I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 580 - Chapter 580 – Heavenly Saint Position

Chapter 580 - Chapter 580 – Heavenly Saint Position


“Eh?” Zhou Xuanji looked at the Heavenly Law Jade in his hand with a strange look.

It landed in his hands that coincidentally?

Was this destiny?

Ji Huanglin was forced downwards by the golden palm. Seeing the Heavenly Law Jade fall into Zhou Xuanji’s hands, he suddenly stopped.

His gaze froze and he directly used his aura to shatter the golden palm.

He leapt up, passing by Zhou Xuanji and rushing upwards.

Zhou Xuanji held the Heavenly Law Jade and felt a bit hesitant.

Should he be holding this?

If he held it, would Ji Huanglin mind?

No matter what, since it had come to him, there was no reason for him to let it go.

If it was taken by someone else, would Ji Huanglin blame him for it?

He looked up and saw a ray of golden light at the end of the starry sky becoming bigger and bigger, causing him to narrow his eyes.

It was a golden buddha!

Buddha Yang Ling!

Zhou Xuanji immediately thought to this world’s Heavenly Saint and retreated.

In the last battle between Heavenly Saints, he had been caught up in the crossfire and was forced to be reborn.

After the Heavenly Law Jade appeared, Chiyu Boy suddenly broke free of the Five Elements Evil Beads’ control, and he madly flew towards Zhou Xuanji.

Only Zhou Xuanji could make him feel safe right now.

On the other side, Ji Huanglin and Buddha Yang Ling began to fight.

Ji Huanglin unleashed his full power. His palms were like wind, and even with only his palms, he was able to fight directly with Buddha Yang Ling.

Buddha Yang Ling held prayer beads in his left hand and a golden Buddhist pestle in his right hand. He looked upright and dignified and used the golden Buddhist pestle to defend against all of Ji Huanglin’s attacks.

“Ji Huanglin, you’re going too far. Do you really want to burn bridges with me?” Buddha Yang Ling said in a low voice, his gaze calm.

A mighty heavenly might descended, and even though they were far away, Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy were also given a fright, especially Chiyu Boy—he felt as if his soul was going to dissipate at any moment.

He cried out in terror, “Heavenly Saint… Buddha Yang Ling…”

He felt completely disheartened, and his vision began to turn black; he was on the verge of collapse.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at the battle, hoping to gain something from this.

However, the battle between Heavenly Saints was too terrifying; the heavenly might made it so that his divine sense could not get close, and his eyes were blocked by the continuous flow of magic energy.

“Hmph! I will definitely obtain the things I want!” Ji Huanglin coldly harrumphed, his eyes filled with fury.

He had already obtained the Heavenly Law Jade but Buddha Yang Ling had rushed out, making him feel infuriated.

The more he fought, the stronger he became, his aura shaking the starry sky. At a glance, the entire seemed to be distorted by ripples, making one’s head feel dizzy.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt the Heavenly Law Jade in his hand become extremely hot, and he instinctively threw it away.

Beside him, Chiyu Boy’s eyes lit up, and he immediately tried to grab it.


A berserk wave of energy erupted from the Heavenly Law Jade, blasting Chiyu Boy back and causing him to cough up blood.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and instinctively retreated.

However, the Heavenly Law Jade gave off a suction force and dragged him towards it, and the gap between them became smaller and smaller.

“How is this possible?” Zhou Xuanji gnashed his teeth and tried to resist it.

He also fused Demon God Jihuang into himself, and his strength reached an unprecedented level.

Despite this, he could only slow himself down and could not completely break free from this suction force.

Soon, he collided with the Heavenly Law Jade.

The Heavenly Law Jade fused into his body, and he looked at Ji Huanglin and shouted furiously, “Your jade…”

A brilliant light exploded out, covering his body.

Ji Huanglin and Buddha Yang Ling stopped fighting. Ji Huanglin’s expression greatly fell and he quickly rushed towards Zhou Xuanji, but he was stopped by Buddha Yang Ling.

“It’s too late, the Heavenly Law Jade has already chosen an owner. Even if you forcefully take it back, the Heavenly Law Jade will dissipate,” Buddha Yang Ling said calmly. However, he inwardly felt great pain as well.

This Heavenly Law Jade was something he had put immense effort into, but it had been taken by this boy.

What was key was that he had noticed Zhou Xuanji trying to resist it and that he did not want the Heavenly Law Jade.

This attitude made him feel even worse.

Ji Huanglin’s chest heaved, and red light danced in his gaze as his aura became extremely terrifying.

Buddha Yang Ling’s expression slightly changed and he said in a low voice, “Don’t do anything rash!”

Hearing this, Ji Huanglin did his best to remain calm.

All of his efforts had been wasted!

He felt even worse than Buddha Yang Ling.

He turned and looked at Buddha Yang Ling, and he gritted his teeth as he asked, “Why did it turn out like this? Was it your doing?”

Hearing this, Buddha Yang Ling’s expression darkened and said, “You know best the importance of the Heavenly Law Jade. Why would I be willing to give it to him? The Heavenly Law Jade just felt that he was the most suitable to receive the power of the Heavenly Law!”

Ji Huanglin frowned.

Within the brilliant light, Zhou Xuanji could not move, but he felt a berserk energy covering him.

“Ding! The Heavenly Law’s power wants to turn the host into a Heavenly Saint, will you accept? Once you accept you will forever be a slave to the Heavenly Law and will never be able to surpass Heavenly Saints!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice suddenly sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

Zhou Xuanji did not hesitate to reply, “I refuse!”

Because of the Primordial Ancestor’s enemies, Heavenly Saint absolutely could not be his end goal.

He had to become even stronger!

“Please choose a sword to receive the Heavenly law’s power, allowing it to go through a transformation!” the Sword Spirit’s voice sounded out incredibly quickly; it sounded like it was in a hurry.

Zhou Xuanji directly chose the Thunderclap Sword.

The Thunderclap Sword could become stronger by relying on heavenly lightning, and it had long since been tied to the Heavenly Law.

Following this, the brilliant light around Zhou Xuanji was absorbed into his body.

He once again looked at the boundless starry sky and breathed out.

Ji Huanglin and Buddha Yang Ling simultaneously landed in front of him and spoke at the same time.

“Where’s the Heavenly Law Jade?”

“What’s going on?”

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “The Heavenly Law Jade wanted me to become a Heavenly Saint, but I refused.”

Hearing this, Ji Huanglin and Buddha Yang Ling’s expressions changed.

Ji Huanglin asked, “What about the Heavenly Law Jade? Where did it go?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, after I refused, it disappeared.”

The Supreme Legendary Sword System was fused with his soul, and the Supreme Storage was in the depths of his soul; he did not believe that Ji Huanglin would be able to find it.

Ji Huanglin raised his hand and pressed it on his shoulder, and he frowned as he said, “The Heavenly Law Jade is indeed not in your body… it shouldn’t be like this…”

Buddha Yang Ling’s gaze was complicated as he asked, “Why did you refuse to become a Heavenly Saint?”

Many creatures were so desperate to become a Heavenly Saint that they would fight to the point that they could not be reincarnated, but this boy actually refused to become a Heavenly Saint.

As a Heavenly Saint, he felt as if he had been looked down on.

“I want to become a Saint but not a Heavenly Saint. In my eyes, the path of an expert is limitless, and Heavenly Saint should not be the end,” Zhou Xuanji calmly replied. If he became a Heavenly Saint, perhaps Buddha Yang Ling would have attacked him.

Buddha Yang Ling looked at him with a deep look and understood what he was thinking.

This boy had the ancient Demon Gods as clones; he evidently wanted to walk the path of the Overlord Saint.

“What are you still staying here for?” Ji Huanglin glanced at Buddha Yang Ling as he spoke in a cold voice.

Buddha Yang Ling sighed and his body turned illusory and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Ji Huanglin and asked out of curiosity, “Just who are you, for you to dare to attack a Heavenly Saint?”