I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 562 - Chapter 562 The Underground Buddha Head.

Chapter 562 - Chapter 562 The Underground Buddha Head.


It would not end well.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. The old beggar was his teacher after all and had taught him many things. He didn’t want something bad to happen to that old guy.

The old immortal saw his worry and smiled, saying, “Everyone must bear the consequences of their choices. You don’t have to worry about him, he will not die so soon. Your mission is still to grow quickly. When you are powerful enough, everything will be under your control. If you are not powerful enough, you can only submit to fate’s control. Helplessness will make you regret forever.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He understood what he meant.

He asked, “Although I’m already at Universe Heaven Level Sixteen, there’s still a long way to go for the next breakthrough. Could you provide me some guidance?”

Although he was already unrivaled among those under the Heavenly Saints, he still felt the need to work harder.

Or else, how could he face the Primordial Ancestor’s enemy?

What if Xian Xianghua activated the eye’s power accidentally someday? Then the situation would be bad.

The old immortal said casually, “Still the same. There are no shortcuts. Whatever you were doing, continue it.”

After that, he walked past the father and daughter, toward the foot of the mountain.

Zhou Xuanji contemplated whether to continue killing enemies and absorb their magic energy or continue promoting the Sword’s Way?

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked into the temple curiously. She realized that there was nothing but a meditation cushion on the floor.

He was an old immortal who had understood the Dao indeed. Such a simple and pure life.

After that, Zhou Xuanji took her and left.

After their departure, the old immortal continued his way down the mountain.

His eyes were calm. “Everything has cause and effects. Our cause and effect are to disrupt the evolution of the Heavenly Law. We shall face our tribulation sooner or later,” he said softly.

After they got back to Emperor Sword Court, Zhou Xiaoxuan returned to her own room. She was greatly motivated to cultivate.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji went to the highest peak and thought about fate.

When he took out Great Brilliant Day, the Black Hole Exquisite Lion jumped up to him.

He laughed excitingly and said, “Master, I found a cave abode nearby recently. It’s situated a few thousand meters underground and was equipped with powerful defensive mechanisms. I cannot break through. You might want to take a look?”

Zhou Xuanji replied indifferently, “Why don’t you find someone else?”

There were so many cave abodes in the world. Only a few could pique his interest.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion said, “This cave abode is not ordinary. I smelled fate. Although it’s minute, I could still sense it. ”

The lion himself was born out of the Heavenly Law Fate. That was why he was especially sensitive to fate.

Zhou Xuanji heard him and took an interest in it immediately.

He asked the lion to lead the way.

Twenty million disciples of the Emperor Sword Court occupied the nearby mountain ranges. At one glance, it was covered with the silhouettes of disciples practicing the sword.

The place that the Black Hole Exquisite Lion found was miles away, at the foot of a mountain.

The vegetation was so dense that it blocked the entrance of the cave.

The lion pushed the vegetation by the cave’s entrance away, and a dog hole about the height of half a meter appeared.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. Such a small hole, and yet it was found by the lion?

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion shrunk his body and entered the hole.

Following him, Zhou Xuanji also turned into a stream of sword light and flew inside.

They plunged down along the twirling tunnel quickly, encountering some forked paths.

The tunnel remained as narrow, and many venomous insects and rodents were present.

They traveled swiftly and arrived at the cave abode.

After exiting the tunnel, they came into a spacious underground space. A stone door stood in front of them that was covered in spider webs. Glyph-like words were carved on it.

“This is the place. It’s very hidden. If I did not crawl near this place, I would never find it,” the Black Hole Exquisite Lion laughed proudly. He looked at Zhou Xuanji with expectation, waiting for him to break into the door.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to the stone door and poked it with Great Brilliant Day.

The door remained still.

But Great Brilliant Day was slightly vibrating, sensing the fate that was coming from inside.

He then thrust his sword with the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.

The sword Qi interwove and bombarded the stone door, but no damage was done.

With a raised brow, Zhou Xuanji activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and swung his sword again.


The stone door was crushed into pieces. A gust of violent wind blew from the inside out. His black clothing danced in the wind, while the Black Hole Exquisite Lion was swept away, crashing into the cave walls.

Zhou Xuanji looked into the opening and saw a buddha head.

The space inside the stone door was rather small and was mostly occupied by the buddha head. The head was sculpted from stones to a height of 15 meters. With its mouth wide open and furious-looking facial expression, it seemed to be grumbling.

“What is this?”

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion came up and cried out. He seemed a little disappointed.

It was not the treasure he was hoping for.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to the buddha’s head and touched it lightly. There was nothing unusual.

It looks just like the head of a normal buddha sculpture. There might be a Buddhist temple here that collapsed and was buried underground.

But why was it blocked so coincidentally by the stone door?

That stone door was filled with restrictive mechanisms. It should not be coincidental.

Taking out the Ancient God Sword, he started speaking with the souls of those powerhouses.

“What is this?”

Emperor Hanlan asked curiously. The other souls were curious too.

They asked questions in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

When the Black Hole Exquisite Lion saw that Zhou Xuanji took out another sword, he quickly stepped backward.

Sovereign Xuan said shockingly, “This buddha head is very eccentric. Don’t you think it looks like the Ninth Nether Buddha?”

Ninth Nether Buddha? The most powerful person in the netherworld!

He had contended for the Heavenly Saint before. Although he did not succeed, he was on par with the Heavenly Saints. As long as the netherworld continued to exist, he would never die.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to store the buddha head into the Tianxia Map, but he could not do it.

Even the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus could not store it away.

“You better be careful. This buddha head is very weird. It doesn’t seem like an upright buddha, but it is very vicious and evil instead,” Dao Lord Xuantian warned, hoping that Zhou Xuanji will not act rashly.

Zhou Xuanji took a few steps backward and looked at the eyes of the buddha’s head.

Somehow, he always felt that the buddha head was looking at him. This feeling was extremely frightening.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was so scared that he dared not look up, but Zhou Xuanji was not afraid.

His mental state was at peace, thinking about where to put this buddha’s head.

Raising his right hand, the Great Brilliant Day pierced into the buddha head’s mouth.


The head shook violently, causing the entire underground space to shake as well.

Above the ground, the earth quaked with a radius of a thousand miles, shocking countless living beings, including the 20 million disciples of the Emperor Sword Court.

“What’s happening?”

“What thing is happening underground!”

“Could it be an earthquake? Doesn’t seem like it. There’s an extremely evil aura!”

“Everyone, be careful. It could be an enemy attack!”

“Prepare for battle!”

The disciples took out their swords simultaneously and were on the alert.

Qiu Hu frowned. “This is…” He mumbled to himself.

His silhouette blurred, and he came to Zhou Xuanji’s side the next moment.

At this moment, the surface of the buddha head began cracking. Pieces of stone fell, as though the buddha head was shedding its skin, revealing another layer of black skin underneath.

Soon, the hideous face with black skin appeared. His eyes were like two emeralds imbued into the stone. Although its mouth was wide open, it could still let out a sinister burst of laughter. It was horrifying.