I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 583 - Chapter 583 – Qiu Hu’s Hallucination

Chapter 583 - Chapter 583 – Qiu Hu’s Hallucination


The True Spirit Palace’s Five Ancestors had captured Qiu Hu, and they were preparing to invite heroes from all over the world to witness his execution.

When Zhou Xuanji heard passing-by cultivators speak of this, he frowned.

No wonder he had not heard from Qiu Hu; it seemed that he had been taken down by the True Spirit Hall’s Five Ancestors.

After Qiu Hu had submitted to him, he had been extremely loyal, and Zhou Xuanji valued him greatly.

It seemed that he had to think of a way to save Qiu Hu.

Fortunately, there was still some time until the execution date, so he had time to auction off the treasures.

As such, he continued to follow the Xiji Six Immortals.

It was also Chiyu Boy’s first time coming to the True Spirit City, and he was very excited. He looked around and quickly became separated from them.

Zhou Xuanji was not too concerned; with his cultivation, he would be able to catch up to them in no time.

As they traveled, they found an inn with some vacant rooms.

Zhou Xuanji went to his room to rest for a while.

He took out a Concealing Grass, and after consuming it, he became invisible and hurried towards the True Spirit Palace.

The True Spirit Palace was situated behind the True Spirit City, and it covered over 10,000 square kilometers and had hundreds of millions of disciples.

Zhou Xuanji moved extremely quickly, and he headed towards the place with the heaviest security.

Soon, he came to the True Spirit Palace’s area.

There were all kinds of towns strewn across the mountain, and there were even floating islands in the air. It did not seem inferior to the True Spirit City and looked just as prosperous.

Under the sky, there were many True Spirit Palace disciples sparring together, but there did not seem to be any disciples on patrol.

As one of the overlords of the Heaven Fiend Realm, the True Spirit Palace did not have to be too wary.

No one dared to intrude!

Zhou Xuanji quickly headed forwards and looked around for a prison.

The True Spirit Palace had many prisons; some were in the air, and some were hidden underground.

Most of them contained creatures that had made trouble in the True Spirit City.

The True Spirit City’s City Lord and guards were all from the True Spirit Palace. If the True Spirit Palace’s disciples had children, they would also be sent to the True Spirit City so that the population would continue to grow.

On the other side within a dark prison, Qiu Hu was chained onto a wall. His body leaned forwards and hung powerlessly.

Blood flowed down his fingers and chin and dripped onto the ground, forming a pool.

He looked like he was unconscious, but he was actually doing his best to gather his magic energy.

“Despicable, just what kind of divine ability is the Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal. Why can’t I gather my magic energy?!” Qiu Hu inwardly roared.

He did not dare to make any noise so that the Five Ancestors would not become even warier against him.

As for his execution, he knew about it.

Essentially, they wanted to cut him into eight pieces in front of the world’s heroes.

Apart from further showing the True Spirit Palace’s might, they could also sell his various organs.

The Heaven Fiend Realm was filled with antagonism and hostility towards outside creatures.

As such, no creature would take pity on him. Instead, they would all come to watch a good show and take him as an animal.

Whenever he thought of this, Qiu Hu felt a sense of sorrow.

It seemed that he was going to die here.

It was a pity that he would not see Zhou Xuanji at his peak.

The more he thought about this, the more bitter he felt.

After a while, a voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“Are you alright?” Qiu Hu’s body trembled and did not raise his head; he thought that he was hallucinating.

This was because this voice was Zhou Xuanji’s voice.

After coming to the Heaven Fiend Realm, he had searched for Zhou Xuanji for a long time, but he had not been able to find him.

How could this boy come to the depths of the True Spirit Palace?

“I’ll come and save you in a while; I need to sell some things in the True Spirit City first,” Zhou Xuanji continued to send telepathic messages as he stood in front of the prison.

He was still concealed and Qiu Hu could neither see him nor sense his aura.

Now, Qiu Hu was convinced of Zhou Xuanji’s existence.

He did not look up, nor did he reply.

However, he gave a very slight nod, causing Zhou Xuanji to smile.

This fellow was quite cautious and steady.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything else and quickly left without anyone detecting him.

High up in the air, within a beautiful palace, the Five Ancestors were cultivating around a large cauldron.

They all simultaneously opened their eyes.

“Why did Qiu Hu nod just then?”

“He seemed to be communicating with someone.”

“Impossible, we didn’t sense anyone else’s aura.”

“It’s best to be careful. It’s said that Qiu Hu came to the Heaven Fiend Realm to find someone.”

“I think we should move over.”

The Five Ancestors came to an agreement and all disappeared.

They came to the outside of Qiu Hu’s prison and continued cultivating there.

Qiu Hu looked out and said hatefully, “Why don’t you just kill me now?”

He was worried that Zhou Xuanji would end up dying trying to save him, so he tried to goad them into killing him.

He knew that Zhou Xuanji was very powerful, but the Five Ancestors were even more terrifying.

This was especially so because they had the Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal.

It was almost impossible to break and could not be avoided.

Facing Qiu Hu’s words, the Five Ancestors did not reply, and they continued to focus on their cultivation, as if they really did see him as an animal.

Qiu Hu was incredibly angered, but there was nothing he could do.

After returning to the True Spirit City, Zhou Xuanji calmly waited inside his room while the Xiji Six Immortal went to contact the auction house.

There were many auction houses in the True Spirit City, and they had good business every day.

Ordinary people who wanted to auction things off would have to wait in line.

The Xiji Six Immortals had Connecting Heaven Level 2 cultivating and had traveled around for countless years, and they were quite famous.

In less than half a day, they had found an auction house.

Xiji Fifth came back to invite Zhou Xuanji, and the two of them quickly came to the auction house.

The one who received them was an elder in an ornate robe. He wore a hat and had a friendly smile on his face, and he walked up and cupped his fists as he bowed and said, “Senior, you can call me Old Willow. How many treasures are you preparing to sell, sir? Can you show me so we can negotiate a reserve price?”

For auction houses, they wanted to sell the goods that were consigned to them, but if the seller wanted too high of a price, no one might want to buy it.

In the cultivation world, very few people bid ridiculous prices to show off; at the end of the day, everyone pursued profit and gains.

Zhou Xuanji walked to a table and waved his right hand, and treasures appeared one after another.

There were spirit stones, magic tools, fruits, spirit water, scrolls, etc. There were 72 items in total.

This was just the tip of the iceberg, but it would be enough for this auction house to get through.

Old Willow’s eyes widened and he went over as his body started to tremble.

“So many… we can even do an exclusive auction for them! No! What a great opportunity! My heavens…”

Old Willow was so excited that he became speechless. He could sense that each item contained dense spirit qi.

The Xiji Six Immortals all looked quite pleased, while Zhou Xuanji looked quite calm.

Old Willow became even more respectful towards Zhou Xuanji.

He began to appraise each item, and Zhou Xuanji did not try to make things difficult for him as he agreed to most of the prices.

The Xiji Six Immortals would sometimes give suggestions as well, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

At the end, Old Willow said seriously, “I will do some marketing for a few days before holding a special auction just for you. We will just take a small percentage of the profits as a fee; is that alright?”

He was very sincere and did not seem greedy because he understood he could earn big from this auction!

What was most important was Zhou Xuanji himself.

For him to have so many treasures and have the Xiji Six Immortals serve him, he definitely was not simple, and he was worth currying favor with.