I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 576 - Chapter 576 Heaven Fiend Star Island

Chapter 576 - Chapter 576 Heaven Fiend Star Island


“You are looking for me because of Huang Fufei as well?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Although he could not see Ji Huangling’s cultivation, he had no fear either.

But Ji Huangling shook his head in reply, “Your fate is not from the Heaven Fiend Realm. I want to work with you to accomplish something. You shall be rewarded handsomely after it’s done.”

Another cooperation!

Yin Moqing requested first, and now him.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but speculate the connection and agenda of their invitations.

Looking back at him, Ji Huangling continued to speak, “I looked for you because you are considered as the most powerful foreign being. The place that I’m going to has forbidden any being local to this realm from entering. This is something that we can do while others have to wait outside.”

Zhou Xuanji asked peacefully, “Since you are asking for my help, shouldn’t you show your sincerity first? You are not even telling me the situation. Are you taking me as an idiot?”

Ji Huangling’s attitude displeased him.

This guy looked so high and lofty. Although his tone was not imposing, Zhou Xuanji still felt like he was giving orders.

“The place that I want to go to is called the Heaven Fiend Star Island. It’s the greatest forbidden ground of the Heaven Fiend Realm, situated in the ocean. Since ancient times, Saint Contenders tried to enter, but none returned. Only the Heavenly Saint knows the secrets hidden inside. If you dare to enter it with me, I promise you that your cultivation will improve by three levels. Moreover, you will receive countless treasures, as well,” Ji Huangling said, as though it was greatly luring.

Zhou Xuanji frowned slightly. It was his first time hearing about the Heaven Fiend Star Island. Just by his words, the place sounded extremely dangerous.

He had no reason or goal to fulfill at the Heaven Fiend Star Island.

“I’m not interested,” he said.

Ji Huangling was not infuriated but said, “You have in your possession the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. If you don’t strive to become more powerful, it will draw great trouble toward you.”

Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowed eyes, “You can see that I have it? Why don’t you snatch it from me?”

Could this person be a Heavenly Saint?

But would a Heavenly Saint need the help of another person?

“I don’t need it. I only need you to head over to the island with me. I can also fulfill a request for you, as long as I’m capable of doing it,” Ji Huangling continued.

Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowed eyes, “Can you bring me back to Wanshen Great Thousand?”

Although he could assist the Emperor Sword Court through the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus at any time, he could not teleport himself back.

If he sent himself back, then what would happen to the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus?

Leave it in the Heaven Fiend Realm and wait for someone to take it away?

If the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus ended up in someone else’s hands, the people in the lotus would face danger. Others could even come through the portals and harm the Divine Cliff.

“A piece of cake,” Ji Huangling said as he waved his hand. This made Zhou Xuanji contemplate.

Should he go?

It was too difficult to search for the Heavenly Saint and the Evil Life Evil Spirit.

He looked up at Ji Huangling and said, “Then, tell me your background? At least let me feel secured.”

Ji Huangling said intently, “You have asked too much. I have already shown my sincerity and did not force you. I cannot reveal my identity to you, just like you have many secrets too.”

After thinking for a short while, he said, “Okay. When shall we move out?”

Ji Huangling said, “We will move out the moment we exit the Guanghuang Secret Realm.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. Then the two returned to the stele of the realm immediately.

Xiji Six Immortals and Chiyu Boy came up to Zhou Xuanji quickly and asked about it.

Zhou Xuanji told the truth about their cooperation.

“Heaven Fiend Star Island?”

Xiji Six Immortals was stunned. They had apparently not heard of it before.

But Chiyu Boy cried out in horror, “You want to die? It’s definitely seeking your own death to go to the Heaven Fiend Star Island!”

Yin Moqing glared at him, and he shut his mouth immediately.

Zhou Xuanji looked toward Xiji Six Immortals and said, “When the time comes, find a nearby island and wait for me there.”

Xiji Six Immortals nodded. They were okay as long as Zhou Xuanji was not going to leave them for good.

Ji Huangling landed in the forest, and Yin Moqing went after him.

Both sides were waiting for the exit to open.

In the next few days, more beings arrived one after another.

They were all injured. Seeing Zhou Xuanji and the others, they showed no fear and stopped near the stele.

Time passed quickly.

The Guanghuang Secret Realm exit opened, and Zhou Xuanji’s group went out first, followed by Ji Huangling and Yin Moqing.

They came to a grassy plain.

The other beings appeared beside them too. Most of them left quickly without a word.

“Follow me,” Ji Huangling said.

He waved his hand, and a blue radiance enveloped Zhou Xuanji and the others, carrying them into the horizon.

In the blue radiance, Chiyu Boy cried out, “Hey! Why did you bring me along?”

He almost burst out crying because the Heaven Fiend Star Island was the last place he wanted to go.

Ji Huangling ignored him and continued to look forward.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Can you bring me to a city? I want to sell something.”

But Ji Huangling replied, “After we are out, I will accompany you. At that time, you will realize that the treasures that you obtained from the Guanghuang Secret Realm are nothing.”

Zhou Xuanji heard his words and felt rather interested in the island.

Ji Huangling continued, “The Heaven Fiend Realm is actually very special. This realm was a treasure land that no other Great Thousand Worlds can compare to. You will understand the specific reasons behind it in the future.”

His words made everything think.

YIn Moqing looked toward Ji Huangling and asked respectfully, “Sage Emperor, any instructions for me?”

Ji Huangling glanced at him with a smile and said, “You may leave.”

Yin Moqing took a deep breath before disappearing into a beam of black rays.

Seeing this, Chiyu Boy wanted to break out too but was bounced back inside.

The Xiji Six Immortals shuddered. They feared Ji Huangling in their hearts even more.

This was an act of imposition.

But Zhou Xuanji did not overthink it. Even if things turned sour, he was fine fighting this mysterious Sage Emperor.

Inside the Heavenly Saint’s Palace.

Old Ancestor Hongshi smiled with a raised brow, “Yang Ling, who is this guy? He’s not simple!”

Buddha Yang Ling laughed lightly and said, “He’s merely a junior. How long is this game going to continue?”

The situation on the chessboard was already in a state of stalemate.

“Don’t worry. I will not harm Zhou Xuanji, and I will allow him to return in one piece,” Buddha Yang Ling reassured.

Old Ancestor Hongshi returned his words with a stare.

“Seems like Ji Huangling is not someone ordinary. You must honor your promise and not touch Zhou Xuanji,” he said,

“Even I cannot see through him entirely. Could he have some kind of secret treasure at the Heavenly Law level? Tsk tsk. You are really a big risk-taker.”

Buddha Yang Ling shook his head in a smile and did not reply. Everything he had to say was expressed in his silence.

Old Ancestor Hongshi got up slowly and said, “I hope we can still play chess like this the next time we meet.”

He disappeared in a burst of flames the moment he finished speaking.

Buddha Yang Ling’s expression turned grave.

A tinge of fierceness flashed past his eyes as he mumbled, “Ji Huangling, you are after that indeed.”

After some thought, he took out a pair of puppets from his sleeves.

The puppets hit the ground and quickly grew. White flames burned brightly on them as they turned into human form in the blink of an eye.