I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 577 - Chapter 577 Horrifying Power

Chapter 577 - Chapter 577 Horrifying Power


The two puppets that were burning in white flames transformed into two men with identical appearance.

They were expressionless and charred armors materialized on their bodies. Their eyes were beaming with a chilling radiance.

Buddha Yang Ling said, “Flame God Guardians, head over to Heaven Fiend Star Island to protect that piece of jade. Don’t let anyone go close to it.”

Immediately after he spoke, the two Flame God Guardians disappeared from the temple.

The Heavenly Saint snorted coldly before closing his eyes in deep thought.

Ji Huangling’s speed was extremely fast.

About an hour later, they landed suddenly.

This was a remote island. The surging sea waves crashed into the beach, and thunderclouds gathered above it.

Ji Huangling looked at Xiji Six Immortals and said, “You stay here and wait for us to come out.”

After that, he waved his hand again and carried Chiyu Boy and Zhou Xuanji away.

Xiji Six Immortals looked at each other in dismay but did not say anything. They began exploring the island to see if there were any traps or treasures.

They were already addicted to treasure-finding. Wherever they were, they wanted to look for treasures.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji and the other two landed on a cliff.

Behind them were gigantic waves and billowing waters. The dark clouds above the ocean made it look like a great thunderstorm was happening. Looking from afar, Zhou Xuanji could see the remote island Xiji Six Immortals were on.

However, a great mist veiled their view ahead. The Heaven Fiend Star Island could only be seen faintly, looking like an enormous beast.

Chiyu Boy was so frightened that he sat paralyzed on the ground and almost fell down the cliff.

He cried out in terror, “Why must it be here… Isn’t it good to stay alive?”

Zhou Xuanji probed into the Heaven Fiend Star Island with his divine sense. However, he realized that there was a formless and powerful barrier stopping him from doing so.

Ji Huangling spoke, “We will hide in your sleeves later. You charge into it straightaway. Don’t be afraid of the dangers. The Heaven Fiend Star Island’s traps can only harm living beings that belong to the Heaven Fiend Realm. You have just arrived here and have yet to turn into a local being.”

He waved his hand again to shrink himself and Chiyu Boy. The magic energy wrapped around them, and they entered Zhou Xuanji’s sleeves like two flies.

Zhou Xuanji brought out Demon God Tianwu. With the History Asunder Sword in his hand, he walked into the dense mist.

Ji Huangling only said that the traps were not effective against him, but he did not say that there were not powerful beings inside.

Usually, many forbidden grounds had powerful beings who went crazy. They would attack any trespassers.

After entering into the dense mist, Zhou Xunaji’s sight range was reduced to merely a few meters. His divine sense could not penetrate the mist either.

He was extra vigilant against enemy attacks.

After moving forward for two miles, he had yet to exit the dense mist.

He could not help but frown. Why do I feel like I’m lost?

“Continue ahead. The Heaven Fiend Star Island is bigger than you think. Many people from other realms thought that they lost their way too and turned back. But after circling around, they were eventually driven insane.”

Ji Huangling’s voice came, which shook away Zhou Xuanji’s hesitation.

He began to move full speed ahead.

10 miles.

20 miles.

200 miles.

Zhou Xuanji frowned again. Just how big was the Heaven Fiend Star Island?


A terrifying wolf howl could be heard from his back.

He did not stop. He had Demon God Tianwu guarding at his side anyway.

After moving ahead for another half an hour.

He finally went past the mist zone. The undulating mountain ranges before him were bare. Everywhere was lava, charred earth, and billowing thunderclouds. It seemed like hell.

Ji Huangling and Chiyu Boy flew out from his sleeves and landed beside him.

“Oh no… Oh no…”

Chiyu Boy was shivering. Tears rolled from his eyes without stopping. It was as though he was greatly wronged by someone.

“The rest is up to us,” Ji Huangling said, “Follow me closely. Don’t fall behind me for more than 15 meters, or else I won’t be able to save you.”

After that, he began walking ahead. Chiyu Boy quickly followed behind him and dared not to continue crying.

Zhou Xuanji followed him with Demon God Tianwu as well.

He was very curious about Ji Huangling’s power. And now, it was the time to see just how powerful this Sage Emperor was.

Ji Huangling walked without hurry. Looking straight ahead, his expression maintained calm and was without any tinge of surprise. No one could understand what he was thinking.

Chiyu Boy felt extremely anxious as he looked left and right.

They had a clear sight all around them, but this still filled him with a sense of crisis.


Someone with a terrifying look came charging toward them suddenly but was bounced back by a formless barrier. The impact propelled him backward as he vomited blood.

It was too fast!

He flew over in an instant. The speed at which he moved was like teleportation.

Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy looked over and saw that the person was a blood monkey. It had six arms and a hideous face, with tusks jutting out from its mouth.

After landing, he rolled hundreds of rounds. Then, It quickly dug into the charred earth and disappeared.

Chiyu Boy asked with a trembling voice, “What’s that…”

The boy was a Universe Heaven cultivator. But at this moment, he was in fear, just like a mortal.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Ji Huangling instead.

He totally did not see how Ji Huangling fought it back.

Ji Huangling did not stop his tracks but continued ahead.

“The Heaven Fiend Star Island is full of bale aura, which nurtured many ferocious beings. In the countless years, their power had reached a horrifying extent. The dense mist surrounding this place is actually a form of prison, to prevent them from going out.”

Ji Huangling clarified with the two.

Chiyu Boy asked, “What are you finding?”

Why did this guy know so much about Heaven Fiend Star Island?

Had he been here before?

Then why come again?

He immediately thought of one possibility — The previous people who accompanied Ji Huangling were all dead.

Zhou Xuanji also thought of this possibility, but he showed no fear.

Ji Huangling glanced at Chiyu Boy and said, “Something that will cause your death after you have heard of it.”

Chiyu Boy was terrified by his chilling look and immediately shut his mouth.

From then on, they were attacked multiple times, but all those ferocious beasts were repelled before they could even touch the trio.

Ji Huangling was overwhelmingly powerful!

Half an hour later. They came to the foot of a volcano. A cave stood in front of them with the light of flames shining from within.

Ji Huangling brought them inside.

“Be careful of what’s on the ground. Don’t step on the stones. They are extremely corrosive. They will kill you in body and soul if you step onto them. Even cultivators of Connecting Heaven Level Ten can not survive for five breaths.”

His words made Zhou Xuanji and Chiyu Boy look down on the ground instinctively.

Zhou Xuanji kept Demon God Tianwu into the Tianxia Map.

Soon, they saw that the ground was filled with all kinds of stones. They immediately flew up and stayed away from the ground surface.

Fortunately, the cave ceiling was high enough, or else it would be very troublesome for them.

Moving ahead along the winding tunnel, they finally reached the end of it.

A cliff was in front, and under it was a sea of lava. The extreme temperature made Chiyu Boy covered in sweat.

Ji Huangling stood by the cliffside and looked downwards with a stern expression still.

He did not move but observed silently.

Chiyu Boy wanted to ask but dared not speak. He could only turn his gaze toward Zhou Xuanji.

But Zhou Xuanji ignored him and looked at the rocky walls opposite of them instead.

There was a drawing on the rocky walls, which was drawn with red rock.

It was a dragon with nine heads, surrounded by a few dozens of people. They were not fighting but executing a ritual.