I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 563 - Chapter 563 Heaven Fiend Realm. Guanghuang Secret Realm.

Chapter 563 - Chapter 563 Heaven Fiend Realm. Guanghuang Secret Realm.


“What’s that thing?” the Black Hole Exquisite Lion cried out in shock. His voice was filled with fear.

Whoever saw that terrifying head would feel horror.

Especially that visage, which made the Black Hole Exquisite Lion’s hair stand on end.

Qiu Hu said with a frown, “Be careful. Something is wrong with that. He’s not fully dead yet!”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and quickly took out 20 legendary swords, all of them aiming at the black head.

At this moment, the eyeballs of the black head began rolling.

“This is not good. It’s Evil Life Evil Spirit!”

Qiu Hu suddenly thought of something. His expression changed drastically as he cried out deeply.

Evil Life Evil Spirit!

Neither Zhou Xuanji nor the Black Hole Exquisite Lion had heard of it before. But by the sound of the name, they knew that it was hostile.

“Tsk tsk tsk. The Heavenly Law Violet Qi!” the black head burst out in laughter suddenly, even though his mouth did not move. A horrifying murderous aura was emanating from his green eyes.


With an irresistible suction power, the mouth sucked Zhou Xuanji and the other two inside.

Even someone as powerful as Qiu Hu could not evade in time.

Zhou Xuanji was in the darkness and could not sense his surroundings. Some kind of force was dragging him downwards, making him feel weightless.

He immediately stored all his legendary swords in the Supreme Storage.

Sometime later.

He suddenly felt an impact on his soul, and his consciousness blanked out.


The sound of sea waves entered Zhou Xuanji’s ears, which woke him up gradually.

He opened his eyes and saw a clear blue sky.

The memory before he fell unconscious was coming back to him. Narrowing his eyes, he sat up straight.

He realized that he was on a beach. His legs were soaked in the seawater. His black clothing was tattered and torn into strips of cloth. He looked miserable.

“What’s this place?”

He looked around and felt lost. Taking out the Holy Light Redemption Sword, he began healing himself.

His internal organs were greatly damaged, and the celestial energy in his body was halved.

A vast and boundless ocean was in front of him. The horizon was veiled over by dark mist, as though a heavy storm was coming. It also seemed like a ferocious beast was hiding inside, wreaking havoc.

He scanned his surroundings with his divine sense to check out if anything was happening around him.

Soon, he realized that he was on a lone island, with a diameter close to a hundred miles. The living beings on the island had yet to gain wisdom, and there were no signs of any cultivators either.

He was not in a hurry to leave.

After he stored up the celestial energy and was fully recovered, he took out Demon God Tianwu and the Demon Ancestor’s bodies to guard his left and right.

Now, he had three demon god duplicates. As for Demon God Nanming, he wanted to keep it hidden as a trump card.

He chose a direction and flew towards it.

He took out the Ancient God Sword and hoped that he could know more about this place from the souls inside.

“This place has abundant spiritual Qi. It should not be a mortal realm,” Ghost Emperor Zhangtian speculated, which made Zhou Xuanji roll his eyes.

As though he don’t know that already.

Sovereign Xuan said, “Evil Life Evil Spirit has an extremely long history. At the beginning of the world, they already existed. However, in the recent mega-annum, no news about them was heard. I didn’t expect you to be so fortunate to find it.”

It wasn’t me who encountered it.

It was the Black Hole Exquisite Lion!

Zhou Xuanji was rather helpless. That stone door could resist attacks of a Connecting Heaven cultivator. Those as powerful as the Heavenly Saints would not come to a place like this.

After that, Zhou Xuanji soared up into the sky and dashed through the clouds.

He wanted to pass through the levels of Heavens, but he realized that there were none. There was a formless barrier that he could not break through at thousands of miles above in the sky.

Even Demon God Tianwu could not do it.

“How can it be. Demon God Tianwu’s strength is second only to the Heavenly Saints. Could it be a barrier created by the Heavenly Saints?”

Zhou Xuanji was confused. Even the souls of those powerhouses were shocked.

Emperor Zhao cried out, “Could it be an independent immortal realm like the netherworld?”

Independent immortal realm?

After that, Emperor Zhao clarified the term with him.

Under the Heavenly Law, each Great Thousand World was connected to countless mortal realms. But between the Great Thousand Worlds and the mortal realms, there were other independent realms, such as the Demon Realm, Beast Realm, Barbarian Realm, and so on.

On top of those, there are Independent Immortal Realms, which were like the netherworld, and they were not affected by Great Thousand World’s fate.

Only the Great Thousand World had 33 levels of Heaven.

Sovereign Xuan said hesitantly, “Almost all Independent Immortal Realms were destroyed and replaced by the Great Thousand World. Where would this place be? Moreover, this barrier was likely more powerful than the one in the netherworld.”

Zhou Xuanji had a sudden urge to know more about this realm. He turned around and flew down.

“Hold on, my friend.”

At this moment, a voice came. Zhou Xuanji stopped and looked over.

It’s good that he could ask someone about this realm.

A middle-aged man wearing a green taoist robe was flying over on the clouds. He was elegant in demeanor and had a duster in hand. Taking a glance at Demon God Tianwu and the Demon God Tianwu, he was shocked in his heart.

Such powerful blood Qi!

It was his first time seeing such bodies.

Smiling amiably, he said, “My friend. Looking at what you intend to do just now, could it be your first time in the Heaven Fiend Realm?”

Heaven Fiend Realm?

Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowed eyes, “Could you tell me more about the Heaven Fiend Realm, please?”

The green-robed man smiled, “Of course. I’m Cheng Qingsong. What’s your name?”

“I’m Zhou Xuanji,” he revealed his name without hiding.

Cheng Qingsong glanced at Demon God Tianwu and the Demon Ancestor, indicating them to introduce themselves.

“They are my duplicates,” Zhou Xuanji said.

This person had the cultivation of Universe Heaven Level Seven. He was not just an ordinary cultivator.

Zhou Xuanij did not expect to encounter someone with such cultivation first.

It seemed like the Heaven Fiend Realm was very powerful.


Cheng Qingsong was shocked. He could not help but gulp down his saliva.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of regret.

Seems like the man standing in front of him was not easy to deal with.

But he did not dare to just turn and walk away.

“The Heavenly Saint is extremely vast,” he replied with a smile, “it lost connection with other realms a long time ago. Since ancient times, many people entered the Heaven Fiend Realm by mistake and have since settled down here. The Heaven Fiend Realm is controlled by the Heavenly Saints, and all lives can compete against each other freely. In the Heavenly Saint, it is extremely difficult to survive without the support of a faction because most of the resources were occupied by different sects.”

Zhou Xuanji was not interested in the sects. He asked, “Is there a way to leave the Heaven Fiend Realm?”

Cheng Qingsong replied, “It’s very difficult unless you have the help of the Heavenly Saint.”

Heavenly Saint?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He had a feeling that the Heavenly Saints had already had their eyes on him. If he went to find the Heavenly Saint all of a sudden, something bad might happen.

Cheng Qingsong said, “My friend, what’s the hurry. All living beings who come into the Heaven Fiend Realm integrated into this place quickly. It’s easy to cultivate here. It is an opportune time for you to come because the Guanghuang Secret Realm is about to begin. Do you want to follow me?”

“What’s the Guanghuang Secret Realm?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

He was not in a hurry. After all, he had the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus that could connect him to Emperor Sword Court. If his sect is in trouble, he could teleport there straightaway. When that happens, he could just get Divine Cliff to guard the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Cheng Qingsong introduced, “The Guanghuang Secret Realm contains countless secret treasures. It used to be the fighting ground of empires, and many powerful cultivators died there. The Heavenly Saints used their supreme divine abilities to turn it into a Secret Realm that opens once every 5,000 years. Two years more, and it will be opened again. It’s best not to miss it.”