I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 564 - Chapter 564 – Stone Stele

Chapter 564 - Chapter 564 – Stone Stele


Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment before deciding to follow Cheng Qingsong to the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

He could gather some resources for Emperor Sword Court.

Now, Emperor Sword Court had over 20 million disciples, and Zhou Xuanji had not given out any cultivation resources. He had made up for this with his Great Dao’s Voice, but they could not go on like this.

Even though he had many good medicinal pills and magic items in his Supreme Storage, it was not enough for the disciples at all.

After all, this was the Wanshen Great Thousand, not the Northern Wilderness.

The cultivation resources that the disciples required was an astronomical figure.

On the way, Cheng Qingsong enthusiastically conversed with Zhou Xuanji, and he told him about the legends about the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

Every time the Guanghuang Secret Realm opened, countless cultivators would fight over it.

The independent world within the Guanghuang Secret Realm was very big, and there were countless treasures within. Many of them were from the cultivators who had fallen there.

Zhou Xuanji asked Cheng Qingsong which sect he was from, but that fellow grinned and said that he did not have a sect.

Didn’t he say that those without a sect could not have a footing?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled, but he did not embarrass him.

Cheng Qingsong led them through many continents.

In order to avoid trouble, Zhou Xuanji put the two Demon God’s bodies in the Tianxia Map.

They came to a city, which was filled with street stalls, selling all kinds of treasures, materials for refining magic tools, recipes for refining medicinal pills.

Cheng Qingsong smiled and said, “Ordinarily, places near the sea are quite dangerous. The strength of cultivators here is quite high. Have a look by yourself, I’m going to go treasure hunting too.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and the two of them split up.

Zhou Xuanji was quite interested in the Heaven Fiend Realm, and he wanted to know more about the local conditions and customs.

People came and went on the streets, and there were also many beasts. It was very bustling, and all kinds of languages were spoken. Fortunately Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation was quite high and he could use his mind to instinctively grasp various languages.

Language was just a way of expressing oneself, and experts would be able to communicate with just a glance.

He casually strolled about without a goal.

Even though there were many street stalls, there were countless cultivators. They were all quite crowded together, but no conflicts arose.

Everyone was quite orderly, and at most there was just some bickering.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop walking the whole time.

“Come and have a look, this is a supreme treasure that will allow you to go to the Guanghuang Secret Realm. Using it, any restrictions will disappear!” A giggle attracted Zhou Xuanji’s attention. He looked over and saw a boy who looked around seven years old squatting in front of a street stall. His hands were in his pockets, and he looked like a little old man. He also had an enthusiastic smile on his face.

Universe Heaven Level 15!

Zhou Xuanji was somewhat surprised; this kind of cultivation was like a crane among chickens in this city.

No one stopped in front of his stall; it was evident that this fellow was a scammer.

Zhou Xuanji walked over to his stall and smiled as he asked, “What treasure is it, for it to be so amazing?”

The boy looked up at him and giggled as he said, “A World Stone from the Guanghuang Secret Realm. Do you want it?”

World Stone?

Zhou Xuanji smirked and looked at the World Stone, which was a crescent shape.

This World Stone indeed contained a trace of heaven and earth energy, but it was very weak. It would lose its effects after being used just once.

He asked how much it was.

The boy replied, “300 Heaven Fiend Pills.”

Heaven Fiend Pills were the highest grade of currency in the Heaven Fiend Realm, and they could be used to cultivate.

A Heaven Fiend Pill was worth 10,000 Level 9 Spirit Stones. When converted to Level 1 Spirit Stones, it was an astronomical figure.

This fellow was indeed scamming people.

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “No one is buying it; what are you doing here?”

Hearing this, the boys’ smile immediately disappeared. He was like a little tiger and furiously shouted, “Piss off if you don’t want it!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed and turned and left.

Looking at his disappearing figure, the little boy spat on the ground.

However, after Zhou Xuanji disappeared, the boy’s ferocious expression disappeared.

Cold sweat appeared on his forehead as he muttered, “Just who is that fellow? He made my hair stand on end. No, I need to quickly leave; he might have his eyes on me!”

He immediately put his things away and quickly left.

Zhou Xuanji did not think about this encounter and continued to casually stroll about.

When it was dusk, he met Cheng Qingsong at the city gates.

“Brother Zhou, did you get much?” Cheng Qingsong asked as he chuckled. From his expression, he had definitely picked up some good things.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “My luck wasn’t as good as yours.”

Cheng Qingsong loudly laughed. The two of them did not waste any words and continued on to the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

Half a month later, Zhou Xuanji and Cheng Qingsong arrived at the Guanghuang Secret Realm.

The Guanghuang Secret Realm had over 100 entrances, and there was a stone stele at each of them. When the Guanghuang Secret Realm opened, the stone steles would give off a spatial barrier that allowed people to enter and exit.

The Guanghuang Secret Realm opened for half a year each time. If one did not come out within that half a year, they would only be able to come out next time when it opened, which was 5,000 years.

The two of them came to a stone stele. The surrounding 100 kilometers already had tens of thousands of people sitting and cultivating.

The closer to the stone stele, the higher the cultivators’ cultivations were.

Getting into the secret realm earlier would make it more beneficial for them to obtain good things.

Cheng Qingsong had Universe Heaven Level 7 cultivation, and he could be considered to be an expert. He brought Zhou Xuanji to within 100 meters of a stone stele.

The creatures surrounded the stone stele, with the stone stele at the centre. There were 172 figures in the surrounding 100 meters, and their cultivations were all at least at Universe Heaven Level 7; there were not any Connecting Heaven realm existences.

This was just a single stone stele!

The key thing was that there was still a long time until the Guanghuang Secret Realm opened.

Zhou Xuanji and Cheng Qingsong’s arrival attracted many gazes, especially Zhou Xuanji.

Universe Heaven Level 16 cultivation qualified him to approach another 70 meters.

However, he did not do so. He sat down cross-legged and focused his mind on the world within the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus and conversed with Jiang Xue.

Ten days earlier, he had sent the Demonic Ancestor into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, then transported him to the Divine Cliff to support Emperor Sword Court.

Now, with a thought, he could send his consciousness to the Demonic Ancestor’s body.

The powerful Soul Division Technique allowed him to control the clones even though they were two worlds apart.

Now, no faction dared to make a move against Emperor Sword Court. Emperor Sword Court had settled down, and the Wanshen Great Thousand became peaceful again.

After talking with Jiang Xue, Zhou Xuanji learned that the Divine Cliff was not in any danger.

Emperor Sword Court did not have any problems either and the disciples were all settled. After teaching them for so many years, they had to spend some time to properly comprehend everything.

Even Sword Sovereign Gu was the same.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

Zhou Xuanji returned his consciousness to his own body.

He sensed a gaze that contained ill intent, and he glanced over. He saw a man wearing black clothes, who had higher cultivation than him, looking at him.

As their gazes met, the man in black did not look away, and he instead looked condescending with a trace of killing intent.

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhou Xuanji sent a telepathic message. Hearing this, the man in black’s expression immediately darkened.