I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 578 - Chapter 578 Dragon Emperor E’Ming

Chapter 578 - Chapter 578 Dragon Emperor E’Ming


“What is that?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. Chiyu Boy looked to where he was referring to and frowned.

There were many legends about dragons with nine heads. These were mostly demonic beings that could bring about the world-shattering catastrophe.

“Heavenly Saint’s ancient beast, Dragon Emperor E’Ming. He’s one of the Evil Life Evil Spirits and possesses the power to destroy the world. If not for the Heavenly Saint, he would have devoured the entire Heaven Fiend Realm,” Ji Huangling introduced, which made Chiyu Boy shudder.

“Are you here to find this?” he asked carefully.

If such a powerful beast was released, it would be the end of the realm indeed.

He had heard many stories about people seeking power and released the seals on ancient evil powerhouses. In the end, not only did they pay with their lives, but they also brought destruction to their world as well.

Ji Huangling replied, “Dragon Emperor E’Ming is nothing to me.”

He looked down and said, “Wait a little longer. You two be quiet.”

Chiyu Boy wanted to say something but kept it back.

Ji Huangling spoke no more.

The three were silent, and Zhou Xuanji began looking at his surroundings.

He found other strange patterns kind of revealed the vicissitude of the ancient civilization.

It was also worth mentioning that no ferocious beast had attacked them after they had reached this place.

Half an hour later, Ji Huangling suddenly waved his palm downward and pulled across the air.


The ocean of lava burst open. A flaming ball of the size of a human head flew up and landed in his palm.

He turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy with a smirk.

He said, “This is the Fiery Evil Bead. Next, we need to find the Evil Bead of the other four elements. And then, we will head over to the center of the Heaven Fiend Star Island to exchange for the thing that I want. Whatever you want during this process, just tell me.”

“Really?” Chiyu Boy cried out in surprise.

Ji Huangling glanced at him and said, “Not for you.”

Chiyu Boy’s smile disappeared in an instant.

The Sage Emperor stored the Fiery Evil Bead safely before leaving with Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy.

On the rest of the journey, whatever Zhou Xuanji saw, he could take it without hesitation.

There was no need for him to do it personally. Ji Huangling could do it at a wave of his hand, and those treasures would be brought toward him.

He sensed that these natural treasures contained within them an evil aura. To use them, he had to first remove the evil aura.

Three days later.

They found the Water Evil Bead.

The Heaven Fiend Star Island was vast. Other than the lava land, there were lands with other natural landscapes.

For example, a frozen land, a green pasture, or a mountain forest littered with autumn leaves.

The island was already a realm in itself, and it was an extremely huge realm.

Ji Huangling eliminated all the ferocious monsters they encountered along the way. None of them even managed to touch the edge of their clothing.

Chiyu Boy was convinced of Ji Huangling’s prowess and no longer felt afraid. He could even collect some special rocks and plants.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji had been observing Ji Huangling.

He always felt that this guy was very much like the Heavenly Saints.

He attempted to use the Nine Soul Fusion Technique secretly, but he still could not see Ji Huangling’s cultivation stage.

Within half a month, Ji Huangling had collected the Evil Beads of all five elements. Then, they headed to the center of the Heaven Fiend Star Island.

“What comes next is the difficult part,” Ji Huangling spoke, “Little guy, prepare yourself for death.”

Chiyu Boy looked around and was greatly frightened.

“Didn’t you say you would protect us?” He cried out.

Ji Huangling snorted coldly in reply, “That’s what I said to him. You are different. I captured you here as bait. Don’t think I don’t know your background. You can lure evil demons easily. If you cooperate, perhaps there’s still hope for you to survive.”

Chiyu Boy’s expression changed drastically. All hope was lost for him, and he almost fainted in despair.

Zhou Xuanji looked toward Chiyu Boy in curiosity. Perhaps this little guy had some great background?

No wonder Ji Huangling didn’t bring along Xiji Six Immortals but this boy.

Chiyu Boy suddenly dashed toward a forest in the east like an arrow.

But Ji Huangling sucked Chiyu Boy back with his palm. Grasping his neck, Ji Huangling lifted him up in the air.

“Let me go! If my master knows this, it’s the end for you!”

Chiyu Boy shouted. His face was turning red.

Ji Huangling laughed in disdain. He walked ahead while holding Chiyu Boy’s neck.

A vastly tall mountain with its peak above the clouds stood mightily before them. The sky above was extremely dark and depressing. Thunder could be heard faintly.

“Such a powerful aura. What’s hidden inside?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. A strong sense of danger welled up in his heart.

He instinctively wanted to stay away from that mountain.

But since he was already here, he wanted to see what Ji Huangling was seeking.

Above the sea of clouds, an island was floating in the air.

There was a courtyard on the island, and Xuan Daoya was standing outside the courtyard. “Brother Si,” he said with a smile, “aren’t you going to meet this old friend of yours?”

Soon, a cold and indifferent voice came: “What’s there for us to meet? Or do you want me to kill you?”

This person was Si Mengyan, a supernatural being that transcended the Great Thousand World and was qualified to contend for the Saints.

Xuan Daoya was not intimidated but replied calmly, “Regarding the Great Emperor Dao Court, I have already left it. If you want to know any intel about it, I can tell you. I just want to ask for your help to reforge my body.”


The gate opened, and a violent gust of wind blew toward Xuan Daoya.

Xuan Daoya did not flinch but gazed fixedly into the house in the courtyard.

Si Mengyan walked out of the house. He was wearing a black robe with red edges. His face looked demonic, and amidst his black hair were strands of blood-colored hair. His fearsome eyes were ruthless and icy.

Staring at Xuan Daoya, he said, “If you dare to deceive me, you should know how it will end for you.”

Xuan Daoya sighed, “I have no other way. The Great Emperor Dao Court is too foolish!”

Anger flared up in his heart whenever he remembered about Zhou Xuanji.

The Great Emperor Dao Court was high and lofty. Each of them was proud and conceited, and none of them took any genius seriously.

This made him greatly frustrated.

At the same time, he had more hatred.

He had served the Great Emperor Dao Court faithfully and tirelessly. But still, he ended up like this.

“Why do you say so?” Si Mengyan asked.

Xuan Daoya told him about Zhou Xuanji. Si Mengyan’s eyes sparkled as he heard about it.

“Zhou Xuanji… So it’s him…”

Si Mengyan thought in his heart. Old Ancestor Hongshi mentioned Zhou Xuanji, claiming that this young cultivator would be his partner in the future. They would become Old Ancestor’s most powerful weapons.

Xuan Daoya said with gritted teeth, “After your revenge, can you help me get rid of Zhou Xuanji? I will obey your commands in the future!”

Zhou Xuanji grew too quickly. In his heart, Zhou Xuanji was even more of a threat than Si Mengyan.

Si Mengyan said with seemingly a burst of laughter, “Zhou Xuanji? Sure. Help me get rid of the Great Emperor Dao Court first.”

He ridiculed in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji was chosen by the Heavenly Saint, and you think you can scheme his death?


Xuan Daoya heard him and heaved a sigh of relief. He forced a smile and said, “Let’s discuss it inside.”

Si Mengyan nodded and walked back into his house. Xuan Daoya followed closely behind.