I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 557 - Chapter 557 The World Was Shaken.

Chapter 557 - Chapter 557 The World Was Shaken.


The depressed Wanshen Great Thousand was brightened up by Emperor Sword Court. Everyone had forgotten the wrath of the Heavenly Saints and focused on the Sword Emperor and his sect.

Help the world with the sword. Save all lives in the world with the sword!

The Sword Emperor promised to protect Wanshen Great Thousand. This was like a declaration of war against the Heavenly Saints. For most of the living beings in Wanshen Great Thousand who could not escape, he was their hope.

But the other factions did not think so.

More and more enemies attacked Emperor Sword Court to weaken Zhou Xuanji or kill him straight away.

But soon, they realized that Zhou Xuanji grew more powerful as he fought.

Not long ago, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Universe Heaven Level Sixteen in the eyes of all his disciples. He did not even have to overcome any heavenly tribulation, which awed everyone.

This became a legend among the people.

Most living beings thought that it was merely a rumor.

This day.

The Great Dao’s Voice continued, while Zhou Xuanji gave pointers on the Sword’s Way or Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others.

As Emperor Sword Court grew more powerful, the initial disciples would surely be overridden. This is because many of the disciples that joined from the Great Thousand World had a greater foundation. Many of these disciples already had much higher cultivation than Xiao Jinghong and the rest when they joined.

Because of this, Zhou Xuanji tried his best to raise the older generation of disciples.

As for the new disciples, he had not arranged any duties to give the older disciples some time.

What he did made a good impression in the old disciples’ hearts.

Actually, these disciples were already very grateful toward him.

If not for him, these disciples may not even reach the Upper Realm during their lifetimes.

As long as they could follow Zhou Xunaji, they were alright with any treatment.

The worst treatment in the Upper Realm was better than the best in the mortal realm.

Dozens of Miles away.

Qiu Hu stood on a peak, gazing at Zhou Xuanji. With a tight frown, his body trembled slightly.

“What’s happening… Why does he make me feel dangerous? Could it be because of Demon God Tianwu?” he mumbled to himself with a peculiar expression.

He wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji straightaway. But as he drew closer to Zhou Xuanji, he instinctively sensed danger and dared not to go closer.

“Hold on. He has the aura of another Demon God… How could it be!”

Qiu Hu eyes widened, and he was aghast.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji turned to look at him, which gave him such a shock that he disappeared on the spot.

Ten thousand miles away.

Qiu Hu landed on a hill and was greatly shaken.

He breathed rapidly and said with gritted teeth, “Foolish! Such a fool!”

He was not cursing Xuan Daoya but the leaders of Great Emperor Dao Court.

They allowed Zhou Xuanji to grow until now.

Fortunately, he was not reckless.

Taking a deep breath, he turned and left.

Fullspeed ahead, he disappeared in the horizon.

Seven days later.

Qiu Hu came to the old immortal’s temple.

He knelt before the gate and said, “Senior, I encountered someone called Zhou Xuanji. He is in possession of two ancient Demon Gods. Could you help me divine his background?”

His tone was respectful, totally different from the way he spoke to Xuan Daoya.

The old immortal’s voice came from the temple, “He’s destined to become a Saint. An Overlord Saint that I spoke to you about.”

These words shook Qiu Hu. His face was filled with disbelief.

Overlord Saint!

That was impossible!

Even the Ten Demon Gods could not do it, yet that brat could?

His heart sped up, and a chill traveled down his spine.

“At the same time, he’s also the person I’ve chosen to depart from the control of the Heavenly Law,” the old immortal said again. Qiu Hu looked up suddenly.

Zhou Xuanji was…

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

“I see,” he said with gritted teeth, “I know what I must do.”

After that, he bowed respectfully toward the temple and left.

The sky above the grass plain was clear and bright.

Shi Shenzong came up to Zhou Xuanji with an awkward expression and asked, “I want to learn to materialize multiple Sword Souls. What would it cost me?”

He realized Sword Soul earlier than Zhou Xuanji, but Zhou Xuanji had already surpassed him in the same skill. This made him feel shameful.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Have you forgotten? You are my sword slave.”

Shi Zhenzong was stunned before smiling helplessly.

Ever since the Divine Cliff’s battle, he was separated from Zhou Xuanji and was chosen by Sword Sovereign Gu.

He wanted to return to Zhou Xuanji, but time was too short for him to achieve anything under his new teacher.

Until today, he had still not mastered anything. And now, his revered teacher came under Zhou Xuanji’s authority. This made him very helpless and shameful. He had not the face to speak to Zhou Xuanji for so many years.

Zhou Xuanji did not make it difficult for him either and guided him on the Sword Souls.

Shi Shenzong could not comprehend what Zhou Xuanji taught him. He was too shy to clarify further either because that would reveal his foolishness.

At this moment, a person walked over from afar.

Zhou Xuanji was a little shocked. He turned around to see who it was, and the Great Dao’s Voice stopped as well.

14,000,000 disciples were stunned and looked forward.

That person was Qiu Hu. With a domineering and imposing aura, putting pressure on many just by walking over.


All the disciples’ expressions turned into ridicule. How dare he come alone. It was equal to seeking his own death.

“Oh no, it’s Qiu Hu! The first tiger ever since the creation of the world, born of fate!”

Sword Sovereign Gu cried out in shock. His tone was filled with horror.


A huge commotion broke out among the disciples. Everyone heard of Qiu Hu’s legends in the Great Thousand World.

That was someone in the same generation as the Demonic Ancestor!

Qiu Hu suddenly came up to Zhou Xuanji, standing ten meters away from him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him calmly without a tinge of fear.

The Nine Soul Fusion Technique was ready. The opponent was seeking death.


Qiu Hu knelt down suddenly. The impact caused the ground to quake, and the grass plain crumbled.

He said with a deep voice, “I, Qiu Hu, am willing to take you, Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji, as my master. Please keep me!”

His voice was determined and powerful.


The entire world became silent. Everyone could not believe what was happening..

Especially Sword Sovereign Gu. He was stupefied.

Was he hallucinating?

Qiu Hu came to surrender to Zhou Xuanji?

Zhou Xuanji looked at Qiu Hu and asked, “Why?”

Qiu Hu’s aura felt kind of familiar, as though he had encountered him somewhere before.

This guy must be spying on him from afar.

Recently, he could sense a divine sense looking at him. If not for the great distance, he would have already found the person who was doing it.

“Because I think that you will transcend the Heavenly Saints and surpass the Heavenly Law one day!”

Qiu Hu said genuinely. After he spoke, a bolt of heavenly lightning stuck beside him with a loud explosion, creating a crater beside him.

Heavenly retribution!

But he was not deterred.

Zhou Xuanji smiled. Such a good boot-licker!

I like him!

“Good. From today onwards, you shall follow me!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled. Qiu Hu was exhilarated. Seeing how excited he was, Sword Sovereign Gu was even more confused.

You are a great ancestor since the world’s beginning!

Can you not disregard your own image?

In case Qiu Hu was deceiving him, Zhou Xuanji asked Demon God Tianwu to watch over him.

Qiu Hu was not angry at this but observed the demon god’s body with interest.

News about Qiu Hu coming under Zhou Xuanji’s authority spread like wildfire.

This shook the world entirely!

Qiu Hu was almost invincible under the Heavenly Saints. He just surrendered himself to a junior who was only 300 years old?