I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 581 - Chapter 581 – Nine Extreme Thunderclap Sword

Chapter 581 - Chapter 581 – Nine Extreme Thunderclap Sword


In response to Zhou Xuanji’s question, Ji Huanglin did not respond and instead looked at him with an extremely complicated gaze.

“Boy, should I kill you or not?” Ji Huanglin said gloomily. He had always greatly appreciated Zhou Xuanji, but if Zhou Xuanji had chosen to steal the Heavenly Law Jade, he would not have hesitated to kill Zhou Xuanji.

However, Zhou Xuanji had been very resistant back then.

This made him feel very conflicted.

Zhou Xuanji did not panic and replied, “If I were you, I wouldn’t kill me.”

Ji Huanglin narrowed his eyes and asked, “Why is that?”

Killing intent locked onto Zhou Xuanji, causing him to feel a chill on his back.

He looked calm as he replied, “No particular reason.”

Ji Huanglin continued to stare at him, and as their gazes met, he remained silent.

After a while, he slowly turned away from Zhou Xuanji and said, “Zhou Xuanji, you are indeed not simple. If it was anyone else, you might already be dead.

“The agreement between us is void. Don’t let me see you in the future.”

After he spoke, the starry sky in his surroundings suddenly shattered like a glass mirror.

Ji Huanglin walked forwards three steps, to the cliff. He turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji with an incredibly chilling and evil smile, seeming as if he had become a different person. He coldly laughed and said, “It’s impossible for you to pursue the path of an Overlord Saint unless the Heavenly Law is destroyed. Otherwise, you will just be plotted against by the Heavenly Saints until you die. Boy, the heavens are far deeper than you can imagine and you are just a chess piece; is the path you’re walking really the path you want to take?”

He leaned back and fell, and the cliff disappeared.

“Roarr!!” a domineering dragon’s roar sounded out as a golden dragon wrapped with blood-red flames rushed up into the sky before disappearing.

The entire mountain violently swayed and countless rocks rolled down.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and muttered, “So he was a dragon.”

He turned and prepared to leave.

He glanced at Chiyu boy and used Universal Attraction, sucking him over.

He held Chiyu Boy and quickly rushed away from the collapsing mountain.

Below rolling black clouds, wind blew sand into the sky. Figures were fighting within the wind and sand, and the ground below them had been blasted apart. Massive rocks were stabbed into the ground, looking like massive thorns.


A figure fell, smashing into the ground and causing it to cave even further in.

Looking closer, it was Qiu Hu.

There was a gash on his chest, from which blood continuously flowed, through which white bone could be seen.

He gnashed his teeth and looked up—his eyes were bloodshot and he spit out some bloody foam as he cursed out, “Despicable!”

He once again got up and prepared to rush up.

Rays of golden light descended, landing on the broken ground. They quickly formed a formation, and the top of the golden pillars gave off traces of golden light, forming a ceiling containing countless strange runes that blocked Qiu Hu.

No matter how much Qiu Hu struggled, he could not break free.

Five figures appeared above the golden formation. They wore identical white robes, on the back of which were pictures of black horsetail whisks.

They looked down at Qiu Hu and began to discuss among themselves.

“As expected of the first tiger to be created after the Heavenly Law was established; he can be used to refine a great medicinal pill that can help with breaking through.”

“His tiger bones can be used to refine magical treasures.”

“His qi blood is so powerful; this is truly rare.”

“Looks like the outside Great Thousand Worlds are not as weak as we expected.”

“A tiger whip would not be bad either.”

Hearing these discussions, Qiu Hu was so angry that he felt like exploding.

Just who was he? He was the Tiger Ancestor!

And yet, he was being humiliated like this!

He roared, wanting to break through the magic formation. However, it was a pity that no matter how much he attacked, it was futile.

The middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader raised his right palm and looked at Qiu Hu as he shouted, “Heaven-Sealing Dao Seal!”

A golden-colored ‘Dao’ character broke through the sea of clouds and smashed downwards.

This character was incredibly massive, and in front of it, anything seemed incredibly small.

It had an extremely grand aura, and it was as domineering as the sky collapsing!

“No!!” Qiu Hu’s bloodshot eyes widened as he roared.

Within the Heaven Fiend Star Island, Zhou Xuanji sat cross-legged below a mountain. Behind him was a red rock, while Chiyu Boy lay beside him, looking like a corpse.

After Ji Huanglin left, he did not rashly move.

He decided to move after the Thunderclap Sword had successfully leveled up. After all, this island was still very dangerous.

He sent Heavenly Law power into the Thunderclap Sword, hoping that it would be able to gain the destructive power of Heavenly Saints.

Demon God Jihuang and Demon god Tianwu appeared in front of him and on the red rock behind him, to defend against any sudden attacks.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

“The Thunderclap Sword’s upgrade has been successful!” the Sword Spirit’s voice sounded out, following which the Thunderclap Sword’s information appeared before Zhou Xuanji.

Sword Name: Thunderclap Sword

Grade: Nine Extreme

Description: A legendary sword forged from Heavenly Law power. The more lightning it absorbs, the more powerful it will become!

Nine Extreme!

Zhou Xuanji felt delighted; as expected, it did not disappoint him.

What was key was that it did not have a minimum requirement in cultivation to use it!

He immediately took out the Thunderclap Sword.

A long sword dancing with lightning appeared. Compared to how it had initially looked, its appearance had greatly changed and looked much more mighty.

He slowly got up. Holding the Thunderclap Sword, he could feel the berserk power within it.

It seemed like it could destroy everything in the world!

“So powerful!” Zhou Xuanji grinned incredibly widely.

The Saint Slayer Sword was also a Nine Extreme grade sword, but it required Connecting Heaven Level 10 cultivation and he could only use it once per year.

Comparatively speaking, the Thunderclap Sword felt so good!

The sound of lightning crackling woke Chiyu Boy up.

He scrambled up in terror and asked with a trembling voice, “I’m not dead?”

He looked at the Thunderclap Sword and instinctively retreated.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “That’s what you get for daring to try to steal what isn’t yours. Now, will you follow me or move by yourself?”

Chiyu Boy still did not understand the situation. However, seeing that Ji Huanglin and Buddha Yang Ling were not around, he knew that he was not in danger anymore.

He hesitantly asked, “Will you use me as bait again if I follow you?”

Zhou Xuanji did not bother replying to him and turned and left.

Two Demon Gods followed on his left and right, making him look like Liu Bei of the ancient legends flanked by Xiang Yu and Zhang Fei.

Chiyu Boy gritted his teeth and hurriedly followed behind him.

Not too long after they had left, sounds of the air being torn could be heard.

Zhou Xuanji immediately turned and raised his sword, and terrifying heavenly lightning erupted out, blasting the ground around them. The two ferocious beasts howled before being annihilated in body and soul.

Seeing this, Chiyu Boy was completely dumbfounded.

Just what kind of sword was this?

So domineering!

He was immediately convinced and hurriedly cried out, “I’ll follow you! I’ll do anything you ask me to!”

Zhou Xuanji smirked and glanced at the Heaven Fiend Star Island as a daring idea appeared in his mind.

This massive Heaven Fiend Star Island was ripe for the picking!

He decided to completely clear out this island.

At the same time, within the Heavenly Saint’s Palace.

Buddha Yang Ling opened his eyes and frowned as he muttered, “That sword…”

Heavenly Law power!

Very well, boy!

He had dared to trick him!

An icy light flashed in his eyes.

He could immediately tell that the Heavenly Law Jade and that sword had fused together, turning it into a Saint Weapon.