I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 579 - Chapter 579 Heavenly Law Jade

Chapter 579 - Chapter 579 Heavenly Law Jade


After ascending the mountain, the sense of danger grew stronger in Zhou Xuanji’s heart even though he had a clear line of sight and the mountain was so bare that there seemed to be no danger.

Ji Huangling had already put Chiyu Boy down. He walked at the front with calm composure. Apparently, this was not his first time here.

But why was someone so highly cultivated walking at such a slow pace?

Couldn’t he just fly inside?

Zhou Xuanji speculated in his heart. He felt that Ji Huangling was trying to impress them.

This mountain had a great height. When they reached the mountain shoulder, Ji Huangling stopped and asked, “How long will you hide?”

Chiyu Boy grew anxious again.

Ji Huangling did not attack the hidden opponent immediately but attempted to interrogate him instead. It seemed that this opponent was formidable.

And all of a sudden, a pair of Flame God Guardians appeared a dozen meters above them.

These were the ones that Buddha Yang Ling’s wooden puppets transformed into.

They looked at Ji Huangling expressionless and gave off an aura of death.

Ji Huangling laughed coldly, “Yangling sent you here, thinking that you can stop me?”

He cried out the name of the Heavenly Saint openly, not afraid of any taboos.

The two Flame God Guardians heard his words and charged at him immediately.


They were stopped by a formless force only a meter away from Ji Huangling.

Whooooosh– Whooooosh–

Flames burnt brightly on the Flame God Guardians, so much so that they looked like two giant fireballs.

Ji Huangling stepped forward with a cold snort and knocked the Flame God Guardians back with his aura.

He continued walking ahead. With each step, he pressed against the Flame God Guardians with increasing forcefulness. It was unstoppably powerful.

The Flame God Guardians parted from each other and charged toward Ji Huangling from different directions.

But Ji Huangling remained as composed. No matter how they attacked, they could not even touch Ji Huangling. Instead, they were blasted off again and again.

Before him, the Flame God Guardians seemed so weak.

Chiyu Boy asked, “Since you can kill them, why don’t you do it already?”

Is he trying to show off?

He really hated Ji Huangling in his heart.

If not for Ji Huangling, he would not be here.

Ji Huangling waved his hand, and the Flame God Guardians exploded into ash.

Piece of cake!


Ji Huangling looked indifferent, and he continued walking on.

The two Flame God Guardians materialized their bodies once again and appeared by his two sides. They no longer dared to attack.

“Get lost. And relay my message to Yangling. If he dares to stop me again, he shall face more severe consequences than he imagines.”

Ji Huangling snorted coldly. His aura exploded and shook the entire peak.

The two Flame God Guardians disappeared instantly.

They understood why they could not stop Ji Huangling. There was no point in getting killed here.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Who is Yangling? The Heavenly Saint of the Heaven Fiend Realm?”

Other than the Heavenly Saint, who else could be resourceful enough to set an ambush in the Heaven Fiend Star Island?

“Yes,” Ji Huangling replied, “a scheming old man with a wild ambition.”

His tone was filled with disdain against Buddha Yang Ling.

“Are you a Heavenly Saint too?” Zhou Xuanji asked further.

“The Heavenly Saint is nothing to me,” Ji Huangling said mockingly.

He did not explain what he meant, but this prompted Zhou Xuanji to think even more.

Did this guy come from outside the Heavenly Law?

Zhou Xuanji already knew three beings from Kunlun Origin Court.

Was Ji Huangling from the same place too?

But why was he so daring to offend the Heavenly Saint openly?

Even the old beggar and old immortal dared not to do it so daringly.

And there was still the Primordial Ancestor who was hiding here like an underground rat.

Ji Huangling punched on the mountain wall suddenly. The impact created a gigantic hole and swept up a cloud of dust. The hole connected them deep into the mountain body.

“Follow me,””

Ji Huangling said before taking the lead and moved into the dust cloud.

Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy followed closely behind.

Chiyu Boy no longer dared to escape. If he were to make another attempt, Ji Huangling would most likely kill him.

After walking into the mountain body for about 100 meters, they came to a spacious chamber inside the mountain. And they saw something gigantic.

Dragon Emperor E’Ming!

With a height of a few hundred meters, the live-looking rock sculpture of the nine-headed dragon looked sinister and terrifying

Chiyu Boy’s shivering out of fear, and he cried out, “Didn’t you say that you are not going to revive him?”

Ji Huangling sucked him into his lifted hand and threw him toward Dragon Emperor E’Ming straightaway.

Chiyu Boy was so frightened that his soul almost shattered. He tried to move but realized that there was a formless force restricting his movements. He could not even talk.

Zhou Xuanji did not interfere but waited patiently.

Ji Huangling took out the five Evil Beads and tossed them onto Chiyu Boy.

Despair filled Chiyu Boy’s wide-opened eyes.

The Five Elemental Evil Beads shined brilliantly and illuminated the entire chamber.

A powerful wind rose from beneath them, making Chiyu Boy sway like a fallen leaf in a violent gust.

Dragon Emperor E’Ming’s sculpture moved following that.

The nine-headed dragon moved its heads and looked toward the Five Elemental Evil Beads on Chiyu Boy’s body.

“Oh no!… It’s the end for me…””

Chiyu Boy wailed in his heart as he closed his eyes.

If he could reincarnate, he would make Ji Huangling pay.

“Stay close to me. Let me show you something you have not seen before!”

Hearing Ji Huangling’s words, Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

He immediately activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique to merge with Demon God Tianwu and Demon God Nanming to prepare himself for what was about to come.

The Five Elemental Evil Beads vibrated violently, followed by an explosion of powerful radiance. The shockwave crushed everything around it, and the mountain walls disappeared as well.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes dazzled. Then, everything was replaced with the starry sky.

Only Ji Huangling, Chiyu Boy, Dragon Emperor E’Ming, and himself were left in the sky.

It felt like a mirage realm!

Ji Huangling raised his hand, and the five beads let out a beam of light that soared upwards before disappearing into the end of the starry sky.

A while later.

A beam of red light shot down from above and landed on Ji Huangling’s raised palm.

He smiled, mumbling, “Heavenly Law Jade. I’ve finally found you.”

Heavenly Law Jade!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He knew what this jade represented the moment he heard its name.

What was this guy planning to do?

Could he be planning to control the Heavenly Law?

Or was he against the Heavenly Law?

Zhou Xuanji contemplated countless possibilities. Meanwhile, he stayed put and waited patiently.


Dragon Emperor E’Ming was fully resuscitated. It roared ferociously toward Ji Huangling with a berserk aura.

The nine heads of the dragon opened their mouths simultaneously. Flames of all colors were blasted toward Ji Huangling like a mighty river. Merging together, the unstoppable flames were thousands of miles wide.

Raising his right hand that had received the red light, he struck back with his left palm.

The palm strike generated a blast of wind that blocked the massive sea of fire.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji sensed his true prowess.

Even after merging with the two Demon Gods, he still felt that Ji Huangling was undefeatable.

Just what is his cultivation?

“Little departed spirit, you dare to fight against me?”

Ji Huangling laughed mockingly. Pushing with his left arm, the sea of fire returned to where it came from.

Chiyu Boy was protected by the Five Elemental Evil Beads, but he had already turned mute out of fear. His face was pale like ash.


At this moment, a majestic and stern buddha voice came. A massive golden palm came from above and struck Ji Huangling with a speed that even Zhou Xuanji could not react in time. This attack caught Ji Huangling off-guard. His right hand moved away from the red beam of light, and he fell downwards.

A bright light came flying out from the red beam and flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

He caught it instinctively. It was an amethyst crystal that was about 20 inches long.

Heavenly Law Jade!