy, and the Demon Gods guarded around him.

They were also cultivating.

It was very quiet within the Void.

In the end, Zhou Xuanji was unable to break through to Connecting Heaven Level 3 in one go, but he was very close.

After he broke through, they continued to travel, preparing to head to the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Soon, they left the dark Void and came to a boundless starry sky.

Qiu Hu pointed in a direction and said, “The Wanshen Great Thousand is over there.”

The group immediately flew in that direction.

For some reason, Zhou Xuanji felt quite uneasy.

He kept feeling that something was going to happen.

Zhou Xuanji turned and looked at Qiu Hu as he asked, “Do you know what it means to be banished by destiny?”

Qiu Hu seemed somewhat startled and frowned as he replied, “A long time ago, there was a very powerful being that was banished by fate. He was the only Overlord Saint in history, and even all of the Heavenly Saints combined could not rival him. In the end, he was banished by destiny and was joined together against by the Fate of all creatures, and he was killed by heavenly law in the end.”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned and asked, “What does it mean? Being banished by fate?”

Could it be that destiny could control all living things?

Qiu Hu said hesitantly, “I’m not sure about the specifics, but it was most likely done by the heavenly law.”

Memory wipe!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of this. After the war between two worlds, the Heavenly Saints would wipe the memories of the winning side. Could this be from the heavenly law?