I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 582 - Chapter 582 – Overlord Saint's Promise

Chapter 582 - Chapter 582 – Overlord Saint's Promise


Buddha Yang Ling thought for a moment before getting up and disappearing.

In the next second, he arrived at the Heaven Fiend Star Island.

He looked down at Zhou Xuanji and expressionlessly and said, “Zhou Xuanji, immediately hand over your sword!”

Because of Old Ancestor Hongshi, he did not want to act against Zhou Xuanji.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji looked up at him.

Seeing Buddha Yang Ling, Chiyu Boy hurriedly hid behind Demon God Tianwu.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and said, “A Heavenly Saint wants to forcefully steal from me?”

He purposefully emphasised the words ‘Heavenly Saint’.

In the eyes of the common creatures, Heavenly Saints did not have any desires. Why was he forcefully taking away this sword?

Buddha Yang Ling coldly harrumphed and said, “Don’t think that I don’t know that you fused the Heavenly Law Jade into this sword. Even though I don’t know how you did it, to be able to forge this sword in such a short amount of time, I’ll forgive you for lying to me if you give it to me.

“After all, the Heavenly Law Jade belonged to me anyways.”

Zhou Xuanji fell silent; this was indeed true.

However, the Thunderclap Sword was his.

He said, “The Heavenly Law Jade is indeed very valuable, but I cannot give you my sword. How about I give you a promise? As long as I can do it, you can request anything. One day, I will become an Overlord Saint and give this promise great value.”

He looked at Buddha Yang Ling calmly.

If Buddha Yang Ling refused, they would just have to fight.

Buddha Yang Ling frowned and instinctively wanted to chide Zhou Xuanji. However, looking at Zhou Xuanji’s expression, he was unable to say anything.

Sage Daojing trusted Zhou Xuanji so much and gave him the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

Old Ancestor Hongshi was desperate to protect him.

Could this boy really become an Overlord Saint?

Buddha Yang Ling sank into his thoughts.

To him, the Heavenly Law Jade was not that important. After all, he could not nurture another Heavenly Saint.

However, if he could help Zhou Xuanji become an Overlord Saint, he would not have to share Heavenly Law power with him, and he would also have an opportunity to preserve his life.

He remembered clearly just how powerful an Overlord Saint was.

A domineering figure appeared in his mind, making him feel quite distracted.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and silently waited.

Seeing this, Chiyu Boy was completely dumbfounded.

Something like this was possible?

From how he saw it, what Zhou Xuanji was proposing was simply preposterous.

However, Buddha Yang Ling seemed to be considering it.

Was this Heavenly Saint an idiot?

Just as he had this thought, Buddha Yang Ling glanced at him, scaring him to the point that he hurriedly knelt down and prostrated himself.

After a while, Buddha Yang Ling looked at Zhou Xuanji with a deep gaze, and said, “Apart from this promise, you also need to swear that you will never become my enemy.”

Zhou Xuanji did not seem delighted and instead said, “As long as you do not target me or the people by my side, I will forever remember this favor.”

He spoke very sincerely.

Having heard from Old Ancestor Hongshi about his past, Buddha Yang Ling decided to trust his words.

“I hope you really can become an Overlord Saint. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the might of an Overlord Saint.”

After saying this, Buddha Yang Ling disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows; there had been Overlord Saints in the past?

Even the 10 Demon Gods could not achieve this; who had done it?

He did not think too much and continued onwards with Chiyu Boy.

Chiyu Boy was completely impressed and began to wildly flatter Zhou Xuanji.

At this point, he was desperate to serve Zhou Xuanji.

Before entering the Heaven Fiend Star Island, he never would have expected that the final winner would be Zhou Xuanji.

Ji Huanglin had obtained nothing, and Buddha Yang Ling had backed off.

It was completely unfathomable!

One month later, Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy walked out of the Heaven Fiend Star Island.

There was a big smile on Zhou Xuanji’s face; he had gained far more than he had expected in this trip.

Chiyu Boy also felt quite happy. Following Zhou Xuanji, he had obtained many treasures. Even though they could not compare to what Zhou Xuanji had obtained, he still felt very satisfied.

“Boss, where are you going to go next?” Chiyu Boy asked in curiosity.

Within the Heaven Fiend Star Island, Zhou Xuanji had done some testing. He could use the Thunderclap Sword to rip apart the space in the Heaven Fiend Realm and go into the Void.

Now, he had a way to get back.

“I’m going to find a place to sell some of the treasures,” Zhou Xuanji replied. He wanted to buy large amounts of Heaven Fiend Pills and give them to Emperor Sword Court to help them quickly become stronger.

Following this, he brought Chiyu Boy to the island where the Xiji Six Immortals were.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji return, the Xiji Six Immortals hurriedly crowded around him.

They fought over each other to ask what had happened during the time he had been gone.

Before Zhou Xuanji could speak, Chiyu Boy began to describe what had happened, looking incredibly pleased, as if he was Zhou Xuanji.

After he finished speaking, the Xiji Six Immortals were left dumbfounded for a while.

In their hearts, Heavenly Saints were the most powerful existences.

They had never thought that such an existence would acquiesce to Zhou Xuanji.

Xiji Fifth looked at Zhou Xuanji with a gaze filled with worship.

She was the only woman among the Xiji Six Immortals, and she had never been so tempted before.

She had felt attraction before, but she had cut off her emotions each time, following the five others to continue roaming far and wide.

She had never seen such a genius in her entire life; he was only 300 or so years old.

“Alright, you can each pick one.”

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand and dozens of treasures appeared on the ground.

There were treasures, precious materials, technique scrolls, etc.

Since ancient times, many people had explored the Heaven Fiend Star Island, but they had all died and their riches had been left within the island. Some had been corroded by the passage of time, while others had been preserved.

The Xiji Six Immortals were immensely delighted and happily began to pick.

Chiyu Boy looked quite disdainful, but inwardly, he had already decided to hold onto Zhou Xuanji for dear life.

Even Buddha Yang Ling believed that Zhou Xuanji could become an Overlord Saint; this was an incredibly strong backer to hold on to.

The time of one incense stick later, they flew off in a direction at full speed.

Half a day later, they went to a continent. With the Xiji Six Immortals’ lead, they decided to head to Heaven Fiend Realm’s most prosperous city.

There were too many treasures that Zhou Xuanji wanted to sell, and ordinary cities would not be able to buy them all.

Chiyu Boy and the Xiji Six Immortals began to become quite familiar with each other.

They all decided to follow Zhou Xuanji.

Chiyu Boy had Universe Heaven cultivation and could refine weapons and pills. He was the kind of talented person the Emperor Sword Court lacked, so it was worth bringing him in.

This was even more so for the Xiji Six Immortals. They had their own specialties, and apart from having Connecting Heaven Level 2 cultivation, they had other abilities too.

The Heaven Fiend Realm was very big, and they only reached the True Spirit City after half a month.

The True Spirit City was backed by the True Spirit Palace and had hundreds of millions of people. It was the center of commerce of the Heaven Fiend Realm.

The True Spirit Palace was an overlord-level faction in the Heaven Fiend Realm, and it had been established since the Heaven Fiend Realm had been created. In fact, it had even been helped by the Heavenly Saint before.

After entering the True Spirit City, Zhou Xuanji was stunned by the prosperity and extravagance of this city.

The streets were very wide and even the most narrow streets were 30 meters wide. The buildings were like trees in a dense forest, and countless people came and went. There were stalls everywhere, as well as pavilions that stood like mountains. Some of them were even taller than modern China’s massive skyscrapers.

This was not the first time the Xiji Six Immortals had come, and they led Zhou Xuanji to the largest auction house.

He had many treasures, and only by auctioning them out could he earn as much as possible.

However, on the way, he heard some news that caused him to immediately frown.