I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 561 - Chapter 561 Zhou Xiaoxuan’s potential

Chapter 561 - Chapter 561 Zhou Xiaoxuan’s potential


The old beggar looked at the dull-witted Xu Qing and could not help but sigh.

Among all his disciples, he was most attached to Xu Qing.

He sighed faintly, “Why didn’t you listen to me back then?”

He could not get an answer.

Xu Qing was being suppressed by the tree and stopped being berserk. But if he left the area under its canopy, he would become crazy again.

The old beggar sat down beside him and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I will save you and restore your fearless spirit.”

Xu Qing grinned, as though he understood his teacher.


Zhou Xuanji sat on the mountain top, stroking his Great Brilliant Day gently. Streams of white aura could be seen on the blade.

The manifestation of fate!

After a decade of promoting the Sword’s Way together, the fate of 20 million Emperor Sword Court’s disciples fused together with his.

If he flourished, Emperor Sword Court would flourish.

If he was dead, Emperor Sword Court would wither.

They would perish or flourish together.

“How should I make use of fate?” Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. The Heavenly Saint competed for fate, and it was definitely not for fun.

Old Ancestor Hongshi must have another agenda for giving him the mission.

But during these years, he could not identify what the Heavenly Saint intended.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up onto the peak suddenly and came up to him, giggling, “Father, are we going to stay here and settle down?”

Zhou Xuanji remained silent for a short while before replying, “We shall rest for some time. Then we shall see.”

The All Heaven Dao Feast was still 900 years away. He needed to nurture Emperor Sword Court well.

Zhou Xiaoxuan walked to his back and massaged his shoulders.

“Father,” she said, “Can I discuss something with you?”

Her solicitous smile made her look like a fox.

“No,” Zhou Xuanji replied without hesitation.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s smile disappeared immediately, and she pressed his shoulder with all her strength. But no matter how much strength she used, he felt no pain. Only her fingers were aching.

She stood up and folded her arms before her chest and snorted, “You will regret it!”

Zhou Xuanji could not be bothered with her.

This really annoyed her. She doubted whether she was really his daughter.

Biting her lip slightly, she said, “Recently, I could hear some faint voices guiding me to fly up above without stopping. Tell me, am I like Auntie Xian, the Heavenly Law Demon Lord?”

“When did it start?” Zhou Xuanji got up and asked, looking at her.

He fixedly looked at her eyes and realized that deep inside her pupil, it was already purple in color.

Could it be…

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thought.

He had already noticed that Zhou Xiaoxuan had unique characteristics a long time ago.

She perfectly inherited his bloodline and could even be considered to have surpassed him. It was just that she did not encounter much serendipity such that her cultivation did not grow rapidly.

Seeing that he became so serious, Zhou Xiaoxuan turned excited immediately and said, “Roughly after you fetched Auntie Xian. Could it be some kind of summoning?”

She wanted to become as powerful as Xian Xianghua, to control a realm by herself and impress everyone!

Just the thought of it made her feel good.

But Zhou Xuanji’s brows were locked into a frown. He instinctively thought of the Primordial Ancestor and his enemy.

Or else, why would it be so powerful?

He said, “Follow me to a place. Tell Jinghong to take over the sect for now. We will return quickly.”

Qiu Hu was firmly faithful to him. With him around, Emperor Sword Court will not be harmed.

“Okay!” Zhou Xiaoxuan went to inform Xiao Jinghong excitingly.

Soon, the pair disappeared into the night sky.

Daybreak. The first stream of sunlight shined on the Daoist temple. The flowers and grass around it straightened up visibly.

Zhou Xuanji came to the temple gate with his daughter.

“Senior, could you help divine my daughter’s fate?” Zhou Xuanji asked, while his daughter’s eyes were sparkling.

Who was this senior?

She had met Zhou Xuanji’s revered teacher, the old beggar. He was just a playful old man and could not be bothered to talk to her.

This senior must be extremely powerful. It was her first time seeing her father this respectful to someone.

A while later.

The old immortal’s voice came. He sighed, “Zhou Xuanji, what’s your true background. Why is your daughter also… Sigh…”

Zhou Xuanji asked in pursuit, “So… what?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan heard those words and turned anxious immediately.

Was she doomed to some ill fate?

“It’s hard to say. Even I cannot divine it fully. But one thing I’m sure. Your daughter has within her some form of powerful energy. Once awakened, she will be unimaginably powerful,” the old immortal said faintly. His words made Zhou Xiaoxuan exhilarated.

I knew it!

“Do I have an identity? Something like the Heavenly Law Demon Lord?” she asked immediately.

As she asked, she glanced at Zhou Xuanji proudly, as though she was seeking praise from him.

Zhou Xuanji thought it was rather humorous. This girl did not seem to mature. She was still so naive.

The door opened, and the old immortal walked out.

Gazing at Zhou Xiaoxuan, he sighed, “You are even more powerful than the Heavenly Law Demon Lord. But it’s hard to say whether this power is good or bad. Logically speaking, you should not possess this power.”

He glanced toward Zhou Xuanji with a peculiar expression. “Don’t tell me the two of you have a background that transcends Heavenly Law.”

Transcend Heavenly Law!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes while his daughter almost jumped in surprise.

Am I that powerful?

She almost burst out laughing, but she held it back.

The old immortal instructed him, saying, “Look after her closely. If some beings take notice of her, she might be kidnapped.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s smile froze instantly.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. Looking at his daughter, he urged, “If you don’t want to die, be obedient. Understand?”


A comet fell across the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

The old immortal turned and looked.

“Your revered teacher is crazy. He will send himself to death eventually,” he said.

Zhou Xuanji was confused by his words and asked, “What do you mean?”

The old immortal began telling him a story.

It was the story about the old beggar and Xu Qing.

A long time ago, the old immortal and the old beggar hastened the Heavenly Law’s birth process. And because of this, both of them almost died.

The two fell onto the first-ever land and were separated to the two ends of that realm. The old beggar was saved by two living beings who provided him with nature’s spiritual water—day after day, year after year.

After 3,000 years, the old beggar finally awoke.

He was greatly touched and took the two living beings to be his disciples, helping them gain human form.

Eventually, the two living beings became the most powerful beings under Heavenly Law. But because of their conceitedness, they infuriated all other living beings, who worked together to destroy them.

The old beggar used his cultivation to collect their soul fragments. He waited until reincarnation was established and the netherworld’s appearance, then he sent them for reincarnation.

One of them was Northern Nether Sword Devil, Xu Qing.

Zhou Xuanji said with narrowing eyes, “No wonder he would risk his life for Xu Qing.”

The old beggar put in the same effort to save Di Guanlong. There was differential treatment.

The old immortal sighed. “He’s too invested in it. I’m afraid it will not end well.”