I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 56

Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Chapter 56 – Sword Conference At Swordsman City

Three months later…

Zhou Xuanji and his companions reached Great Zhou’s customs after a long journey.

In front of the customs was a wasteland, so vast that one could not see its end.

The tall and majestic walls of Great Zhou’s custom were far higher than those of kingdoms. Looking from afar, there were numerous carriages, silhouettes flooding towards the custom gate from all directions; it looked like multiple rivers merging into the sea.

Zhou Xuanji’s dragon eagles drew much attention because of how huge they were.

He and his companions stopped when they were miles away from the custom.

“It’s in your hands.”

He handed a storage bag to the Sword Valiant and instructed.

The sword slave nodded his head and ran toward the customs immediately.

The Sword Valiant went ahead of them to buy two beast management bags from the Great Zhou Empire. The rest of them would wait for him patiently.

After the sword slave left, some people came to them shortly after, who intended to purchase the dragon eagles.

Zhou Xuanji would never agree to sell them. He rejected them forthrightly.

What came next were waves of buyers. Some felt pity, some tried to force him to sell, but Zhou Xuanji had his ways to send them away.

They were right beside the Great Zhou Empire, after all, so no one dared to excessively push him.

Gradually, the day turned dark.

Huang Lianxin took out some firewood to build a campfire.

Zhou Xuanji touched his face. “Have the scars on my face healed?” he asked.

If not for the fact that he attained Jade Skin Golden Bones, he might have to live with the scars all his life.

The eleven-year-old child had sparkling eyes and straight eyebrows, together with his jade-like face, he was very attractive to girls.

If he were to grow a few years older, he would surely become a handsome teenager.

It had to be acknowledged that Great Zhou’s royal bloodline was extraordinary indeed.

Little Jiang Xue waved her hand and answered, “Don’t ask about it anymore. I will not give up on you no matter how ugly you become.”

Huang Lianxin covered her mouth in laughter. She really enjoyed how Little Jiang Xue insulted Zhou Xuanji, which made her feel that her young master was no that high and lofty.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her. “It’s not like I’m afraid that you will give up on me.”

He looked at Huang LIanxin and sighed, “When we were young, this little girl was so adorable. She held me in her arms with such care as though I was going to melt. But now, this rebellious girl is really not offendable.”

Little Jiang Xue glared at him and protested coquettishly, “What are you talking about!”

The fifteen-year-old girl was already looking gorgeous. With her long and delicate eyelashes, her bright eyes were beautifully attractive.

But overall, she still looked a little naive.

After another year or two, there might be some who would crave for her beauty. When that time came, it would surely be troublesome for Zhou Xuanji.

As she observed the two of them quarreling, Huang Lianxin wrapped her arms around her knees and laughed occasionally. She suddenly felt that it was not bad to live like this.

Before she met her young master, she was homeless and miserable, easily frightened. She had never lived so peacefully before.

“I’m going to be dead…” The small black snake laid on the firewood and said powerlessly.

What a pity. No one paid him any attention.

In the next few days, the Sword Valiant did not return. To search for a seller of beast management bags would require time, after all.

But Zhou Xuanji was recognized by people. Two dragon eagles and a childlike body. Isn’t he the legendary Sword God Zhou?

During those few days, many came forward to ask if he was Sword God Zhou.

And he forthrightly acknowledged. Since he was at the Great Zhou Empire, he was not afraid of the Demonic Inferno Sect.

Whenever he acknowledged his identity, the people who came forward became excited.

Ever since Sword God Zhou killed Ye E’guan, news about Sword God Zhou spread like wildfire.

Dual Sword Will!

Nine Swords!

All kinds of rumors pushed Sword God Zhou’s name to the peak. Of course, there was no consensus among the people on how powerful he really is.

Within the Great Zhou Empire, Inner Pellet cultivators were not considered top-tier.

But this did not obstruct the fantasizing of people in the lower strata.

In the beginning, some said that Sword God Zhou could only deal with Foundation Building cultivators, but now, he consecutively defeated two Inner Pellet ones.

And this time, he easily killed Ye E’guan, who was much stronger. Who knows how powerful he really was.

The Sword Valiant finally returned on the ninth day.

He handed over the two beast management bags to Zhou Xuanji.

The beast management bags were made with silver linen and were easily portable, just like storage bags.

There was a spell formation within the bags, which required blood to be bound to its owner.

Of course, it was not Zhou Xuanji’s blood, but the dragon eagles.

Soon, he let the dragon eagles enter into their bags respectively and then released them again. Afterward, he asked them how they felt.

The two giants appeared to be very excited and felt that it was comfortable and warm inside.

Zhou Xuanji was relieved to see this. He did not want to make it difficult for them.

“Look at their behavior, how can they become demon lords? Go eat shit!”


Ah Big flapped his wings, and the wind blew the black snake and the Three-Eyed Rodent away.

After they landed, both of them were concussed.

The Three-Eyed Rodent shook its head and stared at the small black snake.

The latter looked up, and their eyes met.

Both became silent.

The small snake’s heart skipped a beat, and a sense of despair was upon him.

The Three-Eyed Rodent leaped and all of a sudden, sprinted, dragging the small snake along. As he watched the ground getting further away from him, he sighed miserably, “I… really spoke too much…”

Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin laughed as they watched how the Three-Eyed Rodent tortured the small black snake.

But Zhou Xuanji did not turn his eyes away from the Sword Valiant. “Your breath and Qi are not stable. Did you encounter any trouble?” He asked.

The Sword Valiant wanted to say something but stopped. “Nothing…”

“Tell me!”

Zhou Xuanji glared at him, saying, “Whoever dares to bully my sword slave is slapping my face.”

The Sword Valiant was very touched. He felt that passion for dying for someone that truly knew him.

So he told him. The beast management bags were bought in an auction, and this offended someone influential.

After he just left the city, he was surrounded and attacked. Fortunately, he was strong enough to force an opening and fled quickly.

The Yang Clan in Luoyang City.

The clan head of the Yang Clan was a Fourth Grade official in the Great Zhou Empire. His son, Yang Che, was the deputy governor of the Luoyang City. Yang Che’s cultivation was at Inner Pellet Tenth Level. Rumors had it that there were powerful Soul Fountain cultivators under him. The entire Luoyang City was under his rule.

“If the master wants revenge for me, you can defeat Yang Che during the Sword Conference. Once you win, you have the protection of Xie Wuyou. The Yang Clan will not dare to do anything to you no matter how much they hate you.”

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. “Can there be killing in the Sword Conference?”

When his sword slave was surrounded, their intention was to kill his sword slave.

Merely teaching them a lesson would not do.

The Sword Valiant understood what Zhou Xuanji meant and replied, “Swords are sharp weapons. If accidents were to happen in a heated fight… It would not be against the rules.”

In this world, the powerful reigns supreme.

Those who dared to participate in the Sword Conference risked their life.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, “We will move out tomorrow to register for the Sword Conference. ”

On the morning of the second day, the group entered the city.

The venue for the Sword Conference was in Swordsman City, which was close to Luoyang City.

Swordsman was the title of Xie Wuyou when he was young. That year, he also entered the Hero Ranking Board and Reputation Ranking of Great Zhou. His fame was comparable to today’s Xiao Jinghong.

There were no obstacles on their journey.

Within three days, they came to Swordsman City.

Two grand and magnificent giant swords hung on its city gate and people could feel a mighty sword Qi even when they were still a great distance away.

Zhou Xuanji met with someone familiar the moment he entered the city.

Zhang Tianjian was disciplining his son, Zhang Ruyu, with arms folded at his chest. “Stop exaggerating your Sword God Zhou all day. If he dared to attend the Sword Conference, I will prove it to you, who is stronger!” He shouted.