I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 568 - Chapter 568 – Xiji Six Immortals

Chapter 568 - Chapter 568 – Xiji Six Immortals


Zhou Xuanji turned and looked back, and he saw that the one who was speaking was a man dressed in silver armor. His face was cold and handsome, and his body gave off silver light, making him look like a deity.

Their eyes met, and the silver armored man’s gaze became even colder.

“What if I don’t hand it over?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity. This fellow could actually sense the Demon God’s body within him; it seemed that he was not simple.

However, the stronger they were, the better.

That way, he could break through to Universe Heaven Level 17 earlier.

He took out hundreds of swords and prepared to fight.

The silver armored man coldly harrumphed and said, “Then I’ll personally end your life.”

He raised his right hand and the silver light around his body intensified. His aura shot up, as if it was going to break through the clouds.

His right hand suddenly pressed down, and the silver light turned into torrential arrows of light that shot at Zhou Xuanji, seeming as if they could cause the sky to collapse.

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward and used the Eight-step Sword Lunge, coming before the silver armored man.

Sword Dao Rules!

The silver armored man’s expression greatly changed. An explosion sounded out and he quickly retreated hundreds of meters, his body covered with blood.

Zhou Xuanji was quite surprised that he had not been able to instantly kill this fellow.

“Just who are you?” the silver armored man asked in a low voice, wariness in his eyes.

He had not been able to see that attack clearly, but based on his countless years of battle experience, he had barely dodged it.

If this happened a few more times, he would not have much confidence in dodging.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “You came to make trouble for me, and now you’re asking who I am?”

Grace was to be paid with grace, and enmity to be repaid with enmity!

Since you wanted to kill me, don’t blame me for being merciless!

Zhou Xuanji did not waste any more words and once again used Sword Dao Rules.

A distance of hundreds of meters was nothing for Sword Dao Rules.

The silver armored man quickly dodged, but his chest was still pierced and blood spurted into the air.

He distanced himself from Zhou Xuanji, and his expression was unsightly as he gnashed his teeth and said, “Very well, I’ll remember this!”

After saying this, he turned to escape.

Zhou Xuanji would not let him off, and he immediately chased after him.

One chased and one ran, and they quickly passed over the ground.

Zhou Xuanji used the Ancestor Dragon Sword, turning into the five-clawed golden dragon, and a roar shook the heavens.

The 30,000 meter long dragon gave off massive air currents and enormous sounds!

Soon, they encountered the Black Underworld Bug horde. The silver armored man dove into the horde, looking like an unstoppable silver sword.

The five-clawed golden dragon did the same, killing many Black Underworld Bugs as it did so.

The two of them passed through the horde, and in front of them was the Black Underworld Bug Monarch.

The Black Underworld Bug Monarch opened his mouth and a berserk suction power appeared, sucking even clouds into its mouth.

The silver armored man’s body blurred and he got out of the way.

Zhou Xuanji turned back into his original form and used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, piercing through the Black Underworld Bug Monarch’s body and continuing to chase after the silver armored man.

“Despicable!” The silver armored man’s heart was filled with anger and regret.

If it was against a Demon God’s body, he would have the confidence to win.

But Sword Dao Rules was simply too fast!

He could not defend against it at all.

He thought as hard as he could but could not figure out when such a person had appeared in the Heaven Fiend Realm.

He had to quickly run, or else he would die at Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

On a hill, six cultivators were currently cultivating and resting.

Their foreheads were covered with sweat, and they breathed raggedly.

“This place is too dangerous. That Huangfu Fei’s strength was too powerful.”

“Despicable, Huangfu Fei is too domineering. He has stayed in this secret realm for nearly 10,000 years!”

“So sinister. Can he really endure that boredom and loneliness?”

“We have no choice but to think of a way to escape,” they conversed in low voices. When thinking about Huangfu Fei, they felt both hateful and terrified.

Huangfu Fei was very famous in the Heaven Fiend Realm, and he had once been a contender to become a Saint.

His strength was incredibly great, and even ordinary Connecting Heaven realm cultivators were powerless in front of him.

Swish! Swish!

Two sounds of the air being torn could be heard above their heads, and they instinctively looked up. What they saw caused their eyes to widen.

“It’s Huangfu Fei!” someone cried out, a look of disbelief on his face.

Someone was chasing down Huangfu Fei?

Wasn’t that person a bit too powerful?

The other cultivators also cried out, unable to believe their eyes.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly caught up to Huangfu Fei and once again unleashed Sword Dao Rules, killing Huangfu Fei.

He destroyed Huangfu Fei’s soul at the same time as well!

Zhou Xuanji also put away Huangfu Fei’s spatial items and weapons in the Supreme Storage.

He landed on the ground and had Demon God Tianwu stand guard.

After absorbing Huangfu Fei’s magic energy, Zhou Xuanji finally began to break through.


The ground violently shook, as if there was an enormous earthquake.

Streams of air gathered above his head, forming a vortex that condensed tribulation lightning clouds.

In the distance, the six cultivators hesitantly came to the top of a mountain, looking over at Zhou Xuanji.

They saw the divine tribulation scatter just as it had been formed, causing their eyes to widen.

As they looked on in shock, Zhou Xuanji successfully broke through.

He now had Universe Heaven Level 17 cultivation.

He began to recover his immortal energy, and Demon God Tianwu stood like an iron tower by his side, its baleful aura rushing to the sky.

“Universe Heaven Level 17… impossible, how can he kill Huangfu Fei with such cultivation?”

“It’s most likely related to that person next to him.”

“Are you an idiot? That’s a clone. It doesn’t have any vitality, alright?”

“How can a clone be stronger than the main body? That’s impossible…”

“That person is most likely a powerful senior whose cultivation declined because of special reasons. However, he can still control his clone.”

The six cultivators whispered to one another, feeling incredibly anxious.

They had Connecting Heaven Level 2 cultivation and were quite famous in the Heaven Fiend Realm.

Xiji Six Immortals!

When Zhou Xuanji finished breaking through and prepared to leave, they hurriedly went over.

The elder in the lead called out, “Senior, wait for us. We have something to ask of you but definitely won’t ask for free.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at them and waited for them to come over.

The elder gritted his teeth and took out a white jade mushroom.

The other five cultivators also took out treasures, and they looked at Zhou Xuanji with pleading looks.

“Senior, we offer these treasures to you. Would you be willing to take us out?” The elder asked, seeming incredibly humble.

Even though their cultivations were higher than Zhou Xuanji’s, after witnessing that battle, they were completely in fear of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji swept the treasures with his divine sense and found that they all contained large amounts of spirit qi. It seemed that these people were quite sincere.

He waved his right hand and put the six treasures in his Supreme Storage as he said, “Sure, follow me. However, I only just came in and do not plan to go out yet.”

The elder said, “That’s fine, we can wait. We’ve been trapped here for 5,000 years already; we can wait another few months.”

5,000 years?

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How are you still alive?”

With how powerful the Black Underworld Bug Monarch was, how could these people survive?

The elder sighed and said, “We only entered this place two years ago. Before, we were trapped in a different place. We encountered Huangfu Fei, and that fellow was too domineering, attacking us as soon as he saw us. Fortunately we have a secret technique, or else we would have long since died at his hands.”

He paused and said in gratitude, “It can be said that senior has taken revenge for us. Many thanks!”

Huangfu Fei?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Come with me, let’s have a look around.”

The Xiji Six Immortals were incredibly glad and immediately followed him.

On the way, Zhou Xuanji asked them about Huangfu Fei.

That fellow could see the Demon God’s body within him; his background definitely was not simple.