I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 570 - Chapter 570 – Demon God Pearl

Chapter 570 - Chapter 570 – Demon God Pearl


The dark tunnel was illuminated by some fireflies. The two purple snakes moved quickly, and Zhou Xuanji and the others followed close behind them.

On the way, they encountered many corpses and skeletons. They belonged to humans and beasts, and in tens of thousands of years, there would most likely be enough to form a path of bones.

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

For so many creatures to die here, just what was this Heavenly Palace hiding?

However, this felt more excited.

There were definitely many treasures here.

The Xiji Six Immortals began to whisper among themselves, wondering what kind of treasures they would encounter.

In the Guanghuang Secret Realm, there were many famous treasures and rare materials. There was also no lack of innate treasures of ancient energy techniques.

In the Heaven Fiend Realm, there were stories of many cultivators suddenly turning their lives around after gaining a fortuitous opportunity. This attracted many creatures to come and explore.

To date, Zhou Xuanji had gained much. After he went out and sold some, it would be enough to last the Emperor Sword Court for quite a while.

Not too long before, he had sent some rare plants into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, and he had Jiang Xue and Daoya Old Man plant them.

His goal was to develop the world within the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus into an immortal realm; it would be best if it could become comparable to the Heaven Fiend Realm.

When the time came, Emperor Sword Court would be able to develop, multiply in the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, and forever follow him.

That way, he could fulfill his promise from before, for everyone to ascend together!


At that moment, the wide tunnel suddenly began to violently tremble, as if there was an earthquake.

Zhou Xuanji and the others immediately made preparations.

Rolling flames came from ahead, filling the entire tunnel, wanting to inundate them.

Demon God Tianwu stepped forwards and punched out, incredibly powerful and domineering.

The berserk wind from the punch dissipated the sea of flames, and the Xiji Six Immortals behind him all hurriedly raised their arms to defend against the wind.

Zhou Xuanji continued onwards with Demon God Tianwu rushing ahead.

Countless poisonous arrows shot out from around them, and after Demon god Tianwu was hit, his body trembled and forced out all of the poison arrow.

Relying on Demon God Tianwu’s power, the group was completely unobstructed.

About half the time of an incense stick later, they came to a hall. There were two 30 meter tall, savage-looking stone statues within the hall. Between the stone statues was a box floating in the air, giving off a faint light.

Demon God Tianwu grabbed the box, while the Xiji Six Immortals searched around the hall.

Soon, they discovered many treasures in the walls and at the top of the stone statues.

Zhou Xuanji had Demon God Tianwu open the box, revealing a black pearl. The pearl was as big as an eyeball, and it gave off a deathly aura, looking quite inauspicious.

He swept it with his divine sense, and after confirming that it was harmless, he took it out to have a look.

The Ancient God Sword floated behind him, and the souls communicated with him.

“I feel like I’ve seen this pearl somewhere before,” Emperor Hanlan said, and the other souls began to talk as well.

“Could it be the Demon God Pearl?”

“What’s a Demon God Pearl?”

“This Demon God Pearl was formed from the ten ancient Demon Gods fusing their essence blood. After consuming it, it can cause one’s constitution to transform. They refined this pearl in order to strengthen the Demon Race.”

“Can anyone use it?”

“That’s right!”

Hearing the souls’ discussions, Zhou Xuanji thought about it before directly consuming the Demon God Pearl and sitting down cross-legged.

He started to use the World Buddha Art and used his immortal energy to refine the Demon God Pearl.

A berserk energy began to rush about within his bones and tendons.

Seeing him begin to cultivate, Xiji Fourth said, “Let’s have three of us go around and scout and the remaining three stay here to wait for senior. How does that sound?”

It was not because they coveted treasures but because they did not know how long Zhou Xuanji would spend cultivating.

If they did some scouting, they would be able to save a lot of time.

Xiji Fifth said, “We must be careful. Even though we have Connecting Heaven Level 2 cultivation, we shouldn’t be careless.”

After discussing it, Xiji Third, Fourth and Fifth left the palace.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji was focusing on cultivating.

The Demon God Pearl was indeed mystical. After the energy within it spread out, it flowed into his meridians. Even though it was domineering, it did not harm him.

Following this, his physique quickly became stronger.

Improving his fleshly body would not help him with break through in terms of cultivation, but it could help him on the path to an Overlord Saint.

Six hours later, he opened his eyes and slowly got up.

His body gave off massive cracking sounds as if there was lightning striking his tendons and bones, and the sound was incredibly clear and loud.

The three of the Xiji Immortals got up and all congratulated Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Your three companions still haven’t returned yet?”

Hearing this, the three of them looked somewhat worried.

Xiji Second pinched his beard and said, “Could something have happened to them?”

The six of them had gone through countless trials together, and they were completely loyal to each other; they would never betray one another.

Since they had been gone for so long, it was likely that they had been held up by something.

“Let’s go and find them!” Zhou Xuanji brought Demon God Tianwu and walked towards the doors of the hall.

Old Immortal Xiji, Xiji Second, and Xiji Sixth followed close behind him.

Right after they walked out of the hall, they stopped.

Their gazes were locked onto the tunnel on the left. About 30 meters away, Xiji Third, Xiji Fourth, and Xiji Fifth stood there unmoving. Xiji Fourth was still in a walking motion, and in the dark tunnel, their figures looked incredibly chilling.

“Old Third! Old Fourth! Old Fifth!” Old Immortal Xiji cried out, his expression terrified.

Why had they not sensed their three companions outside the hall?

Old Immortal Xiji hurriedly let out fireflies and had them fly forwards.

Zhou Xuanji used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and gripped a sword in each hand as he walked over to the three people.

The others followed behind him.

Xiji Third, Xiji Fourth, and Xiji Fifth’s expressions were filled with terror. Their eyes were lifeless and their mouths were opened wide, as if they had been scared to death.

Xiji Fourth quickly examined them, and he frowned as he said, “They’re not dead, but their souls…”

Soul stealing!

Just what was it that could steal the souls of three people at Connecting Heaven Level 2 from under their eyes?

Even Zhou Xuanji could not help but frown.

The place where he had been cultivating was less than 30 meters away from here, and there was only a wall between them.

The enemy had been so close, and yet he had not detected them.

Zhou Xuanji put the three people’s bodies in the Tianxia Map and said, “I’ll keep them safe. Let’s investigate what did this.”

Old Immortal Xiji nodded, and Xiji Second and Sixth took out talismans which they tossed out. The talismans quickly floated up and burned with intense white flames.

What was interesting was that the white flames did not burn up the talismans; these flames seemed to be illusory.

These talismans spiralled around Xiji Second and Xiji Sixth’s bodies, quickly flying.

Zhou Xuanji glanced over and did not ask, before flying forwards.

After travelling around ten kilometers, they suddenly heard the sound of women crying, and there also seemed to be sounds of children sobbing as well.

“Do you hear that?” Xiji Sixth asked warily, goosebumps rising on his skin.

Old Immortal Xiji said in a low voice, “What are you so scared for? They’re just making things seem scary.”