I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 558 - Chapter 558 The Heavenly Law Demon Lord Was Born

Chapter 558 - Chapter 558 The Heavenly Law Demon Lord Was Born


Qiu Hu!

The first-ever tiger that existed since the beginning of the Heavenly Law!

The ancestor of all tigers. He was in the same generation as the Ten Demon Gods and the Heavenly Saints.

One of the most ancient beings in Wanshen Great Thousand.

And now, he submitted to the authority of a junior who was only 300 hundred years old.

Even though Zhou Xuanji was already very powerful, he was still too young.

When the world knew about this, the first reaction was disbelief.

News spread like wildfire, and everyone knew it within half a year.

In a lodge.


Xuan Daoya vomited blood, spilling a wave of crimson over the customers at the opposite table.

He got up quickly and walked up to a young cultivator. Grasping his shoulders, Xuan Daoya bellowed, “What did you say? Qiu Hu became a follower of Zhou Xuanji? How can that be! This is a joke!”

The young cultivator tried to break free instinctively but to no avail.

“It’s true!” he said, biting his teeth, “Qiu Hu is already following Zhou Xuanji already and helped him eliminate many enemies!”

He tried his best to break free, but Xuan Daoya’s hands were like an iron clam, clamping him firmly.

Fear struck his heart.

Could he have encountered a bedeviled demonic cultivator?

When Xuan Daoya came back to himself, he released his hands and began divining.

The cultivators in the lodge quickly fled out of fear.

“It’s true… Why is this happening…”

Xuan Daoya’s face was unsightly, and he was almost suffocating.

The Qiu Hu he knew should not have faked his surrender to assassinate Zhou Xuanji.

This tiger was extremely forthright and did not bow down to anyone in Great Emperor Dao Court. He dared to even oppose their leader.

The more he thought about it, the more he feared.

He suddenly felt that Great Emperor Dao Court could no longer protect him and that he would die in Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

“No! I must leave now!”

Xuan Daoya made up his mind to escape from Wanshen Great Thousand.

As for Great Emperor Dao Court, let them die!

A bunch of fools who had lived for too long!

They would die in Zhou Xuanji’s hands someday!

He cursed out loud and could no longer maintain his composure.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Xuanji was already 333 years old.

The Emperor Sword Court’s disciples were more than 20 million. He had more than a million Revolution Golden Immortals, 5,000 Void Extreme Immortals, and more than 100 Heavenly Law True Gods. There were many Universe Heaven cultivators as well.

Most of them became followers of Zhou Xuanji because of their admiration for him.

Which cultivator did not have a flying sword?

Moreover, the sword was the lord of all weapons. There were many sword cultivators in Wanshen Great Thousand, far more than the followers of Zhou Xuanji.

With Qiu Hu around, fewer people dared to trouble Emperor Sword Court.

During the last three years, everything was peaceful.

Zhou Xuanji’s number of legendary swords grew to more than 800. Although he only had one Overturning Heaven legendary, his Thunderclap Sword was upgraded to Disaster Releasing.

Since so many disciples needed to breakthrough, it was a good opportunity to upgrade the Thunderclap Sword.

He just put the Thunderclap Sword in the sky as a way for Emperor Sword Court to avoid tribulations, amazing his disciples.

This day.

Zhou Xuanji felt itchiness in his eyes, and he suddenly saw the cracks on the Demon Realm Heart.

Xian Xianghua was out!

At the thought of this, he left behind Demon God Tianwu and instructed Qiu Hu, “Bring me to the Demon Realm!”

Qiu Hu nodded. He waved his hand and swept Zhou Xuanji away with his magic energy.

With his cultivation, it was not difficult to travel through the realms. After living for such a long time, he surely knew where the Demon Realm was.

A while later.

Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu arrived at the Demon Realm. He drilled underground and headed toward the Demon Realm Heart.

Qiu Hu asked curiously, “Lord, why are you searching for the Demon Realm Heart?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded peacefully. Without a second word, Qiu Hu brought Zhou Xuanji to the Demon Realm Heart instantly with his magic energy.

At this moment, the heart was covered in cracks. The Demon Ancestor was frowning in the air.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Hu appeared, he said deeply, “Zhou Xuanji, what do you want again?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “To fetch someone.”

The Demon Ancestor said coldly, “I don’t care who is inside. She has already turned into the Demon Realm Heart and must not leave!”

His body grew taller and massive. His demonic Qi dispersed and revealed a muscular body as impressive as Demon God Tianwu’s. His muscles made the demonic armor look tight and full of power.

It was as though he could destroy the Demon Realm with a single punch!

Zhou Xuanji laughed and asked, “What if I insist on bringing her away?”

Qiu Hu took a step forward and locked his sight on the Demon Ancestor. His gaze was filled with a murderous aura.

They were peers. Qiu Hu had no reason to fear the Demon Ancestor.

The Demon Ancestor was an ancient demon god, but Zhou Xuanji had two ancient demon gods.

Other than that, a more horrifying senior was supporting Zhou Xuanji.

Qiu Hu looked at the Demon Ancestor with a tinge of pity.

After seeing the expression in Qiu Hu’s eyes, the Demon Ancestor felt rather distasteful.

What is it about Zhou Xuanji that made Qiu Hu follow him so faithfully?


A weird burst of laughter came from the Demon Realm Heart. It was from Xian Xianghua.

Her voice was eccentric and sent chills down the spines of those who heard her.

Zhou Xuanji and the other two turned to look. They saw a pair of gigantic purple eyes appear in the Demon Realm Heart. They were extremely charming.

“From today onward, the Demon Realm belongs to me. I’m the Heavenly Law Demon Lord. The Head of all demons!”

Xian Xianghua laughed wildly. Zhou Xuanji covered his face in shame, understanding that the Dragon Proud Flower was back again.


The underground space shook violently. Thunderclouds gathered above the Demon Realm Heart, and heavenly lightning struck the heart.

Is this tribulation?

Zhou Xuanji felt curious and waited patiently.

But the Demon Ancestor could no longer sit still. He slammed his palm toward the Demon Realm Heart.

Since he could not possess the Demon Realm Heart, no one else shall possess it!


Qiu Hu quickly blocked in front of him and took the blow with his chest.


The demonic Qi exploded. With an atrocious face, the Demon Ancestor asked coldly, “Qiu Hu, are you really going to oppose me?”

Without a second word, Qiu Hu punched the Demon Ancestor’s face.

A violent fight between the extremely powerful cultivators began immediately!

Palms and punches met, and both were sent flying backward simultaneously. The next second, they engaged in ferocious combat around the Demon Realm Heart.

The Demon Ancestor wanted to destroy the Demon Realm Heart, but Qiu Hu stopped him. Neither could overcome the other.

Zhou Xuanji waited patiently. He was interested in finding out how powerful Xian Xianghua became after turning into the Heavenly Law Demon Lord.

As for whether Xian Xianghua would harm him, he was not worried.

That old demonic woman would harm anyone but him.

Time passed. Since the battle between the Demon Ancestor and Qiu Hu began, the subterranean space began crumbling.

Xian Xianghua was still laughing wildly and was apparently exhilarated.

The heavenly lightning stuck the Demon Realm Heart, and the heart was shrinking visibly.

At the same time.

In the deep universe.

The golden-eyed man with three heads and six arms was levitating in the starry sky, as though he was sleeping.

He opened his eyes suddenly and flew ahead.

Far ahead, four Heavenly Saint were on guard.

They were on guard against beings outside Heavenly Law’s control, which was why they stayed in that place.

They opened their eyes simultaneously and took out their enchanted artifacts.

“Inform the other Heavenly Saints!” Heavenly Lord Xuantie cried out. The other Heavenly Saint immediately flew off in a ray of gold.