I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 571 - Chapter 571 – Soul Curse Evil Tree

Chapter 571 - Chapter 571 – Soul Curse Evil Tree


As Zhou Xuanji and the others advanced, the sounds of crying became more and more piercing.

As time went on, it was as if there were countless vengeful spirits sobbing in their ears.

“Be careful, it might be some kind of magic formation; don’t be enchanted by it!” Old Immortal Xiji’s voice sounded from behind, his tone serious.

Zhou Xuanji walked behind Demon God Tianwu, looked around warily.

He could sense an aura quickly passing through the surrounding walls. It was incredibly fast, and he could barely sense it. Old Immortal Xiji and the others could not sense it at all.

That thing definitely had Connecting Heaven Level 10 cultivation.

He suddenly slashed out, and sword qi slashed through the wall, causing the tunnel to tremble.

The three Xiji Immortals trembled in fear and hurriedly looked out, but they did not see any enemies.

They did not dare to ask and nervously looked around.

This kind of unknown existence was the most terrifying kind.

Soon, they walked to the end of the tunnel.


The sound of water from a waterfall could be heard; this seemed like a different world.

The sky was very high, and white clouds floated across it. There were countless streams of water flowing down a cliff near the mouth of the tunnel. They looked around and could not tell how wide this waterfall was; it extended as far as they could see.

Below, water vapor filled the air. Ahead was a mountain range that extended endlessly. The scenery was incredibly beautiful, making it seem like an isolated celestial world.

Seeing this kind of scene, the three Xiji Immortals’ expressions became grim.

If this went on, how would they be able to find their companions’ souls?

“The more beautiful, the more dangerous. Perhaps that thing is hidden ahead,” Zhou Xuanji said in a soft voice, causing hope to burn in the three people’s eyes.

Following this, they flew into the air.

After flying past some forests, they came before a massive tree that reached the sky.

It reached the clouds and the tree itself seemed as big as Skyfall. Its branches hung downwards and swayed in the wind.

Zhou Xuanji and the others’ expressions became serious because there were many souls and corpses bound on those branches.

They were incredibly dense, and the souls were simply innumerable.

Many of the souls were about to dissipate.

“Soul Curse Evil Tree! How is this possible? Why would there be a Soul Curse Evil Tree here?” Sovereign Xuan called out, his tone filled with shock.

His words caused Zhou Xuanji to frown, and the others also spoke.

“Hurry up and get away!”

“Even Saint Contenders would die when facing the Soul Curse Evil Tree!”

“The Heavenly Saint definitely knows of its existence. Perhaps he is nurturing it so he can use it against other Heavenly Saints?”

“Is it really that terrifying?”

Soul Curse Evil Tree!

According to the souls, the Soul Curse Evil Tree was the first evil tree when the world was created. It specialized in stealing souls, and it used the souls to become limitlessly stronger.

Long ago, a Soul Curse Evil Tree almost killed a Heavenly Saint. Fortunately, the other Heavenly Saints had acted and gotten rid of it.

They did not expect to see a Soul Curse Evil Tree here.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the Soul Curse Evil Tree closely, thinking to himself.

The three Xiji Immortals found their companions’ souls. However, they did not immediately rush over and instead observed the situation.

This tree was extremely strange and usual, but it was so far away from the hall they were in; it could not possibly have stolen their companions’ souls from so far away. There were most likely other existences as well.

They looked at Zhou Xuanji, their gazes asking him what to do.

Zhou Xuanji said, “You all get back; I’ll give this a try.”

The three Xiji Immortals quickly retreated.

The Ancient God Swords’ souls all became extremely worried and urged him not to do anything reckless.

Zhou Xuanji ignored them and stared at the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

For some reason, when he first saw this tree, he felt an immense desire to obtain it.

He controlled Demon God Tianwu to fly towards it.

Demon God Tianwu did not have a soul and was only a clone. Even if the portion of Zhou Xuanji’s soul that was within it was absorbed, it would be fine.

Demon God Tianwu quickly flew over to Xiji Third, Xiji Fourth and Xiji Fifth. His hands were like blades and cut the branches wrapping around them.

He then threw them back towards Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Old Immortal Xiji hurriedly caught them, and Zhou Xuanji took their bodies out, allowing their souls to return to their bodies.

Demon god Tianwu walked onto the Soul Curse Evil Tree and began to walk about.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to see if there were other existences hiding on the tree.

Before, when they were in the tunnel, he had definitely sensed the existence of other creatures.


The ground violently shook and the ground was overturned as massive tree roots broke out of the ground. They were like massive dragons and shot towards Demon God Tianwu.

Demon God Tianwu was unable to dodge for very long and was sent flying, slamming through a mountain 100 kilometers away.

Those tree roots then shot towards Zhou Xuanji and the others.

The Xiji Immortals were scared out of their wits, and the three whose souls had returned to them gradually woke up.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and five billion sword shadows appeared in the air. All of them pointed towards the Soul Curse Evil Tree, and the scene was incredibly ground. Seeing this, the Xiji Six Immortals were completely dumbfounded.

At a glance, all they could see were splendorous sword shadows.

They covered the sky and hid the sun!

They seemed to fill the world, surrounding the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes flashed and the five billion sword shadows moved as one.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The tree roots were turned to dust one after another. The Soul Curse Evil Tree suddenly swayed, and the trees gave off green light as a formless barrier blocked all of the sword shadows.

A berserk wind swept up the forest, making it look like an apocalyptic scene.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; he did not expect the Soul Curse Evil Tree to be this powerful.

Demon God Tianwu rushed out and furiously roared. Its body became 15,000 meters tall, seeming to stand between the heavens and the earth. As he flew, he gave off powerful gales, almost sending the Xiji Six Immortals flying back.

“What is that…” Xiji Fifth asked in a trembling voice. She was seeing such a massive battle right after waking up, and she could not help but feel dazed.

Old Immortal Xiji explained a bit, and hearing this, the three who had just woken up became covered in cold sweat.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji did not retreat and instead attacked, rushing towards the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

He quickly fused into Demon God Tianwu’s massive body and fused with Demon God Nanming at the same time.

Demon God Tianwu’s eyes gave off violet light, and its aura greatly increased!

The ground cracked and mountains shattered as lightning slammed down.


Demon God Tianwu slammed through the formless barrier, and its shoulder crashed into the Soul Curse Evil Tree’s trunk.

It wrapped its arms around the trunk and roared as he lifted it up and flew into the sea of clouds.

Seeing this, the Xiji Six Immortals were dumbfounded.

“My god, what kind of power is this?”

“That tree’s roots are so disgusting!”

“Just what tree is this?”

“Senior is so mighty!”

“So powerful!”

The Soul Curse Evil Tree’s tree roots wrapped around Demon God Tianwu’s body, and Zhou Xuanji directly used World Internalisation.

He was absorbing the Soul Curse Evil Tree’s magic energy, and the Soul Curse Evil Tree was doing the same to him.

The two of them were competing fiercely in terms of their absorption rate.

Apart from the Ancient God Sword, hundreds of swords appeared in the air and stabbed into the Soul Curse Evil Tree.

Countless women’s and children’s cries sounded throughout the heavens and earth, causing people’s bodies to feel numb.

The Tianxia Map in Zhou Xuanji’s body violently trembled and exploded out with unprecedented power to absorb the Soul Curse Evil Tree’s magic energy.

Souls began to fall down from the Soul Curse Evil Tree, like it was raining.