I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 574 - Chapter 574 Another Clone Under His Belt.

Chapter 574 - Chapter 574 Another Clone Under His Belt.


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  Demon God Jihuang was hit by Sword Dao Rules again and made into a porcupine.

  In midair, Yin Moqing’s expression changed drastically.

  His sword is so fast!

  He could not even see them clearly.

  If this move was used against him… Just the thought of it made his scalp numb.

  It was terrifying, indeed.

  Demon God Jihuang was not incapacitated immediately and let out a terrifying roar.

  It jerked his arms, and all the legendary swords came out of his body.

  Opening its mouth, it sucked spiritual Qi toward him.

  A horrifying aura exploded from within his body.

  Zhou Xuanji sharpened his look. With the History Asunder Sword in his hand, he slashed at the demon god’s body with the Sword Soul.

  The sword Qi shot across!

  It swept over Demon God Jihuang’s body, followed by a burst of white radiance instantly.

  Demon God Jihuang’s body was not penetrated. Its arms lost strength, and it fell.

  Zhou Xuanji quickly got hold of it and stored it in the Tianxia Map.

  So that was why!

  Severing the river of history is to sever its past!

  Whatever was controlling Demon God Jihuang in the past, it was severed by the History Asunder Sword. And so, only the body was left.


  This History Asunder Sword was definitely one of the best swords!

  Yin Moqing landed in front of him and asked with a complex expression in his eyes, “What sword technique did you use just now?”

  Having lived for so long, it was his first time seeing such an overwhelmingly fast sword move. Zhou Xuanji’s image in Yin Moqing’s heart grew greater.

  Zhou Xuanji said, “This guy has already been eliminated by me. For the Phoenix Heart Ginseng, I take nine portions, and you take one. It’s for your trouble leading me here. You should not bargain further. We could have gotten here ourselves too.”

  Having heard that, Yin Moqing was not enraged. He nodded without hesitation.

  With a smile, Zhou Xuanji flew toward that row of trees.

  And the Xiji Six Immortals quickly followed behind him.

  Yin Moqing was the last, and he was not worried that Zhou Xuanji would take everything.

  He understood that the only thing he could do was to follow Zhou Xuanji’s instructions, or else he might die in this place.

  ”Huang Fufei… What kind of a person have you offended?”

  He cursed in his heart. He knew what Huang Fufei had been doing recently.

  He had been waiting in the Guanghuang Secret Realm to kill and rob cultivators. Not sure how many people had died in his hands.

  He and Huang Fufei worked together to get to this place previously, but both were injured by Demon God Jihuang.

  This was why Huang Fufei could sense the aura of the demon gods.

  Soon, Zhou Xuanji found the Phoenix Heart Ginseng.

  The ginseng had a fiery color. The roots and shoots enclosed one another and looked like a pair of phoenix wings.

  He scanned his surroundings and realized close to a hundred such ginsengs had gathered at one spot.

  He quickly got hold of 83 of them and left the rest for Yin Moqing.

  The Xiji Six Immortals had no share of it naturally because they weren’t of help. It was already beneficial for them to observe what had happened.

  Although the Xiji Six Immortals envied them, they had no objections.

  Yin Moqing was a little surprised. He did not expect Zhou Xuanji to really leave some for him.

  If it were him, he might have killed Zhou Xuanji straightaway.

  With such a generous heart, this was a valiant person indeed.

  His impression of Zhou Xuanji improved, and he swiftly picked up the remaining ginseng.

  Looking toward Zhou Xuanji, he asked, “What are you searching for? Tell me. I might be of help.”

  Old Immortal Xiji snorted coldly, “We know it too. He doesn’t need you!”

  The other five immortals voiced their objections as well, which offended Yin Moqing.

  Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Let’s bid our farewell here, or else I might want to kill you.”

  Yin Moqing was stunned. Shaking his head in bitter laughter, he left quickly.

  Old Immortal Xiji asked curiously, “Senior, why don’t you kill him? Aren’t you afraid that he might get revenge on you someday?”

  Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and said, “I have no direct grudge with him. There’s no reason for more killing. Moreover, he cannot kill me, anyway.”

  The Xiji Six Immortals handed it to him.

  He was very forgiving and confident, which made them admire him.

  After that, they looked around and did not find any other treasures, so they decided to leave.

  An hour later.

  They left the Heavenly Palace and returned to the land.

  Zhou Xuanji did not move out immediately but chose a place to make Demon God Jihuang into his clone.

  With the Soul Division Technique, he succeeded within two days.

  And now, he had four bodies of demon gods.

  The Demon Ancestor, Demon God Tianwu, Demon God Jihuang, and Demon God Nanming.

  He felt rather pleasant and continued the journey with the Xiji Six Immortals.

  The six immortals were very smart. From the beginning till the end, they had not asked about his technique for making clones.

  Zhou Xuanji was quite comfortable with them.

  ”Do you have any hometown, family, or clans?”

  Zhou Xuanji asked. He had not heard the Xiji Six Immortals mention their sect or their families, so he had an idea.

  Old Immortal Xiji shook his head and immediately understood Zhou Xuanji’s intentions.

  ”If Senior wants to keep us, that would be the best. We cannot continue drifting forever,” he chuckled.

  The other five nodded in excitement.

  Zhou Xuanji was very powerful and adventurous. Following such a person would ensure them a spectacular future.

  Seeing that they were so expectant, Zhou Xuanji nodded and began telling them his story.

  He told them what he had gone through since two years old. But as for the Supreme Legendary Sword System, it was a secret that he kept to himself.

  Xiji Six Immortals were stupefied.

  And all of them felt unbelievable.

  Zhou Xuanji was merely a little over 300 years old?

  Wouldn’t such a short life be too spectacular?

  From the mortal realm to the Great Thousand World, and then the Heavenly Saint. Having connections with the Heavenly Saints and encountering all sorts of serendipity along with his talent! It was too exaggerated!

  It felt like a made-up story.

  Xiji The Fifth sighed in amazement, “Senior, your courage is your true talent.”

  Zhou Xuanji showed no fear against enemies who seemed impossible to defeat. This was really admirable.

  The other five boot-licked him as well.

  Their admiration for him was genuine. They were convinced that Zhou Xuanji was someone extraordinary who might become a Heavenly Saint.

  This was an opportunity that they must not give up!

  After Zhou Xuanji spoke about his past, the Xiji Six Immortals became even more lively. Each of them spoke about their past.


  By the riverside.

  YIn Moqing sat down and was toying with the Phoenix Heart Ginseng in his hand.

  But in his heart, he was thinking about Zhou Xuanji.

  ”Who is he, really? He even stored away the demon god’s body. Could he be collecting the ancient demon gods? ”

  He thought a lot about it. He had already forgotten about avenging Huang Fufei.

  He dared not to offend such a powerful being.

  Someone landed by his side suddenly.

  This person wore a white robe with golden embroidery, and his white hair was tidied inside a crown. His handsome but stern face made him look imposing. The unreadable eyes underneath his sharp brows were shining with spectacular color.

  Seeing him, YIn Moqing got up quickly in a half-kneel. He said respectfully, “Sage Emperor, what brought you here?”

  The Sage Emperor replied, “Yin Moqing, aren’t you going to hand over the Phoenix Heart Ginseng to me?”

  Yin Moqing quickly handed six of the ginsengs to the Sage Emperor.

  After keeping the ginseng, the Sage Emperor asked, “What’s on your mind?”

  And Yin Moqing replied truthfully about Zhou Xuanji.

  After he finished his recount, the Sage Emperor mumbled with narrowed eyes, “Collecting the demon gods? Seems like he wants to leave… Interesting. Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji. I shall remember this name.”