I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 567 - Chapter 567 – Hand Over Your Demon God’s Body

Chapter 567 - Chapter 567 – Hand Over Your Demon God’s Body


The woman who spoke to Zhou Xuanji was wearing a blue dress, and her hair was combed within a gold and jade hairpin. She was quite beautiful and held a sword in her right hand, and she had a sash wrapped around her waist, making her look like a goddess.

The man behind her gave off dense demonic qi. His figure was quite muscular and he wore a black fur robe. His face was cold and handsome, and there were two horns within his white hair.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji, a trace of hostile intent in his gaze.

Zhou Xuanji put Demon God Tianwu within the Tianxia Map before calmly asking, “How do we work together?”

Why had he not sensed the existence of these two people before?

Was it because of cultivation, or an innate reason?

“Let’s introduce ourselves. I’m called Qin Honglian and he is called Lou Fa; what about you?” the woman asked, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

She had been shocked by Zhou Xuanji’s sword qi, but after coming closer, she found that he only had Universe Heaven Level 16 cultivation.

What was key was that Demon God Tianwu had suddenly disappeared.

From this, she guessed that it was a puppet or a clone.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I am the Sword Emperor.”

Hearing this, Lou Fa rolled his eyes and said, “Then you can call me Demon Lord.”

Zhou Xuanji ignored this and asked Qin Honglian, “How do we work together?”

He was quite curious about their cultivation. They were most likely at the Connecting Heaven realm, which was why he could not see through their cultivations.

After using the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, even though Zhou Xuanji’s strength increased, his cultivation did not. As such, he was unable to see through the cultivation of those higher than his.

Of course, if Qin Honglian and Lou Fa attacked, he would still be able to extricate himself.

“Lou Fa’s cultivation and strength are the most powerful. We will send our magic energy to him and have him attack and break through the barrier,” Qin Honglian said calmly, making it difficult to tell what she was thinking.

Lou Fa proudly raised his head, looking quite pleased.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled as he said, “No thank you.”

He turned and flew ahead.

Lou Fa coldly harrumphed and said, “Forget about him. Someone with Universe Heaven Level 16 cultivation dares to be so arrogant? Let him die here!”

Qin Honglian did not say anything, continuing to look quite calm.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji took out hundreds of swords and his aura suddenly changed.

Lou Fa and Qin Honglian both simultaneously frowned.


Zhou Xuanji suddenly unleashed Sword Dao Rules, and the hundreds of swords immediately moved.

They were incredibly fast, and Lou Fa and Qin Honglian could not catch them with their naked eyes.

An opening opened up in the space ahead of Zhou Xuanji, and Zhou Xuanji quickly dove through with his swords.

Lou Fa stared with wide eyes, unable to believe what he saw.

What had just happened?

Did this fellow really only have Universe Heaven Level 16 cultivation?

“Hurry up and follow him!” Qin Honglian said before quickly divine through the opening.

Lou Fa closely followed behind, but he was still a bit too late. The opening quickly shrunk and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Ahhhhh!!” Lou Fa became enraged and went berserk on the spot.

Elsewhere, Zhou Xuanji and Qin Honglian came to another place on the ocean. There was not any fog here, and the waves were quite grand and beautiful.

He turned and looked at Qin Honglian and asked, “Why didn’t your man come?”

He felt quite amused inwardly.

He could already imagine Lou Fa going crazy.

Qin Honglian looked at him with a complicated gaze, saying, “We don’t have that kind of relationship; it’s just that our sects have a good relationship, so we occasionally travel together when we meet.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and turned and left.

Qin Honglian did not follow behind him, nor did she say anything else; she just watched him leave.

“Looks like I can’t underestimate anyone,” she muttered before leaving.

If Zhou Xuanji’s personality was similar to Lou Fa’s, he might have become angry at them and attacked them.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the more one cared about face. This was the case in the Heaven Fiend Realm too.

No powerful being wanted to be looked down on by others, much less mocked.

This encounter did not affect Zhou Xuanji much.

He continued onward quickly, not wanting to waste any time.

An hour later, he came before a lake. He took out Demon God Tianwu, who punched towards the surface of the lake.

The lakewater was sent flying, revealing a massive crater that was 20 meters deep.

At the bottom of the crater was a silver treasure chest.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression was quite strange; why did this feel like he was playing a game?

He raised his right hand and used Universal Attraction, sucking the silver treasure box up.

The silver treasure box had three steel chains tightly wrapped around it, making it so that the treasure chest could not be opened. There was not even a bit of a gap.

Zhou Xuanji took out Great Brilliant Day and slashed down, cutting through the three steel chains.

After the treasure box was opened he saw a dagger and a porcelain medicine bottle.

He had Demon God Tianwu take the two items out.

He examined them closely and found that this dagger was quite extraordinary. It contained immense power and was not any inferior to his Great Brilliant Day sword.

As for the medicine bottle, it was the same.

As soon as he opened the bottle, dense spirit qi leaked out, making him feel quite refreshed.

He felt quite confused that no one would pick up these two treasures.

No, there was something wrong.

He had not encountered any other cultivators after coming to this place.

He immediately put the dagger and medicine bottle in the Supreme Storage, preparing to leave.

At that moment, the ground at the bottom of the lake suddenly broke open, and black bugs that looked like beetles rushed out. They were like carp surging through a river, and they were innumerable.

The beatles were all as big as tigers, and they gave off loud hisses as they rushed at Zhou Xuanji.

Demon God Tianwu punched out, and the wind from the punch blasted out, killing thousands of beetles. However, more and more beetles flowed out from the bottom of the lake unceasingly.

Zhou Xuanji continued to run with Demon God Tianwu because he felt that a big fellow was about to rush out from under the lake.

Right as he disappeared over the horizon, a massive creature broke through the surrounding 1,000 meters of ground and rushed into the sky.

It was a 3,000 meter long massive beetle. It was different to the other beetles; it had a sharp horn on its head, and it gave off cold light under the sunlight.

It spread its wings and chased after Zhou Xuanji. As it beat its wings, a berserk wind rushed out, shaking the clouds. The sound filled the heavens and earth, and it was incredibly deafening.

Countless beetles quickly flew under its guidance, covering the sky and hiding the ground.

Zhou Xuanji, who was travelling at his full speed, found that he actually could not shake them off. Instead, the distance between them was closing.

He immediately used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and fused with Demon God Tianwu, increasing his speed.

He directly broke through space and disappeared in the air.

Three million kilometres away, the desert extended forever into the distance.

A man wearing mighty-looking silver armor sat cross-legged on a sand dune. Whenever sand came near him, it would move in a different direction.

He suddenly opened his eyes and muttered, “This aura… a Demon God’s body!”

He immediately got up and his body burst out with silver light. His hair wildly danced in the wind, and his expression became savage as he grinned, and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji landed on a cliff, and looking back, he could not see those beetles anymore, nor could he hear that beetle monarch’s wings.

“Just what were those?” he muttered, his voice filled with curiosity.

Before, he had felt that if they had caught up to him, his life would be in danger.

“Those were Black Underworld Bugs. Hand over your Demon God’s body otherwise I’ll bury you in those bugs’ bellies,” a cold voice sounded from behind Zhou Xuanji, killing intent locked onto him.