I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 566 - Chapter 566 – Buddha Yang Ling

Chapter 566 - Chapter 566 – Buddha Yang Ling


Seeing so many people dare to try to snatch his treasure, the muscular man was enraged.

“You can all go die!” he roared, as countless bolts of lightning descended from the sky, blasting the ground.

Many cultivators could not dodge in time and were hit by the lightning, causing them to disintegrate into dust.

Some cultivators with powerful cultivations easily dodged, and they continued flying towards the golden stone.

Zhou Xuanji did not act and instead silently watched.

He focused his divine sense on the golden stone; he was curious as to what it was.

He could hear a heartbeat from the golden stone.

Even though he was quite far away, he could still hear it clearly.

The massive black python was blasted apart by the lightning and turned into dust that lingered in the air.

“Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei, you’re going too far!”

“The treasure is not yours; why can’t we contend for it?”

“Join forces against him! After killing him, we’ll fight for it fairly. How does that sound?”

“Very well! Let’s attack him together!”

The cultivators were enraged and cast their divine abilities towards Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei.

A massive battle erupted out. The cultivators used various magic techniques and divine abilities, and their magic treasures also unleashed powerful attacks.

Zhou Xuanji watched for a while before deciding to act.

He directly used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and took out 700 or so swords as he stepped out in the air.

Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei continuously roared. Boundless lightning gathered in his palms; the strongest attack was also the strongest defense.

The cultivators could not deal with him at all and were continuously injured by the lightning.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji walk over, Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei raised his right hand, and a bolt of lightning shot out from his palm, blasting towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps and came behind Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei.


Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei’s head flew into the air, and blood spurted out of his neck. The surrounding cultivators were all given a big fright and quickly retreated.

They looked at Zhou Xuanji in terror, unable to believe their eyes.

Who was this person?

So powerful!

Zhou Xuanji used Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep, and the 700 or so swords gave off white light as they quickly spiraled around him.

The swords in front of him made way, allowing him to easily suck the golden stone over.

The golden stone was bigger than him, and it was hundreds of millions of kilograms heavy; it was not simple at all.

He directly put it in the Supreme Storage.

He flew in another direction, and no one dared to obstruct him.

Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei’s head quickly reattached to his body, and he did not dare to give chase either.

“Just who is he… my magic energy…” Hegemon Sovereign Xuanlei felt a chill in his heart as he thought to himself in terror.

He had not even seen that sword strike clearly before he had been beheaded.

What was key was that in that moment, much of his magic energy had been absorbed.

It had to be known that he had Connecting Heaven Level 3 cultivation!

Everyone present remembered Zhou Xuanji’s appearance so as not to recklessly offend him next time.

After leaving, Zhou Xuanji stopped using the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. He summoned Demon God Tianwu and took out dozens of swords, forming a sword plate on which Demon God Tianwu sat. Zhou Xuanji took out the golden stone and began to examine it.

The Ancient God Sword floated beside him, and the souls also analysed it.

“This stone is not ordinary; it is one of the toughest stones I’ve ever seen.”

“Not only that, there is a heartbeat within it. Is there some kind of creature within it?”

“It’s most likely the Golden Fetus Fire Spirit Stone of the legends. It is an exquisite refining material.”

“This boy doesn’t need magic treasures; look at his swords.”

After hearing this, Zhou Xuanji grinned.

He asked how many Heaven Fiend Pills this stone could be sold for.

Sovereign Xuan estimated that it would be worth at least 100,000 Heaven Fiend Pills.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite pleased. To be able to get such great gains right after entering, it was quite good.

Following this, he put the Golden Fetus Fire Spirit Stone back in the Supreme Storage.

He continued to travel to places with dense spirit qi.

When he came to the next place, he found that the treasure had already been taken away by someone.

He continued onwards and still did not gain anything else.

As such, he began to advance at his full speed.

He had underestimated the speed of the other cultivators. They were all like starving wolves and madly plundered resources.

Within a temple in the boundless starry sky, Old Ancestor Hongshi and an old monk were sitting across from each other.

“What did you seek me out for, Buddha Yang Ling?” Old Ancestor Hongshi spoke first as he looked about the temple.

Buddha Yang Ling looked somewhat skinny, and he looked around 50 years old. He wore an exquisite-looking kasaya and smiled as he said, “Look who this is.”

He flipped his right hand revealing an orb of light, within which showed Zhou Xuanji’s figure.

Old Ancestor Hongshi’s eyes widened and he asked in a low voice, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Xuanji was a disciple he had chosen. Even though he had not officially taken him in, he planned to greatly nurture him.

“Don’t misunderstand, it’s like this: This boy encountered the Evil Life Evil Spirit and was sucked into my Heaven Fiend Realm. He is currently exploring the Guanghuang Secret Realm. I came to seek your opinion; if you want him, I can bring him out,” Buddha Yang Ling said as he chuckled. Hearing this, Old Ancestor Hongshi let out a sigh of relief.

Among the eight Saints, there were factions too.

He and Buddha Yang Ling were on relatively good terms, while he was archenemies with Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Old Ancestor Hongshi said, “Guanghuang Secret Realm? That’s good too, let him do some exploring. Maybe he might obtain some fortuitous opportunities.”

Buddha Yang Ling said with deep intent, “There are many good seeds at the Guanghuang Secret Realm this time. Your Zhou Xuanji might fall there.”

Old Ancestor Hongshi waved his hand, looking extremely confident.

What a joke!

Was there anyone more monstrous than that boy?

He said with glee, “As long as you don’t act, no one can deal with him.”

Buddha Yang Ling shook his head and said, “Demon God’s bodies cannot make him invincible below Heavenly Saints.”

Old Ancestor Hongshi remained just as confident. He waved his right hand and created a chessboard.

“Let’s not talk about that. Come, let’s play a game!” he said as he loudly laughed.

Buddha Yang Ling stroked his beard and smiled, and he picked up a chess piece.

On this day, Zhou Xuanji came before an ocean. There was a heavy fog above the ocean, making visibility quite low.

He could sense that there was a spatial barrier at the end of the sea level.

There were no longer any treasures here worth him fighting for, so he prepared to go deeper into the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

He swept out with his divine sense before advancing with Demon God Tianwu.

After flying into the fog, he heard sounds of battle to his left and right.

He did not mind them and continued onwards.

Following this, his expression became strange.

No matter how far he flew, there were still sounds of fighting on his left and right, and the barrier still seemed incredibly far away.

“Looks like I’ve entered a formation,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. Following this, he activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and fused Demon God Nanming into his body. He took out Great Brilliant Day and directly slashed out.

A sword soul flashed out!

However, the sword soul’s sword qi did not create too much sound, and after disappearing into the fog, all sound disappeared.


Zhou Xuanji did not panic and prepared to unleash Sword Dao Rules.

“You won’t be able to exit like this. Let’s work together,” a woman’s voice sounded out, and Zhou Xuanji looked over to see a man and a woman fly over from the fog.