I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 560 - Chapter 560 350 Years Old. History Asunder Sword

Chapter 560 - Chapter 560 350 Years Old. History Asunder Sword


Beneath the Demon Realm.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What’s your plan? Emperor Sword Court is still waiting for me.”

Xian Xianghua smiled in reply, “To enslave the Demon Realm, of course. You should return. In the Demon Realm, I can grow powerful quickly, don’t worry. I will hide for a while, and I will transform the Demon Realm when I become invincible.”

Her voice was filled with arrogance, as though it was going to burst into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji laughed and did not speak further.

Soon, Qiu Hu was back. He said furiously, “That brat escaped!”

Only he dared to call the Demon Ancestor brat.

“It’s okay,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “Let’s return.”

Qiu Hu nodded. He waved his hand and swept Zhou Xuanji away with his magic energy.

After they left, Xian Xianghua’s laughter grew wilder. Ambition glowed in her beautiful eyes.

Turning into a strand of demonic Qi, she drilled into the rocks.

Returning to Wanshen Great Thousand.

Emperor Sword Court’s disciples were still at the same place. They were either practicing the sword or sharing their understanding of the Sword’s Way. Each of them waited patiently for Zhou Xuanji’s return.

After listening to the Great Dao’s Voice for so many years, their mental state was greatly improving too.

Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu landed before the contingent. “Continue forward!” Zhou Xuanji cried out.

Zhou Xiaoxuan came up to him and asked curiously, “Father, where have you been?”

Zhou Xuanji told her without hiding anything, other than the matter regarding the Primordial Ancestor.

“Wah, Auntie Xian is going to become the Lord of the Demon Realm?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan asked in pleasant surprise. Her face was filled with admiration.

In her heart, Xian Xianghua was the most powerful woman.

Even Zhou Xuanji used to be under her protection.

Zhou Xuanji stretched out her hand and knocked her head.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking about.”

He snorted, “I won’t allow. You must cultivate with me.

Zhou Xiaoxuan curled her lip. But she was still so excited that she quickly found Huang Lianxin and shared with her the news.

The journey of promoting the Sword’s Way continued.

The Great Dao’s Voice sounded off again. Divine and majestic.

As he walked, he put the Holy Light Redemption Sword into the Tianxia Map to heal the Demon Ancestor’s body.

To guard against any trap that the Demon Ancestor left behind, he cast the Soul Division Technique simultaneously.

If he succeeded, he would have three ancient demon gods as duplicates.

When that happened, his power would improve again when he activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique.

Another ten years passed. The number of disciples in Emperor Sword Court grew to more than 20 million. The contingent was massively impressive.

Until now, Emperor Sword Court had become like a phenomenal storm in the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Compared to the past, many living beings came to show their sincerity in following Zhou Xuanji each day. Some even traveled across many provinces to get here.

Each disciple was quite far apart from each other, such that the entire contingent occupied tens of thousands of miles. There were even disciples training in the air as well. Sword Qi pervaded the entire place.

Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu were leading at the forefront.

Looking down at the land from above, the entire Emperor Sword Court was like a handsome-looking long sword, moving ahead with grandiose.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 350 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Connecting Heaven] History Asunder Sword, Reversal Strike!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded off in Zhou Xuanji’s mind suddenly, which made him narrow his eyes.

Finally, another Connecting Heaven legendary sword!

The grades higher than this should be close to the Heavenly Saint’s level.

Next, the information of History Asunder Sword appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: History Asunder Sword

Grade: Connecting Heaven

Description: This legendary sword can sever the river of history. One must be at least Connecting Heaven Level One to use it.

It could sever the river of history?

It sounded awesome.

But what was the river of history?

Wasn’t it an abstract concept?

Zhou Xuanji thought about it before he began receiving Reversal Strike.

A massive wave of memory was pumped into his mind.

This was a divine sword ability.

It could reverse desperate situations. But the more the enemies, the more powerful the Reversal Strike.

After Zhou Xuanji learned it, he felt that this divine ability was similar to World Reincarnation.

It could reflect the enemies’ magic energy.

But the difference was that Reversal Strike dealt specifically with desperate situations, not to reverse the flow of magic energy.

Zhou Xuanji could only test its power when he was in a desperate situation.

He suddenly called Sword Sovereign Gu to his side and asked, “In the Wanshen Great Thousand, is there any place suitable for us to settle down?”

After walking for so long, he felt that it was time to stop.

Emperor Sword Court needed some time to let their learnings sink in.

“Head east. A hundred miles away lies a mountain range, in which no powerful cultivators reside,” Sword Sovereign Gu said. Zhou Xuanji turned to look toward the east.

Mountains were connected to each other at the horizon. The peaks were bare and bound, looking extremely remote.

He immediately walked toward that direction. The massive contingent turned as well.

They were very orderly and did not mess up their formation.

Zhou Xuanji was in a good mood. Taking out Great Brilliant Day, he activated the Sword Master Haki, practicing the sword along with his 20 million disciples.

This time, he was practicing the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

If 20 million disciples were all transformed into Ancestor Dragons, how impressive would that be?

He looked forward to it.

At sunset. In a fortified mountain village.

Gu Tianxia sat in the north and faced the south, cultivating.

Zhou Xuanji’s revered teacher, the old beggar, suddenly walked up to him with a serious face.

“Brat, don’t just brute force your way through cultivation,” the old beggar said with a grin. Having heard him, Gu Tianxia opened his eyes in confusion.

They had apparently known each other for a very long time. There was not any unfamiliarity between the two.

Gu Tianxia asked, “Something seems off about this divine ability. According to it’s channeling route of Qi, it still does not produce the effect you mentioned.”

The old beggar laughed proudly and said, “That is of course. If you want to learn this divine ability, you have to go into the void.”

Walking to Gu Tianxia’s side, he whispered.

Gu Tianxia opened his eyes wide and breathed rapidly. Burning passion was in his eyes.

He stood up and paid respect to the old beggar. Then he leaped up and disappeared amidst the clouds.

The old beggar laughed as he stroked his long beard. “This brat’s talented is overwhelming indeed. Seems like he’s even better than Zhou Xuanji. Interesting.” He mumbled.

After that, he turned and left.

The mountainous village was situated on a peak. Gu Tianxia cut the mountain into a plateau at the mountain shoulder. Hundreds of houses were built there.

Those who resided there were Gu Tianxia’s disciples. Every single one of them was talented and extraordinary.

The old beggar came to this place ten years ago. He found Gu Tianxia and made clear his intention to take him as his disciple. Gu Tianxia snorted at him and even attacked the old beggar, but he was eventually subdued by the old beggar.

Especially after knowing that the old beggar was Zhou Xuanji’s revered teacher, Gu Tianxia became even more respectful.

Zhou Xuanji was considered his inheritor. The Tianxia Map and World Buddha Art were both in Zhou Xuanji’s hand, after all.

The old beggar came under a giant tree that looked like willow, which he personally planted. Northern Nether Sword Devil Xu Qing sat under the tree like a puppet.

He walked up to Xu Qing, and Xu Qing suddenly spoke a word, “Xuan.”