I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 559 - Chapter 559 The Fear of The Demon Ancestor

Chapter 559 - Chapter 559 The Fear of The Demon Ancestor


Zhou Xuanji was still unaware of what was happening in the universe, but he was somewhat concerned.

The old immortal said that once they used the eye’s power, the enemy of the Primordial Ancestor would come for them.

He immediately channeled his voice into the Demon Realm Heart, “Don’t use the power of the eyes. The Primordial Ancestor set a trap for us. He has an enemy more powerful than the Heavenly Saints waiting for us on the outside.”

Xian Xianghua heard him and immediately shut her mouth.

Although she was arrogant, she understood that no matter how powerful a Heavenly Law Demon Lord was, it was still weaker than Heavenly Saints.

The Demon Ancestor’s fury was uncontainable. His aura was growing more eruptive. Even at Universe Heaven Level Sixteen, he had difficulty withstanding it.

He had to activate the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and infused Demon God Nanming within his body. Everything became bearable instantly.

The subterranean space crumbled uncontrollably. Zhou Xuanji cast a barrier with his celestial energy that turned any falling rocks into ash instantly.

The Demon Realm Heart became smaller and smaller. The rate at which it shrunk grew as well.

The heavenly lightning and thunderclouds disappeared as well.

Soon, when the Demon Realm Heart was less than three meters tall, it shattered and turned into countless sparkles.

Xian Xianghua appeared. She was still wearing her purple skirt. Her face turned bewitching, and her eyes somewhat bloodied. Her lips were so red that they appeared to be bleeding, along with her purple eyes and extreme beauty. She was emanating an irresistible charm. But at the same time, she gave off an aura of extreme danger.

Universe Heaven Level Two!

Zhou Xuanji was quite shocked in his heart. This demonic old woman’s cultivation grew so quickly.

He was not disheartened since he was already Universe Heaven Level Sixteen at over 300 years old.

This old demonic woman was already more than 10,000 years old.

Their talent could not be compared.

Xian Xianghua ignored the Demon Ancestor and Qiu Hu. She walked toward Zhou Xuanji slowly.

Coming up to him, she touched his face gently and said with a light smile, “Your eyes are so beautiful, just like mine.”

Until now, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were still purple. The people in Emperor Sword Court were not too curious about it. They speculated that it was caused by the breakthrough in his cultivation.

Moreover, this made Zhou Xuanji more imposing.

“How are you feeling?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Xian Xianghua smiled, pleased with herself. Fortunately, she was not a man, or else it would have been very annoying.

She lifted up her chin slightly and said proudly, “Awesome. Never been this awesome before. My cultivation will continue to grow and will overtake yours soon.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and asked, “So awesome?”

Xian Xianghua replied proudly, “I’m the Lord of the Demon Realm. The fate of the Demon Realm is fused in my body. I can even transform the Demon Realm into my independent realm.”

It sounded powerful.

The Demon Realm was more vast than the Center God Province. Even a realm this big could be transformed.

Zhou Xuanji was glad for her. This was great serendipity indeed.


The Demon Ancestor charged toward them and wanted to kill Xian Xianghua. But he was kicked aside by Qiu Hu.

Qiu Hu manifested his imposing aura and roared continuously. His aura was even more dominating than the Demon Ancestor’s and suppressed his opponent forcefully.

“Who is he?”

Xian Xianghua asked. She was shocked in her heart.

A person that could suppress the Demon Ancestor followed Zhou Xuanji’s orders?

“Qiu Hu,” Zhou Xuanji replied, “The first tiger since the world’s beginning. The ancestor of all tigers. Have you heard of him before?”

Xian Xianghua narrowed her eyes. She had heard of him for sure.

Qiu Hu’s name was an ancient legend in both the Center God Province and the Demon Realm.

In terms of seniority, he was not inferior to the Demon Ancestor at all.

No wonder Qiu Hu could stand against the Demon Ancestor.

She asked curiously, “How did you subdue him?”

Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and replied with a smile, “He came to me willingly. He said that Great Emperor Dao Court sent him to kill me, but he realized that he trained under the same senior as me once he saw me. Thus, he followed me instead.”

Xian Xianghua was very curious to know more about the old senior, but she did not ask further.

After that, Zhou Xuanji turned around and charged toward the Demon Ancestor.

Such a great threat as the Demon Ancestor must be eliminated.

Or else, he always had to be worried about Xian Xianghua.

Under the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, Zhou Xuanji was not inferior to the Demon Ancestor or Qiu Hu.

Seeing that he was coming, the Demon Ancestor turned toward him as well.

With a smirk, Zhou Xuanji took out all his legendary swords and used Sword Dao Rules.


The Demon Ancestor’s pupils shrunk. Before he could even react, his body was penetrated. A mist of blood burst from his wound.

His massive body was not blown into pieces immediately. He looked at Zhou Xuanji with fear.

“This is…” he asked with a trembling voice.

Qiu Hu was shocked. He felt fortunate.

Fortunately, he did not attack Zhou Xuanji. Or else, he would have ended up like the Demon Ancestor.

Without explanation, Zhou Xuanji came up to the Demon Ancestor. He took out the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus and threw it on the Demon Ancestor’s head. As the Demon Ancestor was surrounded by the legendary swords, it was enveloped by a greenish radiance from the lotus and could no longer move.

The 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus was a weapon against the Demonic Emperor. Although the Demonic Emperor was not as powerful as the Demon Ancestor, the difference was not huge. Moreover, the Demon Ancestor was already injured.

“Demon Ancestor,” Zhou Xuanji laughed coldly, “since you are not willing to give up your vicious intentions, then die in both body and spirit!”

All his legendary swords glowed brightly and were prepared to execute the trapped demon.

Seeing that it was a dangerous situation, the Demon Ancestor ejected his soul immediately and disappeared amidst the rolling rocks.

“Kill him.”

Zhou Xuanji ordered, and Qiu Hu pursued after the demon immediately.

Meanwhile, he stored the Demon Ancestor’s body into the Tianxia Map.

Xian Xianghua came up to him and praised him, “My little husband, you are getting more powerful.”

Her eyes were sparkling with colors. Even after becoming the Heavenly Law Demon Lord, she was still weaker than Zhou Xuanji.

She was not discouraged and still excited.

In the vast starry sky.

Eight Heavenly Saints stood in a row. All of them were injured. They stared ferociously against the golden-eyed man who was enveloped in golden flames.

The man had a gigantic hand on his head. It was like a shadow, with the palm facing him as though it was going to grab him.

Looking up, he said, “I will not destroy the Heavenly Law. I just want to capture one person.”

The gigantic black hand did not disappear but continued to float on his head.

“Who is this guy?” Old Ancestor Hongshi said with gritted teeth. He suddenly understood why Sage Daojing wanted to leave.

This guy must be seeking refuge!

Son of a b**ch.

How dare he do that in secret!

The other Heavenly Saints were having a hard time too. They could not subdue their opponent even when they worked together.

How powerful was this foreign being?

Could he be the legendary Overlord Saint?

“If you do not agree, then I will guard here. Whoever dares to come out, I will kill that person, including the Heavenly Saints!” the golden-eyed man continued. His tone was peaceful, but underlying it was a murderous aura that could freeze a person’s soul.

Facing his threat, the gigantic black hand did not move still.

After three breaths, the golden-eyed man stepped back 5,000 miles and sat down. The golden flame on his body continued to burn. Next, he turned into a massive sun.

The Heavenly Saints looked at each other in dismay. All of them felt pressured.

If this guy continued to guard here, wouldn’t that mean they could no longer come out in the future?

“Humph. Let’s take a bet and see how long he can wait!” one of the Heavenly Saints snorted. He was confident to not lose in terms of patience.