I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 565 - Chapter 565 – Forceful Suppression

Chapter 565 - Chapter 565 – Forceful Suppression


In response to Zhou Xuanji’s telepathic message, the man in black trembled in anger.

He got up and stepped towards Zhou Xuanji.

Everyone else in the surroundings looked over; what was he going to do?

Sensing the killing intent, Cheng Qingsong opened his eyes and seeing the man in black, he hurriedly got up in fright.

“Gui Chouren, what are going to do?” Cheng Qingsong said in a low voice, preparing to fight at any moment.

Gui Chouren!

The cultivators and beasts in the distance also looked over.

It was evident that Gui Chouren was quite famous.

No wonder why he dared to do as he wished, not hiding his intentions and schemes.

He ignored Cheng Qingsong and stared at Zhou Xuanji as he said in a cold voice, “Boy, you dare to mock me? Take out all of your spatial bags and spatial rings; otherwise, I’ll kill you right here!”

Everyone else immediately understood.

Gui Chouren had found another target.

Everyone looked at Zhou Xuanji sympathetically.

Gui Chouren was only a step away from the Connecting Heaven realm, and he was incredibly powerful. He was also incredibly ruthless and savage, and no one who he targeted had a good end.

Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and fused Tianwu Demon God with himself.

He was expressionless as he slowly got up and said, “I’ll just stand here. You can come over and beat me to death.”

No matter how high one’s cultivation was, one would still meet evildoers.

Since this person did not have any eyes, he would not hold back either.

Gui Chouren was infuriated and prepared to attack.

However, his expression changed.

Why had this boy’s aura suddenly become different?

He frowned and began to hesitate.

Cheng Qingsong did not try to stop Zhou Xuanji. He felt that Zhou Xuanji was very powerful, or else he would not have Zhou Xuanji come with him to the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

Seeing Gui Chouren’s expression, he felt much more confident.

Indeed, Zhou Xuanji might have strength that exceeded Universe Heaven!

The surrounding cultivators and beasts looked at each other and began to talk among themselves.

“Why doesn’t Gui Chouren dare to attack?”

“He’s just bluffing.”

“No, that boy’s aura changed. Ss—what a terrifying aura!”

“Just who is he?”

“Looks like there’s a good show to be watched.”

Hearing these discussions, Gui Chouren could not stop halfway.

Zhou Xuanji came before him in a single step like a ghost.

So fast!

Gui Chouren was greatly startled and instinctively retreated.


Zhou Xuanji punched through his chest, causing blood to spurt out. The cultivators behind him all used their magic energy to block the blood from landing on them.

A ferocious wind swept out from Zhou Xuanji’s punch, sending many cultivators sprawling.


Gui Chouren was dumbfounded, unable to believe his eyes.

He had first confirmed that Zhou Xuanji only had Universe Heaven Level 15 cultivation, and seeing that he had an unfamiliar face, he used his gaze to intimidate him.

The speed of this punch definitely exceeded Universe Heaven!

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless and used World Internalisation, and he madly absorbed Gui Chouren’s magic energy.

Gui Chouren immediately turned into a ray of golden light and escaped into the distance.

Zhou Xuanji let him run on purpose and chased after him.

Cheng Qingsong did not chase after them. He was not strong enough, so it was better for him to wait here.

Half a stick of incense later, Zhou Xuanji returned. He seemed incredibly casual and dignified, and he sat down beside Cheng Qingsong. As for Gui Chouren, there was no sign of him.

Cheng Qingsong asked quietly, “How did it go?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “He’s dead.”

Many people heard his words, and they inwardly felt quite shocked.

They immediately listed Zhou Xuanji as a dangerous figure.

Now, no one dared to make trouble for Zhou Xuanji.

Time continued to pass.

More and more creatures arrived, causing this area to become quite lively.

There would often be conflict, resulting in battles every few days.

Only when it was three days before the Guanghuang Secret Realm opened did the surrounding 100 kilometers become quiet.

The atmosphere became quite tense.

Cheng Qingsong said in a low voice, “After we enter the Guanghuang Secret Realm, should we split up, or…”

Zhou Xuanji could immediately tell what he was thinking and smiled as he said, “Let’s split up.”

After entering the Guanghuang Secret Realm, if they encountered things that they both wanted, it would be likely for them to be estranged.

Cheng Qingsong inwardly let out a sigh of relief and said, “After we split up, let’s meet again after three months. It’s the first time you’ve come to the Guanghuang Secret Realm, and you might miss the exit time. I was trapped once before.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. As for what he was thinking, he did not say it out.

Since Cheng Qingsong was this wary towards him, there was no point meeting up after going in.

In actuality, before, he had wanted to help Cheng Qingsong.

With Cheng Qingsong’s cultivation, it would be difficult for him to do as he wished within the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

Three days later.


A pillar of light descended from the sky, covering the stone steles and causing them to violently shake.

A layer of light came out from the stone steles, forming a rippling barrier.

Three people immediately leapt in, and other people followed behind them.

Zhou Xuanji and Cheng Qingsong did not say anything before flying into the barrier. The creatures behind them madly charged, and because of how many people there were, battles often erupted.

None of this had anything to do with Zhou Xuanji.

After entering the Guanghuang Secret Realm, they passed through a colourful, rainbow tunnel. There was no dirt, only light, and it felt like if they fell down, they would be doomed.

Zhou Xuanji saw the people ahead darting off in different directions, quickly disappearing.

Cheng Qingsong quickly distanced himself from him, and he flew towards the side.

Zhou Xuanji also found a location to enter.

The light before him flashed and he came to a dim region.

Torrential rain poured down, and lightning flashed as thunder boomed. The mountain and forest below were mercilessly beaten by the rain.

He looked out, and saw that there were rays of light in the night sky in the distance. They were others who had entered the secret realm.

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight smile and took out Demon God Tianwu to be his bodyguard.

He swept out with his divine sense and decided to go in the direction that had the densest spirit qi.

In cultivation worlds, treasures normally gathered a large amount of spirit qi.

It was not just him, many others also thought the same.

Zhou Xuanji passed through tens of thousands of kilometers, leaving the region of lightning and rain. The region in front of him was sunny and incredibly bright and beautiful.

His gaze locked onto a tall peak.

This tall peak was on an island at the center of a lake. It was 3,000 meters tall, and there was a massive python wrapped around the mountain. It looked like a dragon and was covered with black scales, each of them as big as a house.

It had three horns and a sinister gaze. Its tongue flicked in and out of its mouth, and blue and violet flames burned on the tip of its tongue.

A boundless and domineering aura spread out, causing many cultivators to stop.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the middle of the peak, and he saw there was a golden stone there. There were many strange, violet inscriptions on it, and the spirit qi around it was incredibly thick, making it look like a ball of fog surrounding the golden stone.

“This stone belongs to me!” a domineering voice sounded out. A big, muscular man whose body gave off lightning landed on the peak. The strength in his legs was terrifying, and he caused the surface of the peak to crack open.

The black python hissed and rushed at him with unstoppable momentum.

The muscular man raised his left hand and pointed his palm at it. Boundless lightning erupted out, instantly covering the black python.

The black python cried out in pain, and the entire peak started to crumble.

Following this, cultivators started to rush at the golden stone.

People died for riches and birds died for food!

At that moment, they were all prepared to go all out!