I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 584 - Chapter 584 – Destiny

Chapter 584 - Chapter 584 – Destiny


After walking out from the auction house, Zhou Xuanji went around by himself for a while.

As for the Xiji Six Immortals, they went to contact other auction houses, as Zhou Xuanji planned to split the treasures among different auction houses.

He had already given a portion of the treasures to the Xiji Six Immortals. He trusted that they would not run away with them.

As such, he began to aimlessly wander about the True Spirit City.

Not too long later, he came across Chiyu Boy.

This fellow had set up his own stall and was yelling extremely loudly, making some low-grade items sound incredibly godly.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled, and he did not disturb him.

He was observing the situation in the True Spirit City. In the future, he also wanted to create a city like this so that Emperor Sword Court’s disciples could live self-sufficiently. At the same time, they would be able to connect with the Great Thousand World.

He walked among the sea of people, when suddenly, someone bumped into him.

He slightly frowned and glanced over.

With his cultivation, how could someone bump into him? He had instinctively moved out of the way, but that person had purposely followed him and bumped into him.

This was a man with long hair in black clothes. His hair was loose and his back looked somewhat bleak.

He looked back at Zhou Xuanji as well.

Those eyes seemed two have two layers of pupils.

As their eyes met, both people stopped walking.

“This fellow…” Zhou Xuanji found that he actually could not see through this fellow.

The black-clothed man gave a smile filled with deep intent before turning and leaving.


Zhou Xuanji grabbed his shoulder and asked, “Do I know you?”

The black-clothed man did not look back and said, “Zhou Xuanji, you don’t have much time left. Your destiny from the start will come soon; I hope you have the power to endure it.”

After saying this, he turned into smoke and dissipated.

What was the strangest was that no other creature seemed to notice this.

Zhou Xuanji began to feel quite unsettled.

He frowned and muttered, “My destiny from the start?”

That came out of nowhere!

Did that person have mental issues?

Zhou Xuanji turned and continued to walk, but he could not get the black-clothed man out of his mind.

That person’s cultivation was incredibly profound; just what did he want?

Could he be from the Great Emperor Dao Court?

But was the Great Emperor Dao Court powerful enough to have people in the Heaven Fiend Realm?

Or was it someone from Buddha Yang Ling?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as he walked on.

Within the Netherworld, Magistrate Cui stood side by side with a black shadow on a bridge, looking at the Yellow Springs roiling beneath them.

Magistrate Cui’s expression was grim as he gritted his teeth and said, “Truly?”

The black shadow gave off a cold woman’s voice, “Indeed.”

Magistrate Cui immediately became deflated, and he seemed incredibly grieved.

He bitterly laughed and said, “I gave up so much, but it was all for nothing.”

His emotions were extremely complicated, and he felt immense regret and reluctance.

“Magistrate Cui, the higher ups look very favorably on you. If you continue with your hard work, you might become a King Yama,” the black shadow said with a gloomy voice.

Magistrate Cui looked at her and asked, “What will happen to him?”

The black shadow replied, “Karma will destroy him; all you need to do is silently wait. If he comes to find you, you should know what to do.”

Magistrate Cui did not nod and only sighed.

He looked at the Yellow Springs and said in a low voice, “Just what is the purpose of cultivation? You fight for your entire life, only to submit to destiny.”

The black shadow did not reply and disappeared from the bridge.

Seven days later, Zhou Xuanji received the Heaven Fiend Pills from two auctions; it was around 86 million Heaven Fiend Pills in total.

He was relatively pleased; after all, each Heaven Fiend Pill had quite a lot of spirit qi.

“Boss, what will we do next?” Old Immortal Xiji asked excitedly. They had also gained many treasures from following Zhou Xuanji and had earned a lot. They had auctioned them as well, and all of them had been auctioned for quite a lot of Heaven Fiend Pills, making them very pleased.

Only Chiyu Boy was not very happy; he had not scammed anyone with deep pockets.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Next will be a vicious battle. I’m preparing to go and save a subordinate.”

Hearing this, the Xiji Six Immortals and Chiyu Boy looked at Zhou Xuanji with confusion

A subordinate?

Didn’t Zhou Xuanji come from another Great Thousand World?

Could someone have accidentally entered the Heaven Fiend Realm with him?

They suddenly thought of a name and their expressions violently fell.

Tiger Ancestor Qiu Hu!

He had only come to the Heaven Fiend Realm recently, and the news of the tiger’s execution had spread throughout the True Spirit City.

Their heart rates sped up.

The mighty tiger ancestor was actually Zhou Xuanji’s subordinate.

They did not feel afraid and instead became excited.

Next, they were going to shake the True Spirit Palace!

“Heheh, when the time comes, I also want to fight!” Chiyu Boy shouted excitedly, and the Xiji Six Immortals all said the same.

They were all in silent agreement and did not bring up Qiu Hu’s name.

For them to be able to cultivate to this point, they were naturally all quite smart.

“We will act once the execution has begun,” Zhou Xuanji said. He had gone to the True Spirit Palace before, and the security was quite tight now. So as not to alert the True Spirit Palace, they would wait until later to act.

After the Thunderclap Sword had become a Nine Extreme grade sword, every time he swung the sword, it used up much of his strength.

Even though the Tianxia Map could help him restore immortal energy, he had to be careful of enemies hiding and dealing a fatal blow to him.

The reason why he was this worried was mainly because of that black-clothed man from that day.

The group returned to the inn.

Over the next period of time, they all enjoyed themselves and gathered at night so as to make sure no one went missing.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed, and the True Spirit City became more and more crowded. The execution stage had already been set up at the north of the city, and there were all sorts of legends about Qiu Hu spreading through the city.

It was as if he was some kind of rare ingredient that could allow anyone to become an immortal by having a bite of his flesh.

On that day, Zhou Xuanji was at the fourth level of the inn as he drank wine and ate a meal. From there, he could see the prosperous True Spirit City.

At that moment, a person suddenly sat down opposite him.

He looked over and saw that it was a woman in a palace dress. She had a pretty face and dignified bearings, and her beautiful eyes looked at him closely.

“Are you ready, Zhou Xuanji?” the woman asked with a peaceful tone.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at her and asked, “And who are you?”

In recent times, he had already met six people who had randomly come up to him, asking if he was ready to face his destiny, just like the black-clothed man from before.

Whenever Zhou Xuanji wanted to capture these people, they would dissipate, as if they had never come.

He understood that he was being watched.

“The stronger you become, the closer you will come to your destiny,” the woman said calmly, causing Zhou Xuanji to roll his eyes.

These people were crazy.

He suddenly noticed that this woman looked somewhat like the Great Zhou’s Empress.

He narrowed his eyes and the woman’s face became hazy.

So it was like that. This woman was not a real existence.

Was she created by some kind of divine ability?

He sank into his thoughts and ignored the woman’s ramblings.

After a while, the woman dissipated like the others.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and placed it on the table, and he began to converse with the souls about this.

Sovereign Xuan sighed and said, “Could it be that you’ve attracted the attention of another Heavenly Saint?”