I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 573 - Chapter 573 Demon God Jihuang. Phoenix Heart Ginseng.

Chapter 573 - Chapter 573 Demon God Jihuang. Phoenix Heart Ginseng.


Zhou Xuanji and the Xiji Six Immortals collected many spirit herbs and flowers. They swept through the estate quickly and found a tunnel. They entered it straightaway.

They saw many annex halls as they quickly went down the tunnels, so they split up to pillage the place like a swarm of locust.

But it was a pity that someone came before them.

After a short while.

Zhou Xuanji felt a powerful aura coming at him from the back suddenly. His opponent shuttled through the labyrinth and would reach in in a moment.

He took out the History Asunder Sword and activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, merging with Demon God Tianwu.

The power of the Connecting Heaven legendary sword pumped into his body through his palm.

Power overwhelming!

He felt that he could defeat everyone in the Connecting Heaven stage!

He was curious in his heart. The description mentioned that the History Asunder Sword could sever the river of history, but how could it do that?

Where was the river of history?

Xiji Six Immortals felt a powerful aura too. They turned around and were on guard.


The tunnel wall in front of them burst open, and a flaming man with four arms appeared with fiery flames under his feet.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji dead in the eyes and bellowed, “You killed Huang Fufei?”

A terrifying heat swept through the entire tunnel, which was turned hot red.

“Yin Moqing!” Old Immortal Xiji cried out shockingly, “Why are you here!”

Yin Moqing!

Zhou Xuanji heard this name from Cheng Qingsong before.

This person was neither upright nor evil, and he was a contender since a few hundred years ago. He once massacred an entire empire, but he also almost died to save a clan. His iniquity and merit could hardly be calculated.

From Yin Moqing’s look, it was quite apparent that he knew Huang Fufei.

“Yes,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

Yin Moqing stared at Zhou Xuanji furiously. A murderous aura surged from within him and shook the entire tunnel.

He walked to Zhou Xuanji step after step and asked coldly, “Very good. Since you are so confident, you must not be someone unreputable. Tell me your name!”

Zhou Xuanji raised his sword and pointed at him, saying, “Sword Emperor, Zhou Xuanji.”


Yin Moqing dashed up to Zhou Xuanji with a long stride. The two arms on his shoulders rose, and a lightsaber materialized in between his palms. He hacked downward with the saber, and the impetus felt like it could cut a gigantic mountain into two.

But in an instant, Yin Moqing backed off suddenly and drew some distance from Zhou Xuanji.

The flames on the tunnel walls continued to burn brightly, as though they were inextinguishable.

Xiji Six Immortals did not even dare to breathe loudly.

“Where did you come from? You should not be in the Heaven Fiend Realm!”

Yin Moqing said. His brows knit into a tight frown.

In that instant, he felt a sense of fatal danger and jumped away instinctively.

Zhou Xuanji smirked and asked, “Is it that important?”

Then he walked toward Yin Moqing with his sword. Since Yin Moqing was already here, how could he let him off?

“Very good. You are powerful, indeed. How about working together with me?”

Yin Moqing diverted the topic and asked, but Zhou Xuanji did not stop.

“At the deepest level of the Heavenly Palace, there’s a body of a demon god,” he continued, “It guards the Phoenix Heart Ginseng. Let’s work together and each get a share of the ginseng.”

He said it calmly to be as convincing as possible.

Just as expected!

Zhou Xuanji stopped his steps.

What interested him was not the ginseng but the body of a demon god.

He asked, “What’s the use of the ginseng?”

It was a must for him to obtain the demon god’s body!

If he could gather the bodies of the Nine Demon Gods, his power would grow tremendously!

Yin Moqing replied, “To be resurrected, to gather one’s soul and be reborn. It can also be used as a herb to make tonics for cultivation.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked him to lead the way.

The ginseng sounded good and could be considered.

Xiji Six Immortals quickly followed behind him.

“The six of you are not qualified,” Yin Moqing glanced at them and said.

The Xiji Six Immortals were enraged in humiliation immediately.

Taking out the Ancient God Sword on his left hand, Zhou Xuanji said, “These are my people. In virtue of this, they are qualified.”

Facing Yin Moqing, he did not want to compromise. He needed to be insistent.

The Xiji Six Immortals heard his words and were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Yin Moqing laughed coldly and did not raise any further objections.

Under his guidance, the group left quickly.

Yin Moqing was domineering. He crushed through the tunnels and drilled into the underground forcefully. He was not afraid of any traps or ambushing mechanisms.

They descended straight down.

After half an hour.

They stopped. A gigantic golden shell was underneath their feet, and the forbidden place of the Heavenly Palace was under it.

Yin Moqing took out a white jade bottle and waved it slightly. A blue liquid dipped out and corroded the top of the golden shell.

The Xiji Six Immortals shivered in fear.

This guy was good with poison too!

He must be guarded against!

Soon, the corrosion made a hole in the shell, and Yin Moqing led the way by jumping down. The rest followed him.

It was a place that spanned across a few miles that had fragrant flowers and chirping birds. There was a row of big trees that were abundant in spiritual Qi. A river ran through the grassland.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes quickly locked on to the body of the demon god.

It sat on the ground and had tanned skin. Its hair was loose, veiled over his black armor. It had a skull-like face and three tails. The nails on his hands were long and sharp like swords.

It sat there like a ghost.

Zhou Xuanji somehow felt amazed.

The reputed Ten Demon Gods all ended up in such pathetic states. How pitiful.

“Bullshit. That’s how it used to look like.”

Sovereign Xuan snorted, killing the scenery with his remark.

Yin Moqing pointed to the row of trees and said, “The Phoenix Heart Ginseng is amidst the trees. We need to subdue it, or else it would be hard for us to stand against him when he goes berserk.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do you know a lot about this demon god?”

Yin Moqing nodded in reply, “This is Demon God Jihuang. His speed was unmatched by anyone under the Heavenly Saints. If one is not careful, he will die in an instant.”

The Xiji Six Immortals shuddered at those words. They fixed their gazes on Demon God Jihuang, guarding against it.

Yin Moqing took out a snake-leather pipa. As he played the strings, he said, “Let’s work together. I will slow him down, and you will…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Demon God Jihuang suddenly appeared in front of them and punched them in their chests. The two of them flew backward and crashed into the golden ceiling.

Xiji Six Immortals quickly backed off in shock.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji charged at the demon god with dozens of legendary swords and the Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.

Just when his sword was about to hit Demon God Jihuang, the demon god tilted his body and dodged his attack with extreme speed.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Sword Dao Rules immediately.


Demon God Jihuang’s body flew off, rotating in midair.

After landing, it steadied its body. Although he was covered in cuts, no blood was flowing out. It was just like a dried corpse.

The injuries quickly healed by themselves and disappeared.

“Such healing power…”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and immediately merged himself with Demon God Nanming.

With the power of the two demon gods, along with the History Asunder Sword, Zhou Xuanji glanced at Demon God Jihuang suddenly.

This guy came on top of his head and smashed downwards with a kick.

Getting hit by this kick would be excruciating.

Zhou Xuanji cast Sword Dao Rules again. Everything that he saw in his eyes, the sword slashed.