I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 575 - Chapter 575 Ji Huanglin

Chapter 575 - Chapter 575 Ji Huanglin


After obtaining Demon God Jihuang, Zhou Xuanji decided to head toward the other Heavenly Palaces.

What if there were other demon gods there?

It was a pity that they found no demon gods.

But they picked up many other treasures.

Time passed quickly.

Only 24 days were left before the Guanghuang Secret Realm shut down.

Zhou Xuanji and the others began moving toward the outer world.

Although Guanghuang Secret Realm had many independent realms within it, its distribution was simple to grasp.

The deeper they went, the more dangerous it would be. If they headed toward the outside, they would eventually find the exit.

Xiji Six Immortals had already become Zhou Xuanji’s underlings. They decided to follow him.

Six Connecting Heaven cultivators were a formidable force back in the Wanshen Great Thousand.

The Heaven Fiend Realm was much stronger than Wanshen Great Thousand overall. Zhou Xuanji was also thinking about whether to recruit more cultivators.

After some thought, he decided to go with the flow.

This day, they came to a dessert.

Xiji The Sixth grumbled, “Old Immortal, why did you bring us here. How will there be any treasure here?”

The other nodded.

Zhou Xuanji showed no displeasure.

He had already gotten much more than he expected initially. He would be okay to leave even now.

Xiji Six Immortals were satisfied as well. They looted many things as they followed behind Zhou Xuanji. It was worth the trip.

Now, they took the rest of their journey like a stroll in the park. They toured around casually.

It was just that the scenery before them was less than enjoyable.


Someone flew past them with extreme speed.

Old Immortal Xiji dashed ahead and captured that person.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

A tender but familiar voice was heard, which made Zhou Xuanji smile.

Wasn’t that the seven-year-old boy he encountered at the market?

Back then, the boy was selling Guanghuang Secret Realm’s world stone.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, the boy’s face turned pale. His lips were shivering.

“What do you want from me…” he said with a trembling voice, “Let me go… I have no ill-intentions…”

Xiji Old Immortal pulled down his pants, and Xiji the Second came over to beat his ass.

The boy’s face turned red because of such humiliation, and he really wanted to hide in a cave.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Why are you running so quickly. Are you hiding from something?”

Hearing him, the boy suddenly remembered something and cried out in terror, “That thing is coming! The Evil Life Evil Spirit! Run!”

Evil Life Evil Spirit!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and looked toward the direction where the boy was pointing, but he saw no traces of Evil Life Evil Spirit.

Xiji Six Immortals looked around and found no traces of it as well.

Zhou Xuanji took out Demon God Tianwu and Jihuang and expanded his divine senses to search for Evil Life Evil Spirit.

Seeing from the boy’s reaction, he should not be lying.

A while later.

The wind in the desert grew much stronger, and it seemed like a dust storm was coming.

An evil aura crept toward them, and everyone felt the chilling atmosphere. A murderous intent was locked onto them.

“It’s coming! It’s coming! Run!”

The boy cried out in horror, as though his soul was about to dissipate.

Zhou Xuanji sensed danger too.

Even he felt a sense of danger from the Evil Life Evil Spirit, showing how horrifying it was.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

Billions of ethereal swords levitated in midair, and all of them pointed downwards, veiling the sky.

The boy looked up and opened his jaw in awe.

He was extremely regretful of offending Zhou Xuanji back then.

Such a divine sword ability was horrifying indeed.


Billions of ethereal swords bombarded the dessert. Zhou Xuanji and the others were at the center of the explosions and were not affected by them.

Xiji Six Immortals looked toward Zhou Xuanji with admiration.

It was not their first time witnessing the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, but they were in awe each time Zhou Xuanji used it.

After the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow’s bombardment was over, that evil aura had disappeared.

The boy swallowed his saliva and asked, “You eliminated the Evil Life Evil Spirit?”

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow was too destructive. Along with the disappearance of the murderous intent, he had no other explanations.

“He left,” Zhou Xuanji shook his head and replied.

He wanted to pursue the Evil Life Evil Spirit because he was brought to this place by it. To return, he had to rely on the Evil Life Evil Spirit and the Heavenly Saint.

A pity. The Evil Life Evil Spirit ran too quickly.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Come, let’s continue our journey.”

He was really interested in the Heaven Fiend Realm and wanted to explore it more.

If Emperor Sword Court or the Divine Cliff encountered troubles, he could use the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus to assist swiftly.

This incident made Xiji Six Immortals more vigilant.

Zhou Xuanji asked Old Immortal Xiji to release the boy, but this boy wanted to follow them, claiming that he would pay them for their trouble.

The boy was not awkward with strangers and began introducing himself.

He was called Chiyu Boy. It was his first time at the Guanghuang Secret Realm, and he was both excited and anxious.

“Chiyu Boy? Are you telling us a joke?”

Xiji The Second burst out in laughter mockingly.

Why would anyone name himself “Boy”?

The others were laughing too, which made Chiyu Boy really angry.

He said with gritted teeth, “This is the name that my master gave me. Don’t humiliate my name!”

But the Xiji Six Immortals continued their laughter without any restraint.

Chiyu Boy was in a rage but dared not to do anything.

Along the way.

They did not encounter the Evil Life Evil Spirit again and made their exit from this realm smoothly.

Seven days later.

They finally came to the entrance stele of the Guanghuang Secret Realm. After the barrier exit deactivated, they would be able to leave.

They were surrounded by ceaseless and undulating mountain ranges. Green vegetation covered the land, which was abundant in spiritual Qi.

Xiji Six Immortals sat on the ground and breathed deeply.

This trip into the Guanghuang Secret Realm was thrilling indeed.

Fortunately, they encountered someone who helped them. Relying on Zhou Xuanji’s prowess, they made it in one piece.

Zhou Xuanji sat in front of a giant boulder and contacted Jiang Xue, who was in the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. From her, he got updates about Emperor Sword Court and the Divine Cliff.

Chiyu Boy looked left and right. He rolled his eyes about and was apparently thinking of something.

Another three days passed.

Two people came from the sky and were looking down toward Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Everyone looked up and were all shocked.

Yin Moqing!

The other one was the person whom Yin Moqing called the Sage Emperor. The latter had a cold and stern face.

Sage Emperor glanced at Chiyu Boy before looking at Zhou Xuanji.

“Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji,” he said, “can we speak privately?”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and replied, “Sure!”

He had already sensed the Sage Emperor’s arrival, but he could not see through this powerful cultivator at all.

The Sage Emperor had an ordinary aura and felt to him like another Heavenly Saint.

The two disappeared from their position immediately.

Xiji Six Immortals stared at Yin Moqing vigilantly in case he might attack them suddenly.

Chiyu Boy hid behind Xiji Six Immortals, avoiding Yin Moqing’s notice.

But Yin Moqing stood in the sky expressionlessly and was not looking at them.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji and the Sage Emperor came to the two sides of a river. On their side was a cliff, off from which the river fell downwards, forming into a powerful waterfall.

Looking at the Sage Emperor, Zhou Xuanji asked, “Aren’t you going to reveal your name?”

“Ji Huangling,” The Sage Emperor replied calmly as he looked back at Zhou Xuanji.

Ji Huangling?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself to confirm if he had heard of such a name.

Such a powerful being should not be unknown in the world.