I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 569 - Chapter 569 – Clearing Saints Plan

Chapter 569 - Chapter 569 – Clearing Saints Plan


Whenever the Xiji Six Immortals mentioned Huangfu Fei, they would seem incredibly enraged, as if he had killed their parents.

It turned out that they had been chased around by Huangfu Fei in this region for two years, making them feel incredibly wretched.

As such, whenever they brought up Huangfu Fei, they felt quite angry.

Huangfu Fei was extremely famous in the Heaven Fiend Realm, and he was the Grand Elder of the Big Dipper Dao Sect. He had participated in the fight to become a Saint before, and he had lived for countless epochs. He had innumerable disciples and grand-disciples.

For such a powerful being to fall here, no one would believe it.

The more the Xiji Six Immortals talked about it, the more excited they became.

Their gazes towards Zhou Xuanji became filled with worship.

Zhou Xuanji was not too shocked. Fortunately it was someone who had contended to become a Saint.

It seemed that that fellow might have been one of the Heavenly Fiend Realm’s Heavenly Saint’s enemies. The Heavenly Saint most likely would not be angry at him for killing him.

The group of seven started to aimlessly travel. With Demon God Tianwu protecting them, Zhou Xuanji no longer had to use the Nine Soul Fusion Technique.

He was not in a hurry to leave and began to look for more treasures in this place.

The Xiji Six Immortals led the way. If there were any treasures, they would give them to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was not too domineering either. After picking for himself, he would leave some things for the Xiji Six Immortals too, making everyone feel quite happy.

For him to be so amicable, the Xiji Six Immortals felt even more respectful towards him.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

They had fully traveled through this region, and Zhou Xuanji had obtained many treasures.

On that day, he prepared to leave.

He used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, fusing Demon God Tianwu and Demon God Nanming into his body.

The leader of the Xiji Six Immortals, Old Immortal Xiji asked, “Senior, how are you planning to take us out?”

Their names were quite interesting. The leader was called Old iMmortal Xiji, the second was called Xiji Second, the third was called Xiji Third, and so on.

Xiji Fifth was the only woman, and she was quite beautiful. She had a mature aura and was the brains of the group.

“This region doesn’t have an exit and the space is very steady. It’s best for us to find a place where the space is a bit disorderly,” Xiji Fifth said.

Zhou Xuanji directly used Sword Dao Rules and slashed out.


A gap opened in the space ahead of him, and Zhou Xuanji only said one sentence before stepping through, “Follow closely.”

The Xiji Six Immortals were dumbfounded, but they reacted quickly and were not a split second too slow like Lou Fa.

The seven of them passed through the spatial crack and came to another region.

The place surrounding them was filled with mountain ranges. There were verdant hills and limpid waters, and the spirit qi here was quite dense. There were even two rows of white cranes flying in the air.

The Xiji Six Immortals were incredibly excited, and they all knelt in the air.

“Senior, you’re so powerful!”

“Respect! Respect!”

“So powerful! I, Xiji Third, apart from myself, only respect you!”

“Please accept our worship!”

The Xiji Six Immortals madly kowtowed in the air, even faster than woodpeckers.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and laughed as he asked, “Are you familiar with this place?”

Old Immortal Xiji immediately stopped and patted his chest as he said, “Over the past 5,000 years, we’ve traveled almost the entire Guanghuang Secret Realm. There are many places that we did not dare to go to, but with you sir, heheh!”

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight smile. It seemed that he had picked up a living map.

Just like that, under the Xiji Six Immortals’s lead, Zhou Xuanji saved much time and trouble.

Within the Heavenly Saint’s Palace, Old Ancestor Hongshi and Buddha Yang Ling were still playing chess, their expressions serious.

If one observed them closely, they would see that both Heavenly Saints had sweat on their foreheads.

It was as if this game of chess was extremely important.

“Just what is the Guanghuang Secret Realm hiding?” Old Ancestor Hongshi asked. Buddha Yang Ling had remained calm even after Huangfu Fei had died at Zhou Xuanji’s hands, making Old Ancestor Hongshi feel a bad premonition.

Buddha Yang Ling replied, “An old friend.”

Hearing this, Old Ancestor Hongshi tightly frowned.

He suddenly thought of something and his expression instantly darkened.

Could it be…

He looked at Buddha Yang Ling and asked with a complicated tone, “No wonder the Guanghuang Secret Realm has countless treasures. Just what are you planning?”

Buddha Yang Ling calmly replied, “Did you not notice that after Sage Daojing left, our Saint Energy has become stronger?”

Old Ancestor Hongshi frowned.

“The power of the Heavenly Law is limited. The more Heavenly Saints there are, the power that each Heavenly Saint receives will be reduced,” Buddha Yang Ling said peacefully.

This sentence contained terrifying killing intent.

He wanted to clear out the Heavenly Saints!

Old Ancestor Hongshi sighed and said, “Yang Ling, can I still trust you?”

Buddha Yang Ling casually replied, “If I didn’t trust you, why would I tell you this?”

Hearing this, Old Ancestor Hongshi smiled and said, “Hmph, looks like I didn’t risk my life back then to get a Heaven Law violet Qi for you back then in vain.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, their eyes filled with stories.

Two months quickly passed.

With the Xiji Six Immortals leading the way and the powerful strength of the Demon Gods, Zhou Xuanji and the others were completely unstoppable. They collected many treasures and encountered many enemies on the way, but theywere able to defeat all of them.

The only thing that Zhou Xuanji was not satisfied about was that his cultivation was still stuck at Universe Heaven Level 17.

On that day, they came to a barren desert. They stood on a hill, and ahead was a set of bronze doors, which were half-covered by the yellow sand.

Old Immortal Xiji said, “Below is one of the Guanghuang Secret Realm’s Ten Heavenly Palaces. There are all kinds of traps, and after we go in, the number of us who come out alive might be far less than now. However, there are definitely many treasures within. Should we go in?”

His tone was both excited and afraid.

Everyone else looked at Zhou Xuanji.

They were all here to rely on Zhou Xuanji as a backer, so they left all decisions to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and said, “Without any risk, how can there be any gains? Since we’ve come, what is there to be afraid of? If you’re afraid, you can remain here; I won’t force any of you!”

Hearing this, the Xiji Six Immortals promised that they would not be afraid.

Wherever Zhou Xuanji went, they would go too.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji had Demon God Tianwu open the bronze doors, and the group entered, encountering a path in a tunnel.

After entering, Old Immortal Xiji waved his right hand as countless fireflies flew out of his sleeve and flew ahead, illuminating the path.

Xiji Second said in a low voice, “Legends say that there are many ancient powerful beings’ corpses and cave dwellings in the Guanghuang Secret Realm. There are even many evil spirits; everyone must be careful.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, “All of you have Connecting Heaven realm cultivation; why are you so afraid of evil spirits?”

These evil spirits were essentially demonic phantoms.

“Some evil spirits cannot be destroyed even by the Heavenly Law and are incredibly dangerous,” Xiji Fifth said, looking incredibly anxious.

Zhou Xuanji thought of the Evil Life Evil Spirit. Even he and Qiu Hu were unable to resist it; it was indeed incredibly powerful.

He had sent the Demonic Ancestor to have a look, but the Evil Life Evil Spirit had already disappeared.

Xiji Fourth took out a beast management bag and let out two purple snakes. The snakes were as thick as a baby’s arm. The two of them looked around and quickly disappeared ahead.

“Looks like there are good treasures ahead. I hope it’s some rare treasures that have existed for millions of years!” Xiji Sixth said excitedly, and the group quickly advanced.

This Heavenly Palace was very big and criss-crossed underground, seeming like there was no end to it.

As they walked, the tunnel that they walked in became larger and larger.

There was a stench of blood lingering in the air, making them feel unsettled.

Zhou Xuanji held Great Brilliant Day in his hand, warily looking around, and the Xiji Six Immortals also took out their magical treasures.