I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 572 - Chapter 572 Connecting Heaven Level One! Saint Slayer Sword!

Chapter 572 - Chapter 572 Connecting Heaven Level One! Saint Slayer Sword!


“Where did this thing collect so many souls?”

Zhou Xuanji questioned himself. There weren’t many living beings in this realm. Fewer were those who entered this place, but there were at least ten thousand souls here. This puzzled him.

Could there be someone who collected souls from the outside to feed the Soul Curse Evil Tree?

He could not care that much but shook the tree to free the souls from it.

After the souls were free from the tree, they came back to themselves.

“What’s happening?”

“What is that?””

“Why am I here?”

“Ahhhh— Let me go! Let me go!”

“Get lost! “Get away from me!”

Most of the souls had already lost their minds. They were all crazy and began scattering in all directions.

As the number of souls reduced, the tree’s power diminished as well.

If this continued, he would suck dry the tree’s magic energy.

Zhou Xuanji heaved a sigh of relief.

As the tree root lost its strength, it loosened its grasp on Demon God Tianwu’s body.

Dao Lord Xuantian’s voice came into his mind, “Brat, what are you doing? Are you going to keep it?”

“Can’t I?” Zhou Xuanji asked back.

Someone else had been nurturing this Soul Curse Evil Tree. Why couldn’t he?

There were two sides to everything. Although the Soul Curse Evil Tree seemed evil, there can be other ways to use it.

“You better think about it carefully. Only top cultivators of the Heaven Fiend Realm dared to nurture the Soul Curse Evil Tree. It might even be that person. Are you sure you want to do this?” Dao Lord Xuantian asked solemnly.

Heavenly Saint!

Only the Heavenly Saint could grow the Soul Curse Evil Tree that even Saint Contenders did not dare to.

If Zhou Xuanji offended the Heavenly Saint here, would he still be able to get out of the Heaven Fiend Realm?

“If it’s really the Heavenly Saint, he would have already been here. Why isn’t he?”

Zhou Xuanji answered in his mind. Having heard his words, Dao Lord Xuantian had no reply.

There wasn’t even a single warning from the Heavenly Saint, which made things rather peculiar.

Could this tree have nothing to do with the Heavenly Saint?

On the other side.

Inside the Heavenly Saint’s Palace.

Buddha Yang Ling said faintly with a complex expression, “This junior of yours is really awesome.”

A mirror of light was levitating above the chessboard. On it was the reflection of Zhou Xuanji and the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

Old Ancestor Hongshi praised with a sense of wonder, “This brat gave me another surprise. Not bad at all.”

Buddha Yang Ling snorted coldly, “That’s mine!”

Old Ancestor Hongshi laughed. Flipping his right hand, he took out a long purple ruler and said, “Let’s do an exchange, okay?”

Buddha Yang Ling immediately burst out in laughter. Taking over the long ruler and began sizing it up.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji in the mirror, Old Ancestor Hongshi contemplated.

He suddenly felt that he still underestimated Zhou Xuanji.

Could this brat become the next Heavenly Saint?

Zhou Xuanji sucked dry the magic energy of the Soul Curse Evil Tree. The entire tree began withering and was on the brink of death.

The sobbings stopped suddenly.

Zhou Xuanji flew out of Demon God Tianwu’s body.

Sitting down, he began breaking through.

Demon God Tianwu guarded him at the front just in case the Soul Curse Evil Tree attacked again.

Xiji Six Immortals observed all these unfold and dared not to draw near.

Seeing that the Soul Curse Evil Tree had already withered, they were close to worshipping Zhou Xuanji.

Too powerful!

They did not interrupt Zhou Xuanji and maintained vigilance.

There was still a sense of danger lingering in the vicinity.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Surging magic energy boiled inside Zhou Xuanji, rushing against all his vital channels. His body was expanding and shrinking in a strange way.

It was his first time absorbing so much magic energy.

Suddenly, the heavenly tribulation came.

And it disappeared in an instant.

This was the domineering effect of the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Zhou Xuanji was not sure he could rely on it until that stage.

Two hours later.

He broke through to Universe Heaven Level Eighteen.

The growth rate of his cultivation had yet to slow down. His cultivation was still growing rapidly.

Xiji Six Immortals sat on a cliff. Gazing toward Zhou Xuanji, they sighed in amazement.

“I’m curious about what energy technique he is using. He can break through so quickly.”

“It could be some kind of technique that can absorb magic energy.”

“That kind of energy technique must have a gruesome cost to pay. But look at him, he has never been bedeviled and maintains his calm composure all the time.”


“Of course. If you could comprehend it, you would be him already.”

While the conversation happened, they did not notice that a black Qi ball had already entered this place.

It came out from a tunnel and looked at Zhou Xuanji from afar.

“It’s really him!”

A coarse voice came from the black Qi. Next, it turned into a black arrow and disappeared into the forest.

Two days later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Connecting Heaven Level One successfully.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Connecting Heaven Level One. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Nine Extreme] Saint Slayer Sword and Inescapable Entrapment!”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes opened as he heard the Sword Spirit’s voice.

Two beams of purple ray shot out from his eyes.

Nine Extreme Legendary Sword!

It was finally here!

The Saint Slayer Sword’s information then appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Saint Slayer Sword

Grace: Nine Extreme

Description: The power of the Overlord Saint can slay the Saints. Only cultivators with at least Connecting Heaven Level Ten can wield this sword. It could only be used once every year.

It could really slay the Saints!

Zhou Xuanji was exhilarated. But the moment he saw Connecting Heaven Level Ten, he felt as though someone had doused ice water on his burning passion.

He tried his best to break through to Connecting Heaven, and it was already this difficult. What about Level Ten…

Only Heaven knows how long more it would take.

There shouldn’t be more of this Soul Curse Evil Tree.

But now that he could use the History Asunder Sword sword, he was not sure how powerful it was.

The Soul Curse Evil Tree’s magic energy was almost depleted.

After a short while, he got up slowly and did some stretching before walking toward the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

“Senior, what will you do?”

Xiji Sixth asked curiously. The others also looked at Zhou Xuanji, wanting to know.

Zhou Xuanji flew up into the air and pulled the tree into the Tianxia Map.

He scanned his divine sense in all directions and realized that many remnant souls were still scattered around in this place.

He did not capture the souls but left them to their own devices.

Demon God Tianwu shrunk and returned to its original size, and it followed Zhou Xuanji, who came up to the Xiji Six Immortals.

“Let’s explore this place,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. After breaking through and becoming able to use the Connecting Heaven legendary sword, he became much more confident.

Xiji Six Immortals nodded excitingly. The group of people flew ahead.

This place should be the center of the Heavenly Palace. But the Heavenly Palace was so big, and there were so many annex halls and treasures hidden inside.

After some time.


The wall along a waterfall broke open, and someone who stepped on fiery flames flew out.

He was wearing fiery armor. On his four arms, he wielded different enchanted artifacts. His mighty face gave off a powerful aura, causing ripples in the surrounding space.

He scanned around with a frown and mumbled, “Such an evil aura. There are still traces left behind by Huang Fufei. Seems like the thief is in the Heavenly Palace.”

Then he flew toward a direction swiftly, leaving behind two trails of blazing smoke.