I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 58

Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Chapter 58 – Sword Qi Evaluation! The Power of Sword Will!

“You are?”

Zhou Xuanji pretended to not know Zhou Chengxin and asked calmly.

Zhou Chengxin had only seen him when he was young. There was no way that the seventh prince could identify him.

“I am the seventh prince of Great Zhou, Zhou Chengxin. I have long been your admirer.” Zhou Chengxin said with a smile as he fanned himself.

He revealed his identity so that Zhou Xuanji could face him squarely.

To say that he admired Zhou Xuanji was purely being polite.

From his perspective, there were as many cultivators that were stronger than Zhou Xuanji as there were fish in the river.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. “Is there anything I can do for you? I still need to register myself. ” He said.

Zhou Chengxin heard and smiled, saying, “Good. Let me lead the way.”

He signaled the Xie Sect disciple, and the latter promptly left.

Zhou Xuanji did not decline his offer. He understood Zhou Chengxin’s principles and was not afraid to owe him relational debts.

Anyway, after killing the Empress of Great Zhou, he would leave Great Zhou and wander around the world with Little Jiang Xue.

“Let’s first go for sword Qi analysis.”

Zhou Chengxin said. His words made Zhou Xuanji rather curious.

Why the need to analyze sword Qi?

Were they afraid that some sword cultivators might take advantage of the busy situation?

Zhou Chengxin saw that he was puzzled and explained to him, “There are numerous participants of the Sword Conference. It’s not good to have too many fatalities because of vast power disparities. So, participants are ranked based on their abilities. After the registration, only the top fifty will be selected to participate in the Sword Conference.”

“This means that registration is the first stage?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a lifted brow.

Xie Wuyou was really unfriendly. If he were to be the main character in a mystical novel, would he still be able to pretend to be dumb and weak to surprise his opponent?

“You are right, so don’t have any reservations. If you were chosen in the registration result, you will be shamed.”

Zhou Chengxin said with a smile. Following his lead, Zhou Xunaji quickly reached the sword Qi stage.

There was a chunk of iron rock that stretched three meters wide and six meters tall. There were numerous slash marks with differing depths.

There were ten such iron rocks in the hall, arranged into three rows, and cultivators were queuing in front of each rock.

“This is the sword Qi Rock. The result of the evaluation will be determined by the depth of the cut made by your sword Qi.”

Zhou Chengxin said, then he walked forward to talk to the Xie Sect disciple opposite him.

That Xie Sect disciple immediately asked those who were queuing to back up.

“Why does he get to cut the queue?”

A muscular man shouted in a deep voice. Those who came to participate in the Sword Conference were all very competent, no one wanted to queue.

Zhou Chengxin glanced at him and said, “This is Sword God Zhou on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking. If you can enter Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking, you can cut the queue too!”


A great commotion arose among the disciples who were queuing. The muscular man was in shock and immediately backed off.

Zhou Xuanji faced the crowd who looked at him peculiarly and walked to the sword Qi Rock without any expression.

There was a red rope three yards away from the sword Qi rock. No trespassing was allowed.

The Xie Sect disciple first took out a piece of white jade and wrote down “Sword God Zhou” on its surface with his fingers. Next, three words that were the size of flies appeared on the top left corner of the jade.

Zhou Xuanji felt curious. What spell was that?

But he did not show any signs of curiosity on his face.

The esteemed Sword God Zhou must not look ignorant.

“Sir, please draw your sword. You have only one attempt. You cannot try again.”

The Xie Sect disciple said respectfully. There was no such thing as a retry for real sword cultivators.

If a sword cultivator could not control the magnitude of his own sword Qi, he would not qualify for Sword Conference.

Zhou Xuanji flipped out his Hell King Sword and asked, “I can only slash, no sword technique or sword will be allowed?”

The crowd behind him broke into commotion again.

Sword will!

How many sword cultivators in the hall had realized their sword wills?

He is Sword God Zhou indeed. Even his words carried the aura of a powerful cultivator.

The Xie Sect disciple was at a loss. “Of course you can, but there can only be one stream of sword Qi. If there is more than one, you will fail the evaluation.” He replied.

Zhou Xuanji heard him and flipped his right hand. The Hell King Sword rotated in his hand, its radiance attracted the attention of sword cultivators in the other queues.

He held the Hell King Sword in a reversed grip and entered into the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword Will Mode straightaway.

His black hair danced even when there was no wind, and his black clothes fluttered. An indescribably imposing aura exploded which caught the attention of everyone in the hall.

At the end of the hall, a man in Xie Sect’s uniform stood on the rock pedestal. He had an upright posture, tanned skin, and only one eye.

“Who is this kid?” He asked as he stared at Zhou Xuanji.

A disciple who was walking up to him answered, “Sword God Zhou. Received personally by the seventh prince. He took notice of Sword God Zhou the moment the kid entered the city.”

Sword God Zhou!

The single-eyed man squinted his eye and snorted.

There were rumors amongst the people that aroused his dislike toward Sword God Zhou.

How could they say that Sword God Zhou was comparable to the Sword Monarch?

What a joke!

This is an insult to the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!

But with the seventh prince at the kid’s side, he did not dare to create trouble. He wanted to see how powerful Sword God Zhou really was.

As he watched Zhou Xuanji entered into the sword will mode, he laughed in disdain, “With such a sword will, it seems that he has yet to reach Inner Pellet.”

Although he was in disdain, many sword cultivators were talking amongst themselves who admired Sword God Zhou in secret.

Zhou Xuanji did not beat around the bush. He mustered his spirit energy fully and slashed towards the sword Qi rock.

Clang —

A strong gust blew, and the sword Qi rock vibrated violently, creating an ear-piercing noise to people that stood close.

Zhou Chengxin was shocked. Sword God Zhou indeed!

All eyes were on the sword Qi rock.

A stripe of sword mark that was visibly longer and deeper than the rest appeared.

Even the Xie Sect disciple that was in charge of the evaluation was in such a shock that his eyelids twitched unstoppably.

He immediately walked up and began measuring the depth of the mark left by Zhou Xuanji.

With the Hell King Sword disappearing into thin air, Zhou Xuanji relaxed his hand and looked forward casually.

What the!

I almost had a burnout!

He cursed silently. If this slash did not get him into the top fifty, he would surely slice his own throat at the gate of Swordsman City!

He had mustered his spirit energy fully for the slash just now. It was definitely his most forceful slash without activating Hell King Possession.

Even powerful Inner Pellet cultivators might not be able to endure that strike.

“Sword God Zhou, sword Qi evaluation, one and a half inches!”

The Xie Sect disciple exclaimed with a trembling voice.


The entire hall exploded into commotion with many sword cultivators exclaiming in shock.

“One and a half inches can be ranked at least among the top ten!”

“Sword God Zhou indeed. I feel that he still reserved some power.”

“Of course! How can Sword God Zhou really give his all in such an evaluation?”

“He is so dominating! So this is what a sword will is.”

“This Sword Conference will definitely be interesting!”

The sword cultivators chattered among themselves, even Xie Sect disciples were discussing what happened.

The one-eyed man’s face was black. He snorted and remained silent.

The Xie Sect disciple began to record Zhou Xuanji’s records on the white jade.

Then, Zhou Chengxin continued leading the way after congratulating him as Zhou Xuanji received the white jade.

Many gave way to them along the way.

“Are you Sword God Zhou? You are really powerful. I’m Yang Che, the deputy governor of Luoyang City. Can we get to know each other?”

A voice came from Zhou Xuanji’s side, and he stopped immediately when he heard it.

He turned around and looked at Yang Che.

Yang Che’s face looked rather handsome. He wore an expensive yellow robe and had light beard stubble at the side of his mouth. As Zhou Xuanji looked at him, he smiled calmly and looked neither haughty nor humble.

Zhou Xuanji walked to him with a smirk and signaled to him with his hand, “Bend down.”

Yang Che was at a loss. He thought that Zhou Xuanji wanted to whisper in his ear, so he bent down and leaned forward to listen.


Zhou Xuanji gave him a tight slap. His terrifying strength of thirty thousand pounds sent Yang Che spinning and flying backward above the crowd and he slammed into the wall not far away.