I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 585 - Chapter 585 – Banished By Destiny

Chapter 585 - Chapter 585 – Banished By Destiny


Sovereign Xuan’s words made Zhou Xuanji think about the Heavenly Saint who wanted to destroy the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Apart from him, the other Heavenly Saints most likely would not act against him.

That person had even come to the Heaven Fiend Realm; it seemed that they were quite diligent.

“No, it shouldn’t be a Heavenly Saint; it should be a reincarnation destiny,” Dao Lord Xuantian said with a serious tone.

Reincarnation destiny!

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji frowned, while the other souls were all shocked.

“What does that mean? Aren’t reincarnation and destiny just concepts?”

“That’s just a hazy concept. Do you really think they exist?”

“Don’t try to scare me. If every being’s destiny is decided from the start, what is the point of cultivation?”

“Destiny can be changed; it’s simply the conclusion of every decision. Those people were just sent to scare him.”

After the other souls said their piece, Dao Lord Xuantian gloomily sighed.

He continued, “I once met an existence who was banished by destiny. In the end, he was abandoned by all creatures and was destroyed by the Heavenly Law.

“All existences banished by destiny will encounter all kinds of hallucinations before their destiny arrives. They will warn them and tell them to be ready to accept their destiny.”

His words caused the other souls to become quite shocked.

They had not been revived yet, and did not want to die together with Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “That doesn’t seem right. Before, didn’t the Heavenly Law Jade acknowledge me and want me to become a Heavenly Saint?”

Could it be that the Heavenly Law was going to target him because he had refused to become a Heavenly Saint?

“It’s not like that. When every creature develops consciousness, they all have their own destiny. You were banished by destiny from the start. Before, with your talent, you could have become a Heavenly Saint, but you refused; perhaps this is one part of your destiny. It seems that all of your deep thinking is part of your destiny.”

Dao Lord Xuantian’s words caused Zhou Xuanji’s frown to become even deeper.

Those words were quite chilling.

Wouldn’t that mean that no matter how Zhou Xuanji thought and no matter what he did, he would be walking towards the same destiny?

He did not know his destiny, so he could not purposefully avoid his destiny.

However, he did not believe that cultivators could not jump outside of their destiny.

“What you said makes sense, but wasn’t this boy’s destiny changed when he was young? After that, his talent reached an unprecedented level; could it be that from then, he had been banished by destiny?”

“Does Xuan Daoya have such abilities?”

“That’s right, that doesn’t make sense either.”

“Goddamit, hearing all of you talk makes my soul tremble. Don’t tell me that I’m in such a situation because of my destiny as well?”

The souls began to worrily discuss among themselves, and Zhou Xuanji also thought deeply to himself.

It seemed that he had to hurry up and leave the Heaven Fiend Realm.

He would have to quickly return to the Wanshen Great Thousand and make preparations.

After deciding this, he slowly got up and went to gather the Xiji Six Immortals and Chiyu Boy.

Emperor Sword Court.

Within a mountain range, Zhou Xiaoxuan and Xiao Jinghong were currently sparring with sword techniques.

The speed of their swords were incredibly fast, coming and going, and brilliant and elegant sword light flashed out.

Looking out in all directions, one could see many Emperor Sword Court disciples training with the sword.

Zhou Xuanji had only left for one year; to them, this was a very short period of time.

Most disciples were still immersed in the Great Dao’s Voice’s lingering sounds.

After sparring for a while, Zhou Xiaoxuan stopped.

Xiao Jinghong put his sword away and said in amazement, “Zhou Xiaoxuan, your talent is truly amazing; it might be close to even Revered Teacher.”

He was not joking. After sparring with Zhou Xiaoxuan, he could already feel some pressure.

If this went on, Zhou Xiaoxuan would surpass him in the Way of the Sword soon.

He could only marvel at how powerful his Revered Teacher’s bloodline was.

Zhou Xiaoxuan felt quite pleased and grinned as she said, “That’s right, this girl was amazing since she was born.”

Xiao Jinghong shook his head and did not say anything to the contrary.

Following this, he turned and left to find Meng Tianlang. He decided to find this rival to spar with so as to make himself feel better.

Zhou Xiaoxuan held her sword and started to go over her shortcomings.

Because of her upbringing, she truly loved the sword.

She had already created many sword techniques herself, and all of them were peerless sword techniques within the Northern Wilderness.

“Come over for a moment.” A woman’s voice sounded in Zhou Xiaoxuan’s ears, and she instinctively looked out.

There was a woman standing on a cloud. She wore an exquisite dress, on which was socketed all kinds of gems. Her hair was spiraled in a golden phoenix jade hairpin, revealing her beautiful looks.

Seeing her, Zhou Xiaoxuan felt a sense of familiarity for some reason, and she immediately flew over.

The two women quickly flew above the sea of clouds, leaving the ground.

Zhou Xiaoxuan asked, “Who are you? Why did you come and find me? Have I met you before?”

The woman smiled as she looked at Zhou Xiaoxuan and said, “I have something to tell you. Your father needs your help.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xiaoxuan frowned.

Why would her father need her help?

The difference in cultivation between them was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

She instinctively became wary and asked in a low voice, “Just who are you, and what do you want?”

The woman gave a slight smile and said, “Don’t be nervous; if I wanted to harm you, I would not have approached you so directly like this. Let me tell you about your father’s past.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked suspicious but decided to listen to her.

At the north of the True Spirit City, Zhou Xiaoxuan, the Xiji Six Immortals, and Chiyu Boy walked towards the True Spirit Palace.

Zhou Xuanji held a Concealing Grass in his right hand and said, “Wait for me here.”

After saying this, he ate the Concealing Grass and disappeared.

Chiyu Boy’s eyes widened and looked at the Xiji Six Immortals as he asked, “What grass was that?”

The Xiji Six Immortals shook their heads.

If they knew everything about Zhou Xuanji, why would they be following him?

Senior was truly unfathomable!

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji quickly came to the prison that Qiu Hu was in.

In front of the prison, the True Spirit Five Ancestors were cultivating, and they simultaneously opened their eyes.


“So there was indeed someone secretly communicating with Qiu Hu.”

“Hurry up and show yourself!”

“Get out here!”

Their voices were like thunder and reverberated through the prison.

Within the prison, Qiu Hu raised his head, his expression falling.

He could see Zhou Xuanji standing in front of the Five Ancestors.

Zhou Xuanji held a light of sword shining with lightning; it was the Thunderclap Sword.

He had already used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, and he looked at Qiu Hu as he said, “It’s time to bring you back.”

Qiu Hu gritted his teeth and said, “Why are you going through all this trouble?”

The Five Ancestors got up and exploded out with terrifying auras that shook the prison. Even the True Spirit Palace disciples in the outer regions could sense it.

Zhou Xuanji smirked and said, “You dumb tiger, you dared to underestimate me.”

The Five Ancestors’ expressions became serious; they could sense that Zhou Xuanji was very powerful.

That sword especially gave them a chilling feeling.

The middle-aged man in the lead moved first. He raised his right hand and slammed out his palm, and a golden ‘Dao’ character shot out, quickly becoming bigger as it slammed towards Zhou Xuanji.

Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal!